'Round The Way Boy
by Mkrann     
It was a typical day in the projects. I just walked in from school,
and I had mad homework to do this weekend. Of course homework would have to
wait, because my first priority for the weekend was to have fun. Now
growing up in Flag Projects meant learning the streets. At 17 years of age,
I guess I would be considered a little thug. Maybe not a thug...just rough
in a feminine way. I played basketball with the boys, played football with
the boys, rode my bike with boys, and even thugged out with the boys. On
the low, I'd smoke weed with the boys, drink mad drinks with the boys, and
even got into fights with the boys. I was just a typical round the way boy.

     Now don't get me wrong, I did say that I was rough in a feminine way.
Putting the shit bluntly. I am gay. I like boys. I did hair with the girls,
did nails with the girls, twirled a baton with the girls, and even played
house with the girls. As I got older, I went shopping with the girls, went
boy hopping with the girls, and even found my first boyfriend with the help
of a girl. But I was just me...Tamir Brice, a 5'7", 170lb. hazel eyed,
mocha chocolate project boy with corn rows and an attitude that wouldn't

     I was in the eleventh grade, and I was put together. My moms is a lab
technician at Sinai Hospital, my oldest sister is a cosmetologist, and my
father is a hotel chef. Why were we still in the projects? The answer is
quite simple...Flag projects was home.  The energy in the projects was so
strong, and pulsating that it was addictive. My family moved away, but the
serenity that my parents longed for damn near killed us living in the
county. Everyday in the project there was something going on. If it wasn't
dealing with drugs then it had something to do with ' who's fucking who.'
The projects raised me, and of course based on my hood I was just an around
the way boy.

     So of course on this Friday evening, I was planning to go out, get
'fucked up', and hopefully get some dick. But at my rate, I would only end
up jerking off, and playing with my ass. I was in a dry season. My last
playa (boyfriend) had dogged me the fuck out with this 'DL' bullshit. I
mean my peoples knew I was gay, but because I didn't act gay in front of
them, or carry myself gay they never really tought much of it. Of course
their is no fucking way you can act gay, but you couldn't tell that shit to
my ex, Rakheim.

     Rakheim was another damn story. Everything was why this and don't do
that. Then one day I found out that mother fucker was fucking a flaming
queen. I flipped the fuck out. I was in love with this bitch. Trying to be
on the 'DL' to maintain his fucking image only to find out that he was
fucking with someone who acted the way he professed to hate so much. I
thought he was the one, but after spending 1 year of high school and the
summer with Rakheim...I had to call it quits. Which meant the whole
depressed stage, and all that drama. I was excited about actually getting
out of the house this Friday. I was finally over Rakheim, and I was ready
to get into some trouble. I had everything set out for me to wear, but I
had to get my hair done.

     Now I could have gotten one of my good friends or a girl from around
the way to cornrow my hair, but no one could cornrow like Mrs. Tina.
Mrs. Tina was everybody's aunt. She had family throughout the project
although none of them seemed to be blood related. Mrs. Tina was down to
earth, nonjudgemental, and business minded. She hustled on the side, but
she didn't let that get in the way of being a good mother and working her
regular 9 to 5. 
When Mrs. Tina wasn't busy, she was cornrowing the young
hustlers' hair for fifty dollars. Fortunately, Mrs. Tina only charged me 10
dollars. There was only one catch with Mrs. Tina and her cornrowing
someone's hair, and that rule was 'No FAKE Hair'. Mrs. Tina refused to use
fake hair on anyone's head. 
There wasn't many guys who came to Mrs. Tina 
because she braided the skin off of your scalp. I was used to her braiding
my hair though plus she could design your hair anyway possible. Along with
her being able to braid my hair I enjoyed being around her mother
Mrs. Delores also. She was about seventy something, but she was still up and
at it. Every time I got my hair braided by Mrs. Tina, Mrs. Delores would
sit around and tell me the news of the neighborhood or stories of her
sexual escapades. There was never a dull moment at Mrs. Tina's house.

     I called Mrs. Tina and informed her that I was coming to get my hair
cornrowed. After changing out of my school gear to something more
comfortable, I quickly washed, conditioned, and clipped the ends of my
hair. Then I slipped on some sweats, a t-shirt, and my nike sandals and
walked around the corer to Mrs. Tina's house. When I arrived there,
Mrs. Tina and Mrs. Delores were talking about who was fucking who. I came
in and hugged both women, and sat down and waited for Mrs. Tina who was
busy commenting about who was doing who.

"Hey SweetPea, I'll be right with you. Sit down. Make yourself at
home. Anyway mama that's what she gets. She got kids, and she out there
freaking like that." Mrs. Tina said as she sat the comb and grease on the
kitchen table.

