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 I am used to being called names like 'mama's boy', 'sissy', 'snobbish',
and so many other names. Yet it wasn't until later on in life that I was
called gay. I am gay, but I knew that a while ago. I am 5'5", 165lbs. very
lean in the waist, very phat in the ass. Dion Brown is my name. I am
considered a preppy, but I grew up in Flag House Projects. Which is
considered a very rough place to live. Honestly is a very rough place
to live. I was a virgin until about two weeks ago. And that's where my
story begins.
 Tuesday, October 23, 2001 it begins.
          I woke up at about 6 a.m. and began my morning preparation for
school. I had my usual erotic dream about some of the boys in my class. I
woke up aroused but I refused to even touch myself in that manner. I've
masturbated before but I felt guilty so I stopped. I've maintained my
virginity for 18 years of my life. I have been fortunate, and deep down
inside I am proud of myself. I already had a nice shirt and a jean jumper
prepared for school. I took my shower and brushed my teeth. I added some
moisture to my hair to give it that nice curl then I went into the kitchen
to get something to eat. I was kind of mad because Renee' and her boyfriend
had been fighting all night. I have grown used to them fighting, as well as
living on the fifth floor of this apartment high rise. You are bound to
hear and see all kinds of things. I got my keys, got my jacket, and grabbed
my book bag and was off to school.
          I put on some chap stick and began my journey to school. As I was
walking to school I noticed the boys on the corner. I could see Pee-Wee
(acting stupid as usual), Jay (ugly self), and Man (King Tut himself). They
were all misfits. Nothing but thugs. Always fucking with people, and each
of them had a rap sheet at the police department a mile long. They
occasionally messed with me. Calling me names and being degrading, but
always outwitted them with my snappy tongue. I walked passed them today
without speaking and I could hear them whispering as I passed. I paid them
no attention and kept walking. I knew that I would see them in school. I
rarely ever spoke and if I decided to speak this morning they would only
ignore me.
     I was intimidated by Man anyway every since I was in elementary school
where I beat him up. He was smaller than me then, but now he was 6'3, and
extremely muscular. Man wasn't ugly at all. He had beautiful feline like
bedroom eyes and his lips were full as if he were apart of an African
tribe. But his most distinguishing feature was his dreadlocks hanging down
to the middle of his back. I was envious of this feature. Jay wasn't ugly
physically but was ugly in attitude. He was stuck on himself. The boy was
gorgeous, but in my mind he was a moose. 
He was about 5'9 and he was an
average weight for his size, but nothing to swing off of trees about. He
had gray eyes and 'good hair', but a shitty attitude. I've disliked him
every since he moved around Flag projects. All I could think about was him
getting his ass beat. He was arrogant (or as he said in class one day 'just
confident'); he was insensitive, sarcastic, vindictive, and sneaky. Match
that with his brilliant gray eyes, perfect teeth, and laidback approach to
life he was a heartbreaker. 
As I stated before he was a moose with a
capital 'M'. Now Pee-Wee was average looking, and he was tall also. I guess
he was about 6 feet even and about 185 lbs. He was goofy. He had something
to say about everything and everybody. I really stayed far away from him
because he always had jokes. Despite his playfulness, I liked him the most
because we shared summer school together and during that period we sort of
connected. If Pee-Wee gave me the slightest indication he messed around I
would want him as a boyfriend. Deep down he was a sweetheart. Man on the
other hand was a thug. Every other day in school he was in a fight. He
didn't fight fair either, but he was always laidback.
     Anyway I made it to school early, and they came in late as usual.
Everybody was in there a little social circle in homeroom just kicking the
bobo. I was with my group of teenage girls talking about hair and fashion.
I never knew I would be popular for doing hair as well as being what people
called a "pretty boy". By nine o'clock I already had three girls coming
over my house to get micro-mini braids. I charged them $30 each that meant
I would have money for the motel party this weekend. Of course it was an
exclusive party but being the neighborhood gay boy I always accompanied
some young girl to these social events. I always came to these social
events done-up. That way on Monday people would speak of the outrageous
outfit I created. 
