by Josh
The Laguna Madre is a fairly large shallow bay that lies between South
Padre Island and the Texas mainland. Though it is several miles wide and
runs all the way from the mouth of the Rio Grande River to Corpus Christi
Bay, it is rarely more than five or six feet deep. That is except for the
Intercoastal Canal which is a narrow, man-made channel running up through
the length of it.
It was easy, back at the time of this story, to travel up the bay only a
short way, and to find a spot well isolated, close to the island and away
from other boats. The water teamed with trout, flounder, red fish, drum,
and just about every kind of fish found in the gulf just across the Island.
Since then, some heavy freezes and extensive fishing have diminished sport
fish populations. The water never seems today to be as clear as it often
was back then. Too much construction and traffic.
All the guys were great about cleaning up the gear Saturday before they
went home. Sunday, we all slept and napped as much as possible. Monday
began our two-a-day workouts for varsity football. In the showers, our
tanned/burned butts were immediately and frequently remarked upon (to our
Over the next two weeks, I spoke to Daniel almost daily by phone, but not
in person. During that time, Stefan and I officially apologized to each
other and the strain in our relationship began to ease. We began joking and
teasing again. But we weren't ready to crawl back in bed together. At least
I wasn't.
That doesn't mean I was completely without sex. (No, I had not yet acquired
my "Fall" girlfriend.) About the fourth morning practice, Aaron and I were
watching some drills and standing together away from everyone. "I got
Barbara to suck my cock last night," he confided. (Barbara was his current
girl friend.)
"Cool. Did she like it?"
"Hell, it took forever just to get her to put her mouth on it. She kept
fussing about smell and mess and 'that big thing?', but I think she liked
it. I didn't though. She just put her mouth on it at first. Then I got her
to suck it, but she never really got it right, and she wouldn't swallow my
cum. She just jerked me off."
Leaning closer, Aaron said, "No one can suck cock like you do, Sean."
"Oh shit, thanks," I replied in mock gratitude. "Like you're an expert with
only Barbara and I to compare."
"And," he started to say.
"Stefan?" I asked
"I wondered about that."
"No shit," he continued, "You suck better than Stefan and you taste better
too and you have a bigger cock. Shit, Sean, I hate to admit it, but I liked
sucking your cock while you sucked mine. Come over to my house after
I looked over at him to check his sincerity. He sure sounded sincere. He
looked it too.
"Not worried about turning queer?" I chided.
"Naw. I'm fucking Barbara," he sad matter-of-factly, and I
wondered. "Besides, you're smooth as a girl," he elbowed me.
"Fuck you. Come to think of it, I have." I elbowed back.
"Yeah, like you're the virgin ass." He shot back. "So, are you coming to my
house after practice? My mom's got my brothers and sisters at the mall
today, buying school clothes."
"Sounds good to me, but Aaron..."
"Clean it good when we shower up after practice."
He laughed and swatted my butt.
I had driven to workout; Aaron had walked, so he rode with me to his
house. There was no one else there, just as Aaron promised. I knew his
house well and led the way back to his bedroom. As we got there, he let out
a loud whoop behind me. I turned just in time to take a shoulder to the gut
as Aaron tackled me, lifting me up onto his bed.
Almost before my back hit the bed, he was on top of me, laughing,
straddling my hips and pushing my shirt up. "You crazy asshole," I shouted,
"are you horny or what? Hey, don't tear the shirt."
That was the wrong thing to say. The shirt was a really old, black T-shirt,
complete with holes. He laughed and to my surprise, grabbed one of the
holes and ripped my shirt open, exposing my belly and chest. He kept
ripping until I had only a little shirt around the collar. "You fuck up!" I
said accusingly, "Just what am I going to wear back to workout?"
Aaron just looked down at me with a "shit eating grin" and grabbed the
waistband of my shorts. "Oh hell," I pleaded, "Don't tear those. I'm not
going to leave your house naked."
He yanked my shorts down. My hard cock sprang up like a flag waving,
"Sean's enjoying this."
Aaron was laughing and tugging my shorts down. Well I could play the game
too. I held my legs tightly together. He pulled off my sandals, but
couldn't get the shorts past my crossed ankles. He leaned forward and
buried his face in my balls and blew a raspberry. It tickled and I
jumped. My legs spread and he got my shorts off.