"Yeah I know you right, but it don't make no since. All them chilren
hollering and shit all day long. she can't take care of the one's she got,
now she having some more. That's a damn shame. I ain't watching none of
'em. I'll be damned if I sit around and let all dem motherfuckers kill
me. Too many chilren in dis house as it is." Mrs. Delores said as she
looked at me smiling. Mrs' Delores talked shit to everybody, but she
usually didn't mean anything she said.

"How you want your hair, SweetPea." Mrs. Tina asked as she parted and
greased my scalp.

"I don't care as long as you make it like you usually do" I said.

"Aiight, I will come up with something." Mrs. Tina said parting my scalp
for the first cornrow.

"Baby, how you been? I asked Tina about you the other day. You looking as
cute as a button." Mrs. Delores commented as she cut up some cabbage for

"I have been cool, Mrs. Delores. Just staying out of trouble." I said
wincing as Mrs. Tina gripped my hair and started to braid. Although I had
shoulder length hair she still braided as if I was bald.

Mrs. Delores asked me to pass her the phone, and Mrs. Tina and I were
discussing school.

"Damn, Bird is still on the phone. That damn boy been on the phone all day
long. Shit Tina I have to make some calls. He been up there on dat phone
all damn day long. He ain't talking bout shit. All them hot ass girls
running up my damn bill." Mrs. Delores complained as she cut the cabbage
now with attitude. I laughed as she bitched to Mrs. Tina who was busy
rolling her eys.

"Don't roll your eyes Tina. I'ma get the fucker cut off. That will serve
everybody right. You watch." Mrs' Delores said mischief in her eyes.

"Well mama get the phone cut off. I can't stop that. Why don't you ask him
to get off the phone" Mrs. Tina said not annoyed at all. She was used to
her mom's antics, and usually ignored her.

"Bird! HEY BIRD!" Mrs. Delores called.

Bird, Mrs. Tina's 20 year old son called down stairs in his thick baritone
voice acknowleding his grandmother.

"I need to use the phone." Mr. Delores stated as she continued to cut up
the cabbage.

I laughed because she asked nicely only to irritate Mrs. Tina. Five minutes
later Bird was still on the phine, and Mrs. Delores sucked her teeth.


I laughed out loud, and Mrs. Tina rolls her eyes and gripped my hair.

     Bird came downstairs with the cordless phone, and handed it to his
grandmother. I spoke but my eyes were glued to him. He didn't have on any
shirt, and his pants were being held up by a shoe string which didn't
conceal anything. I could see the opening in his boxers and a hint of his
pubic hairs. I was immediately turned on, but I quickly turned my eyes
downward so that I wouldn't cause any alarm. Mrs. Tina continued to braid
my hair. 
Her or Mrs. Delores didn't notice how much attention I was paying
Bird. They were too engrossed in gossip. Bird was walking around enticingly
with no shirt on, socks, and pants barely held up by a string. In the past,
I never paid to much attention to any of Mrs. Tina's sons. Mooky was thirty
but he looked thirteen. He had three kids, had a house, and he was well
rounded. In my book, he was out of my league. Too advanced for me. Add to
that fact he would probably kick my ass if I came on to him. Ray was her
middle son and he was a hot head. Always in a fight, but he and I were
cool. He used to go with my cousin, and he knew I was gay. He would call me
his baby brother whenever he was with a crowd. Sort of letting people know
not to fuck with me. 
Then there was Bird. Bird was Bird. He was toned, dark
skinned, athletic, and tall. He was mischief. Always doing shit that
eventually got him into trouble. I never paid attention to Bird because he
was so damn immature. I liked him as far as being cool and all, but not to
the point where he aroused me sexually. Mooky and Ray I could think about
sexually. Bird never even crossed my mind like that. Which is why I was
really wondering whether I was in the right frame of mind. Don't get me
wrong, Bird was cute as shit. He had dreadlocs and feline shaped eyes with
a nice set of full lips, but I had never been attracted to him. NEVER!
After about two hours, I had a tight new hair style, and I was ready for a
night on the town.

As I was leaving out, Bird happened to be running pass me, and bumped into
me by mistake.

"My fault, shawty" he said " you going to the Tunnel tonight?" he asked.

"Yeah I'll be there like about twelve o' clock." I said.

"Well I'll holla at you there" he said as he started to race towards the
corner. His nice athletically built arms and legs contracting and releasing
as he ran down the street to take care of some business.

     Since I was in the mood for love. I put on a pair of pink and white
boxer briefs I got from a special store. I put on some blue baggy jeans, a
tank top t-shirt, a pink plaid shirt, my pink power puff footies, and my
pink Timbaland boots. To top the out fit off I had a pink visor cap, and
pink and white belt made out of the gang scarves. Then my finishing touch
was my three bubble gum blow pops. If people didn't suspect I was gay they
would know it today. I walked pass my father who said I look like a a
skinny bottle of Pepto Bismo. I gave him the finger behind his back, but it
was all good. I knew that this was his way of showing me that him and I
were still cool like that. I kissed my mother on the way out of the door,
and ran downstairs to walk with some friends downtown.