When Erica my best friend invited me to come along for
the party I was all up for it. Now Erica is a healthy girl, but she is also
very popular because she gets all the inside information and she can
fight. The girl is basically CNN, ABC, and BET combined. She can't pluck a
story from ninety miles away. From the info she provided it was a motel
party that only under special invitation you were able to come. That meant
drugs, alcohol, and sex. That meant e-pills, weed, coke, and all the drinks
you could name. I knew that I would be a wallflower at this event, but I
was only going to show off my latest creation.
          By Friday, I was all prepared for Saturday. I made the final
touches to my outfit, and the week went by smoothly in my eye. On Wednesday
I did have to read Man and his crew. On Thursday I had to read Pee-Wee and
I was almost provoked to bust Jay in the head with a forty bottle because
he tried to act crazy in front of the boys on the corner. Yet I was still
going to the party on Saturday.  Basically I had a typical week.
          Friday night I passed Man in the hallway. He gave me the brother
man nod and I spoke in a civil tone. "Yo you going to my party," he asked.
"Yeah," I said. "Yo why you be trying to carry my boys and me like you hard
core," he asked out of nowhere. "I don't be acting hardcore. I just keep it
real," I explained. " Ain't you a faggy," he asked. Now I felt uneasy
because in my eyes we were rivals plus I hate that word because it sounds
so trashy. "No I am gay, thank you," I replied. Then he smiled wickedly and
just looked at me. 
I walked off slowly wondering what had just transpired.
I was gagging because I didn't know it was "his" party. I also was pumped
because he actually was civil until he did that eerie grin, but I just
played it cool the whole time we talked. I wondered why he asked me if I
was gay. I figured he knew that already. I guess he didn't or was just
being dumb to be nice. 
Anyway I got my chicken cheese steak from Silver
Moon carryout and when I was coming back from the carryout I see Man on the
corner with Jay and Pee Wee doing their business. Pee-Wee yells " Diane can
I have some of you fries." I hollered back at him "No Daddy not tonight you
can have some tomorrow" I replied and start pumping down the street in my
best switch. That was a sweet come back and I was definitely ready for the
     Saturday went by slowly. I had to get my hair shaped up, and then I
had to do my home girl Tiffany's corn rows. Then I got my French manicure
at Pretty nails and my pedicure and afterwards I had to transform into
'Project Pauline' as Erica called me. She was ranting on the phone saying
'I ain't never seen a male as comfortable in the nail shop as you. I hope
you ain't wearing no booty shorts like the last time we went out.' My reply
in my best Cinderella voice was 'No FagHagatha my evil sister I will not
put on my booty shorts. Today I will dress to impress at the ball.' We both
laughed at our own antics. (I really do love Erica as my best friend, that
So by 6 pm I was ready for a nap. I went to sleep for 2 and half
hours. At 8:30pm, I woke up, took a nice long shower, gave myself a deep
facial cleansing, and started to apply my Pear berry Victoria's Secret body
lotion and mist to my body. I dabbed some deodorant under my arm and powder
my under arms lightly. Then I put on my denim bikini-line hip hugger
bell-bottoms, and a baby blue belly shirt. I also put on my denim jean
vest. After applying some lip-gloss to my lips and arching my eyebrows. I
was ready to go. I felt so sexy with my little tight stomach showing. I was
ready to shake my ass fa real.
Erica arrived at 10pm. She was looking good in a denim skirt, blouse and
these ovah pair of shoe boots. In my head I was think 'don't hurt 'em
mama.' We looked each other over and boosted each other's ego until we were
ready to go and then we were off.
     We didn't arrive at the party until 12am. It was midnight. I didn't
know that the party was two hours away. I was tripping the whole time.
Erica laughed at me as I reenacted scenes from Jason and The Blair Witch
Project. We arrived in front of this big ass house and I thought we were
lost until I saw some of people from the neighborhood there. Erica and me
got out of the car and I looked around and the music was jumping. I figured
this was the spot and followed Erica through the front door. 
