Enslaving David


Chapter 6


So here we were.

I could tell his day had been as brutal as mine.

I could tell that part of it was “us.”

This had to be as crazy for him as it was for me.


I’m a simple man. To me, everything is pretty much black and white. Discerning shades of gray is hard for me. Impossible really. Seeing life and death up close on a daily basis does that to you, I think. 

Watching a family fight over money while the still warm body of their dead mother lay cooling in the room, seeing a couple of kids coming in with holes in their chests, after beefin over a piece of the block they live on, seeing a two year old girl fighting for her life after the rest of her family had been plowed down by some guy on his way home from the bar, had made this day rougher than most.

 Having to be the one to tell the two year old’s grandmother that the little girl was the only survivor of the crash, had to be devastating. His eyes were haunted and there were bruised circles beneath.

 For the first time, my inner demons remained quiet when I kissed him.

 He clung to me like I was the rock he was sitting on, in the middle of a raging sea. His lips were tender and felt like velvet beneath my own. He kissed me frantically, kneading my shoulders and rubbing himself against me. I pulled back and he leaned his forehead against my chest.

 Now, I know that my heart is not in the center of my chest, but as I held him against me, there was an ache there, right in the middle of me, burning and hurting and I knew it was my heart. He was seething with all of the things that had happened today, everything that had transpired between us over the past couple of weeks and all of the things neither one of us was brave enough to say.

 I was vibrating, energy humming, shaking in his arms and short circuiting on everything that I was feeling. One more kiss. That’s all I need. I lifted his chin and laid my mouth against his once again.

 He made a muffled, helpless sound. I felt his tongue enter my mouth, tentatively seeking my own. I drank him. I started with little controlled sips at first, as though I could stop at any moment. Any time I wanted, I could end this. Then I took longer gulps, savoring his taste, swallowing his spit, sliding my tongue against his, over and over again.

 Oh God.

 I put both hands on the sides of the v neck of the scrub top he was wearing and I pulled. I ripped the shirt open and he gasped into my mouth. I lifted my mouth away from his briefly to remove my top and pulled him back against me. I drank again, huge, thirsty gulps from his sweet mouth. He groaned, long, low and gritty as though the sound was pulled from the depths of his soul.

 I grabbed his hair and tugged. He shuddered. I reached down with my other hand and pinched his left nipple between my fingernails, cutting into the fragile tissue. Instead of pulling away, he arched his chest upwards, seeking more. Oh. Yeah.

 I bit at his lips, across his neck and down to his chest where I bit down on the nipple I had just pinched. His knees buckled and he staggered against me.

 I pulled him over to the couch, sat down and threw him across my lap. I yanked his pants down and bared his ass. It was small, round and muscular. My hand crashed down against his butt with a sharp, ugly cracking sound. I think that at first he was too stunned and caught off guard to react.

 After that first shocking blow, I gently and teasingly caressed the round globes of milky white flesh that were now emblazoned with two bright red hand prints. When I slapped his ass again, suddenly and viciously, he jerked reflexively but didn’t try to get away. His skin was satin beneath my callused hands but his ass was rock hard and my hand stung with each strike. There was no give; he was all muscle, no cushion.

 He raised his ass to meet my strikes and twisted and turned in my lap, humping my leg. His dick was trapped by his scrub bottoms and he was leaking so copiously that he was wetting me too. I rolled him over a little so I could look at his face. His eyes were glazed over and dreamy. Dorphed already and I hadn’t even gotten started yet.

 “David,” he murmured.

 I couldn’t tell if it was protest or acknowledgement. I didn’t care.

 I rolled him back over so that he was facedown on my lap. I pounded his ass with my left hand, holding him securely on my lap with my right. His body was warm and hard and he was stronger and heavier than he looked. The muscles in his arms and back rippled enticingly with his movements.

 ‘I’ll do anything.’

 Why had he told me that? It stuck in my brain. I couldn’t let it go.

 A part of me was standing back, watching myself with horror.

 What happened to communication? Negotiation? Safe word?

 With 160 lbs of squirming, delicious man in my lap, the other part of me said, fuck that.

 And I let go.

 I hurt him. I know the way I placed continuous blows against his gorgeous ass hurt. I knew that first it would sting, just the surface layer, then a deeper, searing ache, as I struck hard and harder, vibrating through each layer of skin then into the muscle. Still, when I broke rhythm, he’d raise his ass, searching for the next blow and his cock remained hard and wet against me.

 They call it a power exchange, transference of energy. I don’t know. All I know is, I felt all of that pressure, all of that stuff that had been festering inside of me, coalesce, pass through him and back into me repeatedly so that I knew what he was feeling and I could tell he was feeling me too.

 I couldn’t think, couldn’t reason. I pushed him off my lap, onto the floor and shoved my pants down. He lay there, flat on his back, chest heaving, watching me with that intense grey blue stare. I pulled one of his legs out of his scrubs and pushed both of his thighs back against his chest.

 I had enough presence of mind to grab a small bottle of lube from beneath a couch cushion and to spill the greasy fluid onto my cock and several fingers. I thrust three fingers inside of him impatiently. His back arched and his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

 I collapsed on top of him and shoved my cock inside of him with one quick, forceful thrust. He wrapped his legs tightly around my back. The inside of him felt so good. So fuckin good. It was like being inside a vat of warm, freshly churned butter.

 He lifted his hips upwards, rocking himself against me.

 “Oh David, oh David, oh David,” he said brokenly.

 My entire being was suffused with a fiery, almost unbearable wave of heated pleasure. My head fell back and for a moment my entire body went limp with it. It had been so long, so long since I had immersed myself in the flesh of another human being. And even then, it had been nothing like this.