     When my friends and I arrived at the club, we were greated by bouncers
asking us for our I.D. cards. I had to break out my school I.D., and was
frisked down by a brother that was not blessed in the looks department but
was definitely muscular as shit. I flowed through the club like liquid. My
girls and I flocked to the back of the club with the least amount of light,
and sparked a blunt. As the smoke filled the area we occupied, I began to
get loose and dance a bit. Neighborhood boys flocked to the same corner.
Some drinking... others smoking, but all of us having a good time. 
That was
the way we rolled from around Flag Projects. Although we might beef around
the way with each other, at the club we stuck together. My girls and I was
taking sips from everyone's bottle, and by the third blunt we were all
feeling the music. I started to gyrate my hips, and the feline nature in my
girlfriends started to come out. Each of them had their eyes set on
someone. Their intention was to seduce a guy, get him to buy them some food
and some more drinks, and then hopefully break a good sweat at the end of
the night. 
I was feeling the same way. I opened one of my Blow Pops, and
began sucking it. Then the DJ blasted Tweet singing 'Oops Oh My.' My hips
started to gyrate, and my young, round ass started to bounce. I wanted to
put my ass on some hard body quick. I knew that some of the boys was paying
me some attention, but they kept up appearances. As I was moving to the
music, I noticed Pooh talking to some young hustlers and looking in my

     Pooh was 28, and a big time hustler around the way. He was reserved,
and always knew what was going on around the projects and other places. He
was a caramel complexion with dreadlocs. Nice 220lb. muscular build, and a
set of twins. Pooh made it clear that he 'considered' himself bisexual but
he didn't act on it. I found that information out when he drove me to
school one day. I was instructed not to tell anyone, and I kept my promise.
After that day, I only saw him driving around the neighborhood. I was
shocked to see him in a club full of hoppers, but since I knew what I knew
I decided throw my ass a little harder. Pooh was looking sexy, and I was
horny as shit.

     The Dj put on a reggae beat, and my body started to move like a snake.
I was showing off my flexibility, and doing moves that would excite a
eunuch. I turned my back towards Pooh who now had his full attention on the
crowd that I was with. The dance floor was packed, and the laser lights
were flickering back and forth. This enhanced the effects of the marijauna
and the alcohol that was in my system. When they started to do the blackout
(that's when all the lights shut off and on), I felt someone pulling me
towards the bathroom area. The whole time I was being pulled, I was still
waving at my girls when I noticed that Pooh was still talking to the young
guys in the corner. I turned around only to find Rakheim pulling me towards
the hallway with the men's bathroom. I jerked my arms away from him only to
have him grab me with more force.

     Rakheim was 6 feet in height and he was a little thick, but I was far
from intimidated by him. I followed him, but I wasn't for his bull shit.

"Shorty...was sup wth you? Why you out there dancing like that." he said
with an attitude.

"Rock, I know you ain't trying to act like we still deal with each other. I
am down here trying to find me a real man. Why don''t you go be with that
bitch you left me for." I said with a nasty tone. I knew how to piss him
off, and I knew that he would eventually get mad enough to leave me
alone. I remember warning him that if I saw the little mother fucker, I was
going to fuck him up.

"Look here ..you are high. I am taking your ass home right now." Rakheim
said like he was my father. I looked at him like he was crazy.

"No the fuck you ain't" I said moving away from him.

"Yes the fuck I am" he said and grabbed my arm tight and started to walk
towards the door. Although I really wanted to stay at the club, in my heart
I was glad that Rakheim was worried about me, and it was a turn on that he
was still as territorial as always. I still was being stubborn when I
noticed his attention left me, and he looked as if he was seeing a ghost. I
stopped, turned around, and I could feel my blood start to boil. It was
Rakheim's new friend Terry walking towards us. That's when I realized that
he wasn't concerned about my well-being. He was trying to avoid letting me
see him with his new friend.

" I knew I couldn't trust you...you bitch!" I yelled.

"Look! Calm down...don't be making no scenes and getting loud with me and
shit" he said. I could feel tears of anger well up in my eyes, but I was
determined not to go out like a little bitch. So I tried to move past him,
but he pushed me back.