Come to find
out this house belonged to Man's father. He apparently has some money, but
Man stayed with his mother. Man was actually house sitting for the weekend
and had permission to have some folks over. As usual Erica left me alone.
She was following this dude named Dre. Dre was a gambler. He liked to play
craps, spades, tonk, pinnacle, black jack, and poker. He was a shark when
it came to gambling, and only played for money. He was very stocky, and
very laid back, and Erica had to pat her coochie every time she was near
     I did what I usually did and I went to the corner with some of the
jungle juice (punch and orange juice mixed with grain alcohol, and fruit
(strawberries, watermelon balls, peaches and pineapples) that was dipped
for a week in grain alcohol). I could only handle two cups of jungle juice
before I was toasted. There were only about 40 people there, and it seemed
that the thugs were chilling watching movies, rolling blunts, and gambling
and listening to music. I didn't see anybody doing any other drug but weed
and drinking. Every once in awhile someone would pass me the blunt, but I
was just chilling so I wasn't smoking. 
As the night progressed I loosened
up. The crowd dwindled down to about ten teens. There was Erica and I,
Pee-Wee, Man, Jay, Dre, Tiffany, Aisha, Lauryn, and Antwon. We all were
sitting around tripping. Everybody was messing with me because I had on my
tight fitting jeans and shyt. I was having a good time. It had to be a bout
3 in the morning, and we were still going strong. The jungle juice was on
point, and they brought out some more cherry bombs (cherries dipped in
grain alcohol for a month), and some atom bomb (all brown liquors mixed
with some Pepsi). 
Aisha got sick and started vomiting all over the place,
so Tiffany and Jay took her home. They weren't coming back. Dre was talking
with Erica, and Lauryn and Antwon were kicking it. Which left me in the
room with Pee-Wee and Man. Well I was tipsy and my equilibrium was kind of
off center. Erica tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was okay. I
assured her everything was okay, and then she and Dre went out of the room
with Antwon and Lauryn. I knew they were about to get their groove on. I
continued to drink and watch Batman Returns in silence. I was really messed
up, but I was conscious of my surroundings and who was in the room. Man and
Pee-Wee were both as high as kites. They were just smoking blunt after
blunt and I caught a contact. 
My head was swimming in the cloud of smoke. I
asked if there was a vacant room I could lay in. Man nodded his head toward
the hallway. "Down the hallway until you come to the last door, open the
door and go upstairs and there is a room at the end of the hallway" he
explained. Pee- Wee just looked at me and smiled, I staggered down the
My eyes barely open, but my walk was softer as if I was gliding
through water. My movements were tender like I was in slow motion. Even my
blink was delayed like a cat's blink. I eventually reached the room that
Man said was unoccupied and I stepped into the room. The room was
magnificent. There was a canopy bed and the room smelled of mothballs and
fresh carpet powder. The canopy veil was black and the wood was reddish
brown. The bed was so high off of the ground and the mattress was so
fluffy. The bed was huge. I could roll at least five times in it. I was
     I took off my shoe boots and my vest, and climbed up on the bed. I
untied the veil and it fell around the bed, and I felt so elegant. I didn't
know whose room this was but tonight I was the owner. I laid onto the plush
pillows and looked down at my Power Puff Girl socks and started to laugh. I
knew I was high then. I had the giggles and I was observant of everything.
I must have dozed because I felt Man tap me on the shoulder and said, "Yo,
wake up. Erica and Dre about to bounce she said she would get you in the
afternoon, aiight."  I woke half dazed and said, "Yeah, If it is okay with
you. Tell her that I am all right. I am just fucked up."  "Yeah you cool.
Go head back to sleep." he said. 
I laid back down and then closed my eyes.
It had to be a couple of minutes later when I woke up and in the dim light
I saw to images moving around me. I knew it was Man and Pee-Wee but what
the hell where they up too. I raised my head and asked, "What the hell are
you two doing in here?" 