So I was lying on my back, cock hard and flat against my stomach, wearing
only a black t-shirt collar. Aaron stood by the bed looking at me and
rubbed his crotch, smiling. Then he pulled of his shirt. The muscles of his
chest and belly worked under the skin as he raised his arms overhead to get
the shirt off, then undid and dropped his own pants. His large, hard, uncut
cock pumped up in front of me. As he stepped from his pants and shoes,
Aaron started stroking. He looked hungrily down on me.
In one jump, he leapt onto me and I found his cock and balls hanging in my
face, while I felt his hands begin work on my own. I reached my hands over
his ass and pulled him down onto me. He smelled really good. I licked
behind his balls, then the balls themselves, taking one, then the other
into my mouth. There were appreciative moans from the other end of the
bed. I moaned into his balls as he gave me a similar treatment.
I licked up and down his shaft, then pulled his cock down toward
me. Skinning it back, I licked the crown. Aaron groaned as he put his mouth
over my shaft and started to work me in. I put my mouth around his shaft
and we began bobbing on each other slowly, his heavy balls coming down on
my upper lip and nose each time.
Aaron had done like I told him and had cleaned well in the shower. He was
downright tasty; and thick. He began pumping into my mouth with almost too
much enthusiasm. I started to gag a couple of times. But then we got the
rhythm. Our hands began rubbing between legs and caressing balls and
butts. Aaron was sucking hard and taking me really deep for someone who had
only done this a couple of times.
We were both grunting appreciatively to each other as our tongues, mouths,
and hands all worked on our favorite parts. And despite Aarons cowboy start
to all this, we slowed down and took our time, really enjoying each other.
His hands traveled up and down my back, feeling my smooth skin and the hard
muscles beneath. My hands explored the lines of his slender hips and
grabbed handfuls of his muscular butt.
I pushed his hips over and he rolled with me. We moved into a sixty-nine
position on our sides and continued to lazily fuck each other's
mouths. After a while, I rolled us again, putting me on top, fucking down
into Aaron's mouth while he humped into mine. I decided he must like being
on his back because things began moving more quickly. His thrusting became
more emphatic, his balls began to pull up.
I slowed down my tongue action to allow my own orgasm to build and catch up
with Aaron's. He still came before me, flooding my throat with his mildly
spunky cum. I plunged deep into his throat until I felt his lips and teeth
press in at the base of my shaft and deposited mine. It was noisy.
We sucked down each other's cum and sucked and licked each other
clean. Then I pulled off Aaron and lay down on my side. As we caught our
breath, I announced, "You owe me a t-shirt."
He laughed and promised one, as he crawled up to put his head on the pillow
beside me. We both rolled onto our backs. He laid a hand on my hip bone,
and we dozed off to sleep.
I got a strange look from Stefan that afternoon, when I showed up for
practice in one of Aaron's shirts. (I think Stefan recognized it from the
beach.) My mom accepted my explanation that my shirt tore when I was
wrestling around with Aaron after practice. "I would have thrown that old
thing away a long time ago if you had let me," she said.
Aaron and I met again after morning practice on Tuesday. Aaron was always
cool. We got our rocks off, and then just hung together. No big emotional
thing at all. He was just a great fuck/suck buddy.
Meanwhile, Daniel had come up with a plan for us to have time together. I
had mentioned that Daniel and Stefan were cousins. That was because their
dads were brothers. But Stefan had an Uncle James on his mother's side who
was really cool. James had three boys, David (12), Ryan (10), and Jeremy
(7). I remembered David as a newbie when I was still in scouts. He was a
cute kid, but really mischievous; into everything he shouldn't.
Well Uncle James also had a beach house and a pontoon/party boat. It was a
long, roomy, flat-decked boat, which was more a floating platform than
anything else. There were padded seats around the railing, a pilot console
(seat, wheel, and throttle) amidships toward the stern, and a big canopy
that could be opened over the deck for shade. I think it was a "Sunchaser."
It was the only boat like it at the beach because pontoon boats were not
real practical down there. The pontoons were susceptible to rust, the
profile of the boat was high for the wind and weather, and the draught was
a little deep for some of the shallow (and best fishing) areas of the bay.
But to me, it was a dream. I was interested in biology and especially bay
life. I had always wanted a houseboat, or a big raft I could just camp on
and have plenty of room to fish, snorkel, and examine bay creatures.
Daniel had stayed with his uncle's family many times at the beach and Uncle
James had checked Daniel out thoroughly on the boat. He was confident
enough to have offered to let Daniel use it anytime he wanted.