 I couldn’t breathe; I was gasping and sucking air. I couldn’t get my body to work. I was sinking into him and back out of him automatically. My body was seeking the inside of his without my conscious control.

 He pulled my face down to his. Once our lips met, I was gone, enraptured by sensation, by Kevin: his smell, his slick, heated skin, being enveloped in his molten, tight, honey sweet ass. His soft voice, whispering in my ear, told me how much he needed me, wanted me, craved me and how he had been dying for me for so long, took me deeper.

 I hunched into him rapidly and he met my thrusts eagerly. Just when I was about to cum, I pulled out. I aimed my cock at him, fisting myself frenziedly and then came all over him, spraying thick, creamy gouts of my cum everywhere. Kevin went crazy. He started rubbing my cum into his skin, all over his body, and then licked the excess off of his hands.

 He hurled himself at my cock, tasting me, sucking hungrily and licking me clean.  I was still hard, still on edge. Still high.

 We both became conscious of his rock hard cock at the same time. He reached down towards his dick and his hand hovered there for a few seconds but he didn’t touch himself. I moved his hand away, pushed him onto his back and covered him, kneeling on all fours over top of him. I grasped the base of his cock with one hand and scraped at the sensitive area on the underside of his cock with the other.

 He whimpered and flung his arms outward. His hips rocked back and forth.

 “More,” he begged. “Pleassssse, David.”

 I flipped him onto his side and slid behind him. I positioned his top leg over mine and rubbed my cock in the crack of his ass, gliding across his anus and the tender skin behind his balls. Kevin was quivering all over; fine shivers like he was having some type of seizure.

 “Inside me, David,” he said.

 I ignored him and continued to slide my cock between his ass cheeks. He started begging and pleading with me, almost incoherent with need. I pulled back a little and rubbed the wet tip of my cock against his anal lips. God, he was so sensitive there. I thought he was gonna lose his mind. His head shook back and forth and the rest of his body froze, every muscle tense and hard.

 “C’mon, baby, let me in,” I told him.

 His muscles relaxed incrementally and he backed his ass against me. I inserted my cock into him with full awareness of what I was doing this time. I was able to appreciate every acute sensation as I sheathed my dick in Kevin’s tight anal passage. I bit his shoulder and clung to the flesh with my teeth. He was so wet and hot inside; blistering, juicy, luscious heat enclosed my cock as his anal muscles clenched and released in response to my thrusts.

 I shoved my cock in and out of him in a slow, smooth grind. I trailed my hand up and down his torso, stroking the front of him, everywhere except his cock. When I finally slid my hand down the front of him and started light, even strokes on his cock, he begged me to stop.

 “No, nononono, oh no, I’ll cum, I’ll cum like this.”

 I wondered if like me, he wanted this to last forever. If like me, he was afraid that this thing between us would burn out as rapidly as it had flashed into being. He tried to pull my hand away but I tucked his arm under mine so he couldn’t move it. He started grinding his teeth and jerking convulsively, trying to continue matching my rhythm but unable to maintain enough control over his limbs to do so.

 “I love fucking you,” I groaned in his ear.

 I left my hand on his cock until I thought he was right at the edge; he was breathing rapidly and his muscles were tight and hard against me. His cock was burning and throbbing in my grasp. Just when I knew he was about to cum, I snatched my hand away.

 He uttered a heartfelt groan and I wasn’t sure if it was relief or disappointment. I wasn’t finished with him yet, though. I turned us over so that he was on his stomach and then pulled him up so that he was on all fours.

 I grabbed his hips and embedded myself into the center of him. I probed around tenderly and was rewarded with a noisy hiss. Kevin’s back arched and I heard the raspy sounds of his fingernails scratching across the carpet underneath him.

 “Oh yeah, right there isn’t it, baby?”

 He nodded his head but didn’t speak. He wasn’t breathing.


 Let me try that again.

 I held his narrow hips in an iron grip and withdrew very, very slowly. I paused for an endless second and then pushed back into him, making sure that I hit that spot again, at the same exact angle as I had before.

 Kevin howled like a dog. His ass clenched around my dick so hard that I thought he was gonna cut off my circulation. I slid my cock back out of him again, slowly.

 “No, nonono…please, David…don’t take it out…”

 I rubbed my face against the silken skin on his back and licked and kissed every surface of his skin that I could reach, then I rotated my hips and screwed my cock back into him centimeter by centimeter. I held his hips firmly, resisting his attempts to push himself back onto me.

 He groaned when I hit bottom. I ground myself into him, trying to pierce my way through to the center of his soul. I wrapped my arms around him and repositioned us so that he was lying on the floor beneath me, his entire body covered by mine.

 “This is how I want you,” I said. “This is the only place I want to be.”

 I was too far gone to shut myself up. I really wasn’t even sure if I was speaking out loud. It felt like we were in our own little world, a separate place, outside of time.

 Each time I thrust into him, waves of pleasure radiated outwards, spreading across my entire body. His body melted into mine, he pressed back against me, moving with me like we had done this a thousand times before.

 I reached beneath us and clasped his cock. I didn’t stroke him or anything; the touch of my hand was enough. He bucked violently and his cock erupted in my grasp, pulsating wildly as his cum spewed out in copious amounts. I came with him, holding myself still, my cock deep inside of him, filling him.

 He begged me to stay inside of him. I turned us over and pulled the comforter off of the couch where it had remained since the last time he had been here. I covered us up and we fell asleep right there on the floor.

 During the night, I awakened to find myself enfolded in his arms. I had never slept with anyone before. I lay there, unable to sleep, soaking in his touch like I was basking in the warmth of the sun. That’s what it felt like really.

 He must have felt my wakefulness. He murmured sleepy, incoherent words of comfort. I drifted back to sleep, calmed by the sensation of his hand lazily combing through my hair.  

 Oh Kevin.


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