"Come on and go home. I don't feel like no shit from you." he said grabbing
my arms once more. Then Terry had the gall to tell me to calm down, and
stop being dramatic. I tried to control myself, but this was coming from
the same bitch that my man cheated on me with. I jumped six inches into his
ass. I beat his ass like he stole my mama's pocketbook. After five minutes
of brawling, two bouncers had me hemmed up, dragging me out of the club. My
shirt was torn, lip was busted, and I had a few scratches here and there.
Terry's nose was busted, lip was busted, and his jaw was swollen. 
was zapping out inside the club, and I was zapping out outside of the club.
I watched Rakheim put Terry into his car as I started to walk down the
street towards my house. Just as I approached the corner of were I lived I
saw Rakheim's car pull up and park. He got out and started to approach me,
and I was ready for his ass. Rakheim started to yell at me, and we began to
argue. That's when out of no where he punched me right in my mouth. I must
admit. I was dazed. He must have hit me with all his might, because my lip
was bleeding profusely. 
Before I could react he was half way down the
street. I picked up a bottle and as he was getting into the car I threw it
at the wondow. The window cracked, and he turned to get back out of the car
when I slammed the door right on his hand. He screamed like a bitch, and I
went over to the drivers side, and beat the shit out of Terry once more. I
was furious. My heart was broken by him before, and just when I thought I
was over him he pulls another stunt. 
     I was so damn angry, and humiliated 
for allowing myself to even become vulnerable that I had to fight. During
the fight Rakheim had managed to get out of the car and was trying to grab
me, and pull me away from Terry. When I turned around to fight him, he
punched me again in the mouth, and then threw me to the ground. I was tired
but we continued to fight like cats and dogs. That's when all of a sudden
Bird was pulling us apart. Bird pushed Rakheim away, and was ready to knock
the shit out of him but Rakheim just walked away.

     Although my lip was busted and my jaw was swollen, the most hurt was
my pride. I felt humiliated, and despite the fact that I was kicking ass
Rakheim had finally made and ass of me. I looked at Bird with tears in my
eyes, and was too weak to talk. He understood, and walked back across the
street to a corner full of brothas. I walked away with my hands in my
pocket, and my head hung low. I was drained completely.

     When I got home I took care of my scars, applied ice to my lip, and
went to my room to listen to some music. After flushing out my anger, I
went to sleep completely over Rakheim. Everything kind of flowed the same
after the Friday night drama. I went the school the following week, and saw
Rakheim but was unbothered by him. I had to update my closest friends on
what occured. 
My bestfriend Mike was angry, because I didn't tell him that
night. I didn't want him to worry. Mike was sort of over protective.
Despite the fact that Mike was straight, I think he really could see
himself romantically involved with me but he never acted on it. The truth
is I could see me romantically involved with him. He was perfect, and he
was never uncomfortable with me being open with him. In fact, most of the
times he would say things like 'you won't be happy until you find someone
like me.' Yet I never took him serious.

     It was Friday again, and Mike and I sat in my room drinking a 40oz. of
St. Ides. We listened to Biggie, and we talked about him fucking this girl
from the westside. I washed, conditioned, and hot oil treated my hair. The
whole time we were getting drunk, and having a good ass time. I wanted Mike
to walk me around the corner to Mrs.Tina's house, but he had other plans.

     I walked around Mrs. Tina's house fresh out of the shower so I was
kind of cold. The night air was brisk and it was windy. A definite sign
that winter was now here. I hunched my shoulders into my coat, and let my
hair blow freely. I knocked on the door three times. I was just about to
walk away when the door suddenly opened. I turned around, and there was
Bird standing in a wife beater t-shirt and his boxers. I instinctively
looked down, but remembered where I was and looked straight into his eyes.

"Was Sup Bird, Is Mrs. Tina here?" I asked now shivering and rubbing my
hands together.

"Naw Shorty, she ain't here. She said you can wait for her though. She will
be back in an hour. That's if you want to wait and shyt." Bird said now
leaning against the door.

     I knew if I left she would probably take all night to do my hair, but
if I stayed and waited I would get my hair down as soon as she got in. I
decided to stay, and Bird let me in. I went straight to the living room,
and took a seat. Bird was in the kitchen making some Oodles of Noodles with
eggs and soy sauce. I knew from the smell. It smelled like chinese food,
but it was 'the project hook-up.' I sat in the room quietly. It was warm,
but I was bored as hell. I laid my head on the arm of the sofa, and Bird
finally walked pass the door. He was going up the stairs, then he came back
and asked if I wanted to watch t.v. 
Well that was cool but Mrs. Tina and
Mrs. Delores never left their bedroom doors unlocked, so I was surprised
that he was inviting me to his room to watch t.v. I followed him upstairs,
and sat at the foot of the bed watching 'Living Single'. Bird was chilling
eating his Oodles of Noodles, and drinking some kool-aid with his legs
propped open in his boxer shorts. Ten minutes past and Bird had finally
finished eating his food. I thought this would be an appropriate time to
thank him for having my back.

"Yo, I want to thank you for watching out for me last Friday. You
know... breaking the fight up before they banked me." I said trying to
deepen my voice to sound serious.

"It's all good shorty. I ain't gonna let nobody fuck with you while I'm
around and shit." Bird said placing his hands in his boxers. I followed his
hand with my eyes, but the whole time I was explaining the edited version
of what happened.

"I am glad that you got my back" I said as I turned back towards the t.v.

"Yo, can I ask you something? I know you gay right, but was you and homeboy
fucking?" Bird asked nonchalantly.