Our football games were on Friday nights. The first pre-season game would
be the Friday at the end of the first week of school. Because his cousins
had games on Saturday, the boat would be free. Uncle James and his family
would be coming down to the beach house that Saturday evening, but James
agreed to let Daniel and I have the boat all day Saturday and overnight. We
simply needed to bring it back by noon Sunday so his family could have use
of it some before they had to head back Sunday night.
It was a great plan. It was a dream plan. Daniel and I promised each other
not to jerk off for three days before our trip.
Two-a-day workouts ended as school began. Daniel and I had three classes
together. Stefan and I had five, including the three with Daniel. I sat
with Daniel in each class we shared. Stefan sat with us. Stefan went out of
his way to be friendly.
Thursday, before our first game, Stefan asked what I was going to do
between school and the game the next day. I told him honestly that I was
just going to relax at home and try to rest up. He almost begged me to come
over to hang and rest with him at his house. I agreed.
When we got to Stef's house after school, his Mom greeted us with cookies
and milk. Stefan told her we were going to go to his room and rest, maybe
even sleep, before the game. He stressed to her that we needed quiet so
that we could get ready to do our best at the game. She promised not to
interrupt and to keep his little brother and sister quiet too.
Once in his room Stefan shut the door and walked to where I was standing in
the middle of the floor with serious look in his face. "I need to talk to
you, Sean," he said, and indicated for us to sit on the bed. We sat on the
edge, facing each other.
"I'm not sure how to say this," he began. He was obviously nervous and an
involuntary shudder passed through his body.
I put my hand on his shoulder, "Steady, Stef. It can't be that
serious. We're best buds, remember?"
"Best?" he asked absently, then looked up into my eyes. His face was
contorted with strain. "Sean, I think I'm queer."
I almost let out a nervous laugh; I had been mulling over the same idea
about myself. I was glad I didn't though. Stefan would not have understood,
and he was obviously stressed out.
"You've never worried about turning queer before," I pointed out. "Why are
you worrying about it now?"
"Because I've never fallen for a guy before," he answered. "It's because of
the way I feel about you." He looked steadily into my eyes.
I wasn't sure how to answer that.
"I wanted to tell you before you take off this weekend with Daniel," he
continued. "I know I was an asshole at the beach--damn it, I was just
jealous and I didn't want to be. I can't help how I feel about you. "His
face was screwed up with an almost pleading sincerity."I wanted to, no I
had to, tell you how I feel."
I started to open my mouth.
"No, no. Let me finish. I know you and Daniel have something going. Maybe
you guys are queer too. Have you thought about that?" he asked.
"Yeah, I have."
"What do you think?"
My hand squeezed his shoulder, "I think you are my best bud and may always
be. I think we probably will always be really good friends." I lowered my
hand and looked away, "I know I have...strong feelings...for Daniel, in a
different way. It's like I have a really bad crush on him, Stef. But I
don't know if I'm queer. I don't want to be."
"But you like sex with guys."
"Yeah, a lot. But I like girls too."
"Well you're going to have to decide."
"Do I?" I asked speculatively, and turned to face him. "I don't know that I
do; at least not right now, if ever. I just read a magazine article that
said there are guys who like both guys and girls."
"Yeah. An article on the 'modern homosexual'."
"Yeah, I read the article, too."
"Made sure no one was around when you read it?" I smiled.
"Yep. You too?"
I nodded.  "Read it twice."
"Three times."
"Well especially after reading the article," I told Stefan, "I'm not sure
I'm queer. I don't get excited by the idea of having sex with some hairy
man. I just like messing around with other guys our age. Anyway, all I
really have to decide right now is that you're my best bud." I put my hand
back on his shoulder. "I am going to stick to you, Stef."
"And Daniel?" he asked looking into my eyes.
"Like I said, I have strong feelings for Daniel--I don't have a decision to
make there. I sort of can't help myself. I think about him all the time. In
fact," I added, looking steadily back into Stefan's eyes, "I hope he and I
'mess around' this weekend. I really like him, Stef."
"But you and I are best buds?" Stefan asked skeptically.
"Yes," I said with absolute certainty in my voice. "Yes."
Now he put his hands on my shoulders; both of them. "I'm not sure I want to
settle for that, Sean. You may think about Daniel all the time, but I think
about you, all the time." He leaned forward and kissed me. (We had never
kissed before.) "I need you, Sean."
He kissed me again, longer. I wasn't responding yet.
He sat back. "Can we still 'mess around'? Even if were only 'best buds'?"
What could I say. He had been my best friend for years. I didn't want to
hurt him. Though I was strongly attracted to Daniel, I loved, yes loved
Stefan more than my own brother. Hell, I decided, to be honest, I had been
messing around with Aaron. If I could mess around with Aaron, I could mess
around with Stef, couldn't I? So I nodded.