"What the fuck do you think, we about to go to
sleep. You in my bed" Man said. 
I was like whatever and then I said, "Where
is Pee-Wee sleeping? We all can't be in this damn bed. We ain't no damn
sardines." I said. 
"Look shut the fuck up...this is a California king and
yeah we all can lay here. Just don't get no funny ass ideas and shyt or I
will beat the bark off of your ass." Man said. 
I huffed and then I rolled
over into my area of the bed and I avoided noticing them. I heard the
ruffle of jeans being folded and Timbs being thrown in the corner. I heard
Man and Pee-Wee joking and then he turned on his radio. I was thinking 'no
the fuck you won't come in here and be playing some fuckin music', but this
was his room. So I took the pillow and I closed my eyes. As I laid there I
felt Man climb in the bed next to me. He smelled like peppermint oil. He
smelled just like a breath of fresh air. 
I saw him wrap his dreads with a
rubber band and then he turned away from me. My heart was beating so damn
fast. I was so still. Then I felt Pee-Wee climb in the bed behind me. All
of a sudden I felt like I was a statue. Here I was in between two thugs and
my sexual alarm was ringing off of the hook. Although there was room
between us, I guess the fact that they were actually in the bed with me
turned me on. 
I wanted to turn to face Pee-Wee so I smoothly rolled over
without making too much noise. Pee-Wee had on a wife beater t-shirt, and he
smelled like weed and Cool Water cologne. I closed my eyes and took a deep
breath. His scent dance deep within my nostrils. I was intoxicated by
alcohol, and now my virgin body was wracked with sexual urges. 
I closed my
eyes and tried to contain the urges. Man turned in my direction. When he
turned he moved closer towards me. I was face to face with him. Noticing
this I turned my back and found my self face to face with Pee-Wee. Now I
was really in overdrive. I closed my eyes and positioned myself so that I
don't brush up against anyone. Pee-Wee turned away from me and I breathed a
sigh of relief. 
Man turned his head away from me and he was lying on his
stomach. I was lying on my side facing Pee-Wee. I closed my eyes again, and
Man turned inward this time he was pressed against my ass. I didn't want to
wake him because he was asleep, but at the same time. I was very
uncomfortable. I was in a sandwich. I saw that he wasn't going to move
anywhere, and Pee-Wee was right in my face. 
I closed my eyes and Pee-Wee
turned in to face me. We where face-to-face, I could feel his breath on my
lips. I swallowed and closed my eyes. Though I was gay and I was attracted
to men. This was the closest I had ever been to guys especially laid next
to these two. I was mortified. I didn't think anything was going to happen
but I was more embarrassed about if they found out my dick was on the
hard. I guess because I never used my dick my good behavior paid off in the
dick department. 
Although I dressed to draw attention I was packing a
nine-inch tool. I even had fantasies about fucking a guy. So I guess I
wasn't as passive as I even thought, and with Pee-Wee facing me, and Man in
back of me I was ready to explode. I needed to merge with somebody somehow,
but I kept my cool. 
I went into my pants to readjust my dick so that I
wouldn't be so uncomfortable. Then Man pressed against me, and I knew I was
in trouble. I felt the biggest dick against my ass. I tried to move forward
and I felt another surprise. I was in shock. 
Then Man wrapped his arms around my waste and whispered, 
"Just keep this between us and we will be cool, aiight."
"Yeah that's cool" was all I could say. 
Pee-Wee unzipped my
pants and said, "You gonna be aiight right." 
"Yeah everything is fine," I stammered. 
Man pulled his boxers off and then reassumed his position in
back of me. Pee-Wee pulled my shirt off, and Man was pulling my pants and
underwear off. I felt Pee-Wee's socks upon my legs and I knew he was
wrapping them around me. I felt Man's dick press against my ass and he
started to grind me. I was so stiff. I was scared. I didn't know what to
do. I followed my intuition and began to rotate my hip like I was on the
dance floor. 