     I contemplated what I was going to say. I decided he knew something,
because he wouldn't have asked that question. I began to tell him the story
from beginning to end. Before I knew it, Bird had turned down the
television and was listening to my story like it was a movie. I noticed how
comfortable I had gotten. I was laying on my side across the bed in front
of him, and I was telling him everything. Every so often he would comment,
but he basically listened. I was amazed at his attentiveness, because I had
assumed most thugs wouldn't care. 
I knew that after all that had happened
in the past week and with Rakheim that I was still vulnerable, and I was
still weak. Deep down inside I knew that I was opening up too fast and too
soon, but it felt good having someone paying attention to me. I continued
to talk until the story was finished. By this time it was growing dark
outside, and the only light in the room was the light from the television.
After I told him, we sat staring at each other for the longest time. 
noticed his eyes were locked into mine, and I was turned on immediately.
His dreads hung wildly over his head, lips blackened from all the weed he
was smoking, and the sexual energy surrounding him was magnetic. I closed
my eyes and the mere seconds felt like minute, and I was praying that he
would take full advantage of the situation. Before my fantasy started it
was over... Mrs. Tina called upstairs for Bird. I allowed myself to calm
down, but was immediately aroused when Bird stood up and his dick was
hanging heavily against his thigh. I looked , but I turned away. I didn't
want him to know that I noticed that he was aroused.

     Mrs. Tina didn't think anything was out of the ordinary. She cornrowed
my hair, and I was impressed with the style she gave me. The sides of my
head were one cornrowed spirals that ended in the middle of my head. Then
she made three cornrows going straight back with two criss-crossed cornrows
overlapping them. Then she placed red, black, and green beads at the end of
them. I looked exactly like my mother with the cornrows in this style. My
eyes snatched back gave my almond shaped eyes more definition, and turned
my hazel eyes into feline bedroom eyes. I paid Mrs. Tina, and on my way out
the door, Bird called for me.

"Hey Shawty, what are you doing later on around the way?" he asked standing
at the top of the stairs.

"I ain't doin shit. Just chillin. Might have some drinks and some herb...
why what's up?" I said feeling butterflies swirl in my stomach. I was
nervous all of a sudden, but I held my composure.

"Well I'm going to be around there about eight aiight...so be in the
house." he said with the sexiest look in his eyes. I melted immediately.

"Yeah aiight, I will be in the house...just come on over. If my moms is
there she will let you in." I said as I started to walk away.

     When I got home, I ran some bath water and put scented bath salt in
the tub, then I added some strawberry oil to the water, began the first
process to my facial, and sat in the water to soak and relax. I was
listening to Mary J. Blige with the lights out, and really chillin and
shit. My sister burst in with her ignorant ass telling about what the word
was about the fight last Friday. I covered up, and gave her the 411 on what
happened then I told her ass to get the fuck out. My moms hollered upstairs
that she was on her way to work. 
My sister left out for a night out with
some player, and my pops wasn't coming home until the morning. I was all
alone, and I heard Kelly Price over the radio belting "How Dos It Feel."
That shit was rocking, and as it played I decided to get that song and play
it on Rakheim's answering machine. I sat in the tub for about an hour
before I actually washed up, and got out of the water. I rinsed my face,
and began my second facial routine. I went downstairs to cook some food,
and I checked my cash to see if I could get a 40 of Steele Reserve...maybe
some Hypnotiq and Absolut. Anyway I made some chicken fingers, and some
fried potatoes. Then I went and finished my facial.

     I was chillin in my room with only my sweats on when Bird banged on
the door. I thought it was the fucking cops the way he was knocking. I
swung open the door, and looked him up and down like he had a fucking

"I mean...damn! You knocking like you the police and shit." I laughed
giving him dap, and letting him in.

"You stupid as shyt. You looked scared like you was about to get your assed
whipped." he said slinging his jacket on the coach.

"Naw muthafucker, pick that shyt up, and hang it in the closet. You ain't
gettin' my father cussing me out." I said as I pushed past him trying to
challenge him.

     We tripped for about a half and hour while he rolled like five blunts
in front of me. He had a bottle of Hypnotiq and some Remy Red. I was like
'oh shit' we gonna get fucked up, but this was normal for me. Players
around the way would come to my place and get fucked up, sit back, eat some
take out, and play some playstation 2 or listen to hip hop. Sometimes we'd
sit and play some spades or 'play the dozens' (crack), but today Bird and I
was chillin and talking a whole lot. We talked about all kinds of shit that
happened around the way. We talked about his girls and my players, and we
even kicked a little philosophy. 
That's when you know you high as shit...
you know...when you start counting stars and shit. We were up in my room,
and the window was open with the fan turned backwards blowing the smoke out
the window. I put towels under the door so smoke couldn't get out, and
because I stayed in the bedroom at the end of the hall I could easily air
out my room before my people smelled the weed. After drinking the Hypnotiq
and smoking three blunts, I was tore up. 
I stretched over my bed, and I was
talking some shit when he removed his t-shirt and laid right beside me. I
looked at him, he passed me the blunt, and I tapped the bottle of Remy Red
letting him know that I was ready to start on it. He tapped the bottle, and
we started talking about our first time fucking. Bird was naming the girl
as if I knew her, and he was descriptive in how he fucked...how she called
his name and begged him for more. I listened and laughed to myself, because
I didn't believe him.

"You are lying like a mother fucker. You ain't have her doing all that shit
with your little ass dick." I said taking the bottle of Remy to the head.

"Yo...why I gotta be lying and shit. You hatin' on my skills. Don't be mad
cause you ain't gettin' no pussy." he said pushing my shoulder and

"Whatever... you are trippin'. I gets mine...matter of fact I probably can
handle your girl" I said laughing my ass off.

"Yo...you crazy. But you cool as shit. Plus how you gonna get pussy when
you a pussy yourself." he said laughing and falling off the bed.

"You dumb...this may feel like a pussy but it ain't. And don't knock it til
you try it. " I said pointing my fingers at him, and laughing my ass off.

     We finished the Remy Red and smoked the last two blunts and I was high
as shit. I rolled off the bed, and crawled across the floor to put my chill
music in the stereo. I was fucked up, fa real. Bird's ass was chillin at
the top of my bed on my pillow like he was laying at home. He had his hands
in his sweatpants on his dick just chillin. I stood up and stumbled on the
bed, and pushed his ass over cause I wanted the pillow.

"Yo, this ain't the Holiday Inn. Get the fuck off my pillow." I said
pushing him over.

"Stop playing and shit...just chill out, lay down and shut the fuck up." He
said trying to sound serious like he was my man.

     I listened to him thinking to myself how sexy he sounded. I laid
across the bed on my side just looking at him, and listening to the music
as my high carried me through the songs.

"Yo...why you down there? You act like I got herpes or something." Bird
eyes closed and laid back on my pillow.

     I moved closer to him, and he turned then took his hands from his
sweatpants and mushed me in the face.

"Boy is you dumb...I don't know who you been sleeping with and shit. You
might got crabs or something." I said laughing and frowning my face.

"What the fuck ever...so was sup Tee. You quiet all of a sudden." he said
looking at me.

"I am just thinking, you know. You different from your brothers. You real
as shit. I think I like that." I said trying hard not to sound to mushy.

"You cool too...I be checking you out 'round here and shit. Shawty, you be
holding it down. You was too good for that muthafucker. You need a real
man...like me" he said laid back with his eyes closed.

I turned and looked at him, because I didn't think he would say something
like that. I knew that normally if I was this high, I would be working on
getting some dick. I looked him up and down, and I knew my next statement
would either pull him in or push him away.

"Whatever...I don't think a boy like you got what it takes to be the man I
need...dick size ain't the issue... it's can a man like you handle me. And
my saying is don't talk about it...be about it...yah mean." I said that
with guts and grit straight up hood style.

"Yo...you sound like you challenging me to handle my business...I don't
think you want that." he said maintaining his cool, but moving his hand
around in his sweat pants.

"Like...I...Said...don't talk about it be about it. For real...cause right
now all I see is you mouth moving." I said giving him my best 'yeah what'

     Bird got up with a big ass tent in his sweats, and went to the
bathroom to take a piss. I chilled on the bed going through my cd's to see
what I was going to pop in next. Bird called from the bathroom asking when
my peeps was coming home, and I told him that we were cool until 10 in the

     When he came back in the room, he shut the door, locked my lock, and
turned off the lights. Now, I know he was high, but home boy was tripping
for real.

"Yo, what the fuck is you doing? What you planning on chillin here
tonight?" I said trying to act hardcore, but I was starting to feel like a
little bitch (and I liked it).

"Yeah man, I can't go home fucked up like this. I flipped on my black
lights which makes everything white glow in the room. This let my peeps
know that I am asleep so don't fuck with me although my moms and pops
sometimes break that rule. They be bustin' in and shit, but the door was
locked so I ain't worry. I jumped on the bed, and laid on my stomach facing
the opposite direction, and he got back up. I didn't know what was up until
I seen him throw his sweats in the corner. I turned and looked at him.

"You don't mind do you" he said getting under my covers. I was thinking
yeah I mind, but I liked his boldness. He was rude as shit. Invited hisself
to spend the night, stripped down to his boxers and t-shirt, then climbs
under my covers. I was like 'well damn'.

"Naw..you cool." I said refraining from acting ignant.