Man began to nibble on my ears, and I moaned because it felt
good. Pee-Wee was kissing and sucking on my neck like a vampire, I was
taking deep breaths, and I was grinding harder. Then Man flipped back the
sheets and blanket to have more freedom to move around. They were kissing
all over my body, and I was in ecstasy. 
I felt Pee-Wee grab my hand and
place it on his dick. I almost passed out. It was so thick and long. It had
to be about 10 inches and it was uncircumcised. Man's dick was about 10
inches also. It hooked to the left, but his dick was circumcised. I grabbed
Man's dick as I grabbed Pee-Wee's dick and then I closed my eyes and
imagined them inside of me. I could feel Pee-Wee's precum on my hands and
It felt sticky but it was erotic. 
Man whipped my head around and thrusted
his tongue right into my mouth. He kissed me hungrily as Pee-Wee found his
way to my nipples. I began to fidget as Pee-Wee attacked my erogenous
spot. My ass was so moist and I wanted to get fucked. I was so damn
horny. I started to moan loudly. 
Then Pee-Wee turned my head towards him
and began to kiss me. As I was doing this Man had moved my body so that I
was on my stomach. He arched my back, and placed his head in between my
ass. I flung my head back as Man ate my ass. His tongue was like a
miniature dick. My hips rotated as he dove in to me with his tongue. I
couldn't believe this was my first experience. 
Pee-Wee seeing this as an
opportunity led my lips to his dick. I was hesitant; because this was the
first dick I had ever sucked. His precum came out in globs. I sucked just
the head of his dick and Pee-Wee urged me to take more. I opened my mouth
and before you know it he had his dick at the back of my throat. I was
gagging, but I enjoyed what was happening, I was being taken by to boys. I
wanted to keep sucking on Pee-Wee's dick. He was moaning and saying shyt
like "yeah boy...suck my dick", "come my dick up", and "damn
this shyt feeling good." 
I closed my eyes and began to suck and lick on his
dick like it was a strawberry lollipop. I even began to suck on his balls.
He actually stood in the bed and was feeding me his dick and balls. I was
so turned on by that. Man was eating my ass so good that I was about to
pass out. Then they switched positions and Pee-Wee began to eat my ass and
Man was hammering my throat with his dick. 
I was moaning loud, and Pee-Wee
began to eat me harder. I was trying not to moan to loud but I couldn't
help it. He was finger popping my ass and eating it at the same time. I
grabbed Man's dick and began to jerk it while I sucked don his balls. Man
laid back down on his back and let me have my way with his dick and balls.
I sucked his dick eagerly. 
Then Pee-Wee leaned over my shoulders and
whispered in my ears "Yo, you ready for this dick." "Yeah, I think so but
take it real's gonna hurt me." I said. "What you mean it's gonna
hurt you? Don't you like getting fucked and shyt?" he asked. "I don't know
it's my first time," I explained. 
Both of them stopped and looked at each
other. At the same time they said, "Yo you a virgin." 
I looked at Man in front of me, and I shOOk my head 'yes.' 
They both smiled and then Man
pulled me towards him and said, "Well we about to bust that cherry wide
open today, and you gonna be our shorty...fa real.... but we gonna keep
this shyt on the DL...Me and Pee-Wee kick it like this but we ain't no
fuckin punks so you got to keep this shit on the down low." 
"Okay...but..." I said 
"But what" Man asked. 
"What about Jay and them, and what if I am not
ready for both of you." I asked. 
"Well Jay ain't gonna know shyt and it's
too late to turn back now. My dick is hard and I am going to fuck you after
Pee-Wee opens you up." he explained.
     " ready for this dick" Pee-Wee asked. I nodded yes. And Man
guided my head back to his dick. As I was sucking on his dick, I felt
Pee-Wee's dick head press against my anal entrance. He mixed his saliva
with my ass juices and some lubricant. I was sucking on Man's dick when
Pee-Wee entered me. I stropped sucking and hissed in pain as he pushed his
dick into me pass all my defenses. I was shivering because it felt like he
was burrowing into my stomach and it was hurting like hell. I started to
whimper and whine. 