"Yo...you sure you cool with this. I mean I can leave if you want me to,
but I am kind of roasted." he said smelling like weed and Cool Water

     Damn, he was turning me on. I decided to play the game instead of
being all tight. I got up, and stripped down to my underwear which were
tighty whitey's BVD's and climbed in the bed with just my underwear on. Of
course the invisible line that was the boundary in the bed was drawn, but I
was going to test that boundary. I waited about thirty minutes when I
thought he was sleep, and I scooted my ass a little closer to him. 
For a
couple of minutes he didn't respond, then he turned to face the opposite
direction completely. I waited a couple of minutes more, and scooted in his
direction, and my ass was on his thigh area. A couple of minutes later, he
turned facing my direction, but my back was towards him. Then I felt his
hands ease down my underwear, and I froze. I knew what time it was, and I
was praying I don't fuck up. I let him move them down, and he pressed his
hard dick up against my ass.

     Now, I am a little guy. Rakheim was a big guy, but he was average in
endowment ( 7 inches on my ruler), and even that was big for me. I remember
the first time with him, and I was yelping like he was beating my ass. We
fucked but I limited it, because it hurted. Don't get me wrong..my ass gets
wet and I like dick, but the truth is the truth...it takes getting used
to. I will admit that after a minute or so of relaxing I would get into it,
but Rakheim rarely gave me a minute. He would bang my brains out, and with
seven inches that felt like a good nine on my scale.

     Bird on the other was a big guy with big parts. From what I felt it
was fat, so I had to see. And sure enough his dick was fat plus it was
long, and uncircumscised. I was like 'aww hell no.', but it was so damn
big. It was as fat as a smoked sausage and a little over ten inches
long. At first I was intimidated, and I felt my stomach got a little
uneasy. I was scared, and I could tell from how he was grinding his dick on
me that he was not an amateur. I decided to go on my instincts, but he
wouldn't let me. He got up from the bed, replaced the blue bulb in the lamp
with a regular one, and commanded me to come to the edge of the bed.

"Yo...we cool right." he said pulling me up on my feet.

"Yeah..we cool." I said feeling like a girl, and feeling self conscious
about my eight inches leaking precum in a string on the floor.

"From now on...you're mine. Yah mean...but it's my business. Not yours or
nobody else's. If you run your mouth I'ma smack you. Yah heard." he said
sounding authorative and sexy. I wanted to scream 'yes take control of me',
but that would be a little too dramatic and queenie.

"Yeah..I am cool with that" I said with my throat getting dry with

"Aiight...then let's do this shit, fo' sho" he said using that southern
slang, and I wasn't ready for the next step.

     Bird grabbed my waist, amd pulled me to him. Sucking on my neck, and
licking my ears. I closed my eyes, because it felt so good and I felt
feminine. His tongue felt like silk on my skin, and my body was moving to
fast for my mind. I was fucked up, and Bird was making my body quiver with
his tongue. I whimpered as his tongue found my sensitive nipples, and
explored them in depth. I wanted him to slow down, but I couldn't make him
stop. He was like an animal. 
He took big chunks of my neck in his mouth,
and weakened me to the point I was holding onto him with one leg around his
waist, and one arm around his neck. He groaned deeply, and maneuvered me
against the wall. Slamming my hands up against the wall, I felt like I was
reenacting the scene from Basic Instincts. I licked my lips as he sucked on
me leaving tell-tale marks at different areas of my neck and chest.

     The weed and drinks was taking control of me. I switched positions and
began tongue kissing him deeply. If he never kissed a guy before he sure as
hell didn't act like it. As I kissed him, he grabbed my ass cheeks and
pulled me into his grinding pelvic area. His dick leaving precum on my
stomach, and my dick leaving it on his legs. I began massaging his dick,
and he moaned with pleasure. I wanted to taste this dick, and he didn't
prevent me from doing just that. 
I worked my way down his body. I
worshipped his body licking his underarms, sucking his nipples, licking his
navel and sides, licking between his legs, and even licking his feet ( I
was high as shit cause I don't fuck with no feet but anyway). I worked my
way up his legs to his balls, and began licking and sucking his balls. He
grabbed my head, and as I looked up at him he licked his lips and was
urging me on whispering 'yeah baby that's it'.

     As I said before I was used to average sized packages, and he was
above average so when I started to suck his dick only about one third of it
got into my mouth. As I licked and sucked it seductively, my on desire
urged me to taste more, and I began to really suck it like I wanted it. I
wanted him to bring me the same pleasure that I was bringing him. I sucked
and moaned, and started relaxing my throat so that he can slide it all the
way in. 
He held the back of my head, and started to fuck my mouth slowly
and deeply causing saliva to pour from my mouth sloppily. His dick was now
slick with my spit, and his dick throbbed with excitement leaking more and
more precum with each hip gyration. I was getting into it when he stopped
me, because I was bringing him to the point were he was ready to cum. He
pulled me up to him, and savagely tongue kissed me backing me against the
bed. I fell back onto my bed, and he immediately lifted my legs up, and was
sucking on my nipples with my legs on his shoulders.