Man started to make me suck his dick in order to keep me
quiet, but I couldn't stop quivering. My body felt like it was about to
fall to pieces. My ass was on fire and I wanted him to stop, but I knew
that he wouldn't have stopped. So I leaned forward and dug my nails into
Man's back. Man started to tongue my ear and suck on my ear lobe. He was
urging Pee-Wee to fuck me. And I was in Man's ear pleading with Pee-Wee to
All of a sudden, he slammed his dick into me and I screamed, but Man
took my head and forced me to kiss him. I panted heavily as Pee-Wee began
to slowly withdraw and reenter my tight hole. I was whining as he grabbed
the inside of my thigh and pulled my ass towards him. I moaned loud. I
didn't care anymore. Every time he entered he hit something that pressed
into my bladder. It felt as though I was going to pee. I closed my eyes and
I grabbed Man's dick and began to suck it hungrily. I was sucking his dick
when Pee-Wee hit something and my whole body shivered as if electricity hit
my spine. I flipped Man's legs up and began to eat his ass like he ate
mine. Man grabbed the pillow and was moaning 'oh shyt.' I was am animal.
Pee-Wee was plowing my ass, and I was eating Man's ass like we were at
Sunday dinner. I was scratching his back because Pee-Wee was slamming his
dick into me. My walls were screaming for relief. Pee-Wee began to go
faster and faster and I started to yell, but Man stuffed his dick in my
mouth. I was moaning as Pee-Wee slammed his dick into my prostate and he
shot a thick load of cum into my ass. As he shot his cum I started to cum,
and my sphincter muscle jerked around his dick every time I would cum
causing his dick to erupt more cum into my ass. 
I was sucking on Man's dick
so hard that he finally unleashed his seed into my mouth. He held my head
and I was forced to swallow his juice. I was still so horny, and I could
tell they were to. Pee-Wee continued to pump my ass, and Man was still
fucking my face. I looked into his eyes, and Man had this glazed look as if
he was in a trance or something.  
After cleaning his dick thoroughly of
cum, I lifted to take a breath. I was out of air, and I was hot. The blood
in my veins was boiling. Pee-Wee removed his dick from my ass and I felt as
if my insides were leaking out. Cum dripped from my ass slowly and the
sensation was so damn erotic. I wanted more cum inside me. 
I looked around
at Pee-Wee, and my eyes widened to see that his dick was still hard. I
turned to face Man, and his dick was jutting up in front of me. "
Yo, you aiight?" Man asked. 
"Yeah, I am cool. Just a little tired but I am cool." I
"So did you like it?" Pee-Wee asked. 
" Hell Yeah, it felt real good. I want some more" I said. 
"You ready for some more?" Man asked. 
I looked at Pee-Wee's dick and I nodded my head `yes.'
Man smiled at Pee-Wee, and pulled me close to him to give me a
kiss.  I felt his tongue exploring my mouth as his hands found there way to
my ass. Pee-Wee repositioned himself beside me, and grabbed Man's head and
began to tongue kiss him. With both huge 10-inch dicks in front of me, I
decide here was my chance to get a free taste of both of them. I began
sucking on Man's erect dick. I slurped and my mouth watered at the taste of
his dick. 
After sucking his dick for five minutes, I began to suck
Pee-Wee's dick. His pre-cum leaked unto my tongue in globs. I swallowed
every bit, which made me suck his dick even harder. They kissed one another
and moaned as I serviced their dicks. I began to play with my asshole as
they moaned and wrapped their legs around me locking me in position. Man's
finger was in Pee-Wee's ass and he was massaging his hole which turned me
the fuck on. 