     Bird was getting down right freaky, and I was really getting over
excited. Every time he touched me I jumped, moaned and writhed back and
forth. Then he approached my young asshole with his big dick. I said
earlier my ass felt like a pussy but this is when ass and pussy differ. He
was about to push that big thing in my ass without no lube. I placed my
hands on his chest, and he looked at me baffled. I reached under the bed,
and handed him the vaseline. He smiled, and I shook my head. (Damn just
when you think they know what they doing) 
I braced myself as he greased his
dick then placed the head at my asshole. He began to push, and his little
muscles tightened. Then he pushed and the head slid in, but it felt like it
split me. I cried out, and begged him to pull it out. My body was
shivering, and my nerves started to prick at my skin. He pulled out, and
consoled me with his tongue in my mouth. Then he started to work on my
nipples, and this time as he was doing it he was grinding the head of his
dick onto my asshole. As the head slowly penetrated my hole, I moaned (more
like started to whine) loudly. 
Then the shaft completely submerged itself
into my ass, and Bird pushed it in until the base of his dick was pressed
firmly against me. I couldn't believe the sensations that I was getting. He
actually had me pinned to the bed fucking the shit out of me. Not pumping
in and out but grinding in me, and it felt like he was pushing into my
stomach. I admit that he was in my ass, and I was letting him know it. I
was so damn loud I knew the neighbors knew it, and I was clutching his
shoulders with my nails dug deep inside him. 
He was whispering in my ears
telling me to 'take that dick' and 'tell me you love me'. I can say as he
was fucking me with my legs over my shoulders, I was in ecstacy. I couldn't
believe that he was fucking me this hard.  I couldn't help my reactions as
I called his name whenever he hit the depth of me while grinding. My eyes
watered slightly, and I could tell he was into it so I began to suck on his
neck as he fucked me. He began to pump, and I think I could be heard on the
moon. He repositioned me on my side, and held one leg up as he fucked me
I closed my eyes and moaned deeply as he pushed his big dick into
undiscovered territory. My teeth clinched together as he ravaged my ass in
this tribal dance of passion. He was definitely going to be my man. I felt
that all reservations I formally had about Bird was out the window. He put
his whole being into me, and I could tell that he wanted to fuck me for a
long time.

     Before the grand finale, I was repositioned on my hands and knees and
this was when I couldn't bear it. He was slamming into my ass slow and
deeply. I tried to inch away from the assault but he grabbed my waist and
held me in position. I lowered my head to the bed, and arched my back and
let my juices flow. My legs was wet as if water had been spilled down my
back (courtesy of good preparation). His thick dick slick with my wetness
now grew, and I could tell by the way he fell onto my back that he would be
cumming soon. I cried out as he locked his legs with mine, and started to
drill into my ass while lying flat on my back. 
His dick positioned
perfectly with my prostate, and the more he pumped the more I was drawing
close to orgasm. He grabbed my neck, and began sucking viciously on the
side of my throat. He finally sent me over the edge, and I screamed as cum
streamed from my dick. His jabs to my ass became more savage, and then he
exploded biting my neck like an animal. I was still whining loudly, and he
buried his dick deep inside me. Our dance lasted for an hour, but after two
episodes we finally called it a night.

     I laid beneath him with his dick buried within me. His breath was
heavy against my back as he slept. His flaccid dick softening inside me
felt so good. I went to sleep deeply relaxing in our funk making a perfume
that only the two us could appreciate.

     In the morning, I woke to him fucking me slowly. His hot breath on my
back, his dick buried inside me, and the cum from the night before
lubricating my ass made it easy for him to fuck me. My sheets were wet with
my essence, and my moans bounced off the walls travelling to unknown
territories of my apartment. When we finished I got up naked, and proceeded
to get ready for my day. I went down the hallway to take a shower, and as I
was showering Bird came in took a piss then came in the shower with me. I
was shocked, but this was unusual. The things he was doing was deep, and I
was a little taken back. When we finished showering, I got dressed and he
got dressed. Thats when the drama started.

     My mother was up cooking breakfast, and my sister was in the kitchen
running her mouth. I snuck Bird past my mother, but my sister caught me
just as we were leaving. Bird locked eyes with her, and I looked at him.

"Was Sup Bird" she said with a smile.

"Was Sup shawty...how you been?" he said smiling like he got caught with
his hands in the cookie jar.

"Nothing much...just chilling...you know. I didn't know that you were cool
with my brother" she said with that 'I know what you did' look in her eyes.

"Yeah well he from 'round the way so I figure we could be cool...you know?"
he said smiling.

    She nodded her head, and he winked at her. She shook her head but the
secret was good with her. I didn't have to say anything. An underlying
message had been exchanged right in front of me, and we all understood the
deal. In the end I got a man who understood my hood. Nothing extraordinary.
Not a baller. Just a regular boy from around my way, and damn he be making
me so happy.

With All My Love, Mkrann.