My dick was raging for some ass, and I was going to give my
dick what it wanted. I stopped focusing on Man and began focusing on
Pee-Wee. Pee-Wee was moaning and moving his hips to gyrate his dick in my
mouth while Man and I both were playing with his ass. Man then moved behind
me and began to assault my ass with his tongue since it was poked high in
the air. I moaned in ecstasy at his tongue lashing back and forth like a
beheaded snake. 
Pee-Wee moaned in unison with me as we both felt pleasure.
I then bent his legs towards his chest and began to assault his ass with my
tongue. He tasted fresh and I enjoyed my tongue being in his ass. Man began
to eat my ass harder, and I moaned even louder. Pee-Wee's hands were on my
head pushing me to go deeper. 
I looked up and his eyes were closed. I began
to work my middle finger into his ass as Man tortured me with his tongue. I
want Man to fuck me so bad. My ass was puckering for his dick to be
embedded within my hole. I started to aggressively eat Pee-Wee's ass, and
he began to moan like a girl getting eaten for the first time. The more
aggressive I got the louder he got until I put two fingers in his ass and
two in his mouth. He pushed his ass down on my fingers and began to suck on
my other fingers like he was a Hoover vacuum cleaner. 
Man had saw enough
and pushed me forward grabbing my dick and aiming it for Pee-Wee's
hole. His eyes had a glazed look as if he was drunk. When I pushed my dick
into his hole he winced in pain, but his asshole was hungry and within
minutes I was pushing past his sphincter muscle, and his as was so damn
tight. I felt his asshole grip around my dick, and I didn't want to come
right away so I laid still inside him allowing him time to get used to the
9 inch dick embedded in him. 
Suddenly I felt Man entering my asshole
slowly, and I had to accommodate his thickness and his curve. For a moment,
I though I was about to lose my hardness, but when he hit my hotspot my
dick got rigid like steel. Man began to pump me and his movements made me
fuck Pee-Wee. Pee-Wee grabbed my ass and began spreading my ass apart so
that Man could savagely fuck me. 
As Man began to pound furiously in my ass,
I began to fuck Pee-Wee furiously. His cursing indicated that I was doing
my job right as I panted every time Man thrusted inside of me. I slammed
back and forth colliding with Man slamming into me, and plummeting deep
within Pee-Wee. 
Pee-Wee began to say my name in pants `Fuck me, Dion...'
`Fuck Me, Yo', `Oh opening my ass'... "Oh fuck me, make me your
My dick was raging. I began to pound his ass punishing his asshole
for all the stuff he did to me in the past. Man began to moan as his dick
began to swell. I fell forward raising my ass so he could go deep, and so
that he could rock me into Pee-Wee. Pee-Wee's asshole began to convulse as
cum shot onto his face and his chest and my stomach. He winced deeply as I
continued to fuck him. The dick punishing was burning his tight asshole,
and he continued to cum. 
Suddenly Man jerked forward slamming his dick all
the way in me. I yelp as he hit my hotspot and began to cum in unison with
him. My dick poured cum into Pee-Wee's hot ass, and Man poured cum into
me. My ass was leaking cum, and Pee-Wee had a different look in his eye. He
looked as if he was in love. Like he had just had some wedding sex. I
kissed him deeply, and then I collapsed onto him with my dick still rigid
deep inside of him. 
Man pulled out and fell besides me and Pee-Wee. I
looked at him as he smiled at me and patted Pee-Wee on the ass. I slowly
with drew my rigid dick from Pee-Wee's ass and he did the most amazing
thing. He cleaned my dick of all the cum. Then he curled up beside me and
placed an arm around me like I was his boyfriend. I didn't mind though, but
I was just taken back. Man on the other hand found my ass and placed his
dick snuggly in the crack of my ass before we went to sleep holding one
The following weeks I went through a transition to a flame into a thug.
Traded my pumps in for butter Timberlands, and my skirts for sweats and
t-shirts. Man, Pee-Wee, and I became a three-way couple, and we definitely
kept our bond tight. No one knew that we were together but us, and although
I was still openly gay...I was definitely thuggin.
With All My Love, Mkrann.