He kissed me again, and I began kissing back. Our arms went around each
other and our tongues met. I had not forgotten my promise to Daniel about
not jerking off for three days before our trip. And I wasn't going to try
to try to get out of it by saying this wasn't jerking off. I just thought
I'd make sure Stefan got a good hug and maybe his rocks off. He really did
seem to need it.
We layed back on the bed, our arms around each other. His kisses were
hungry. His hands pulled up my shirt and ran over my belly and chest,
pinching my nipples. He pulled my shirt over my head and sucked my nipples
like a girl's, but it felt damn good. He kissed my chest and down my belly,
scooting his body down mine. He undid my pants. (We had never undressed
each other before.)
Kissing and licking me all over? Stripping me? So hot and horny? Maybe he
was turning queer. Maybe I was too, because I sure liked it.
His hand went into my pants and he grabbed my cock. He'd grabbed my cock
before, but this time there was a possesiveness to it, and a firmness that
felt good.
I reached down and pulled his shirt off him. I could do this sort of thing
He pulled my pants and briefs down to my ankles, removed my socks and
shoes, and then pulled my pants off. I was now naked, on my back, my rock
hard cock pointing up my belly. (This seemed to be happening a lot lately,
and unfortunately, not with Daniel!)
At the foot of the bed, Stefan kicked off his shoes and socks and shucked
his own pants and underwear. Then he crawled up to lay his naked body on
As his balls laid on mine and our bellies pressed our cocks together, he
put his mouth over mine and we kissed deeply. "Damn," I worried in my head,
"I could cum like this." After all, I hadn't jacked off since Wednesday.
Stefan was grinding into me. His hands were all over my shoulders and in my
hair. My hands roamed his back and butt. It was getting too hot. I wanted
to at least try to be faithful to my promise to Daniel, but my resolve was
I had to get us into something less stimulating. Knowing Stefan liked to
fuck me while I was lying on my stomach, I grabbed his pillow, got Stefan
off me and rolled over, tucking the pillow under me. That put my butt
up. "Go for it, Stef," I encouraged in a voice thickened with my own
heat. I was going to have to be really careful not to cum.
Stefan didn't help. Instead of just lubing up and plunging in, he began
massaging my thighs and between my legs; giving me the kind of rub down I
like, beginning with the good stuff. I tried to relax, thinking, "It's just
a rub down. It's just a rub down." Then he started on my butt, and as he
did, he began kissing and licking up my back.
I tried thinking about other things. Football. Going through offensive
plays in my head. Stefan's hand was massaging in my crack. Damn. His gentle
rubbing there felt good. Then he rubbed between my legs again. "Damn,
Stefan," I thought, "Just get started, PLEASE."
Maybe he read my mind. Stef grabbed some lotion from his nightstand and
lubed us up. I spread my legs in invitation and he crawled up over me. I
felt his cockhead at my butt hole, and then he pressed in. A little at a
time, he filled me. I had forgotten how in this position, his cock could
really work my prostrate. I was soaking his pillow with precum. ("He'll
love that later," I thought.)
When he was all the way in, he laid his body down on me. With his weight on
his elbows, he ran his forearms under my chest and grabbed my shoulders
from under me, pulling forward on me. He kissed all over the top of my
shoulders and back of my neck as he began to move his cock in me.
It felt damn good. I couldn't help myself; I ground back into him the first
couple of his thrusts. But then I tried to concentrate. I mentally ran
through the playbook and tonight's game plan, I hiked a mountain trail in
my mind, I even thought about homework (honest). His cock kept rubbing my
prostrate and I felt like cum was being squeezed out to mix with my
precum. I fought it though. I fought my rising orgasm. I kept thinking,
"Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Daniel, Tomorrow."
Stefan was really pounding now and moaning. I was moaning, too, doing my
very best to hold off. Stefan kept going and going. "Damn, Stef, you're
lasting longer than usual," I observed between panting breaths.
"Yeah," he grunted. "I jerked off twice already today, thinking about doing
this with you."
I groaned. And gritted my teeth.
"Yeah," he panted, "it feels real good to me too."
While my body wanted desperately to orgasm, I filled my mind feverishly
with other thoughts. Through sheer force of will, I finally reached a
plateau that was just short of climax, and held there. And held, and held.
Stefan was thrusting faster and really grinding in. I was thinking, "Oh
Stefan, you'd know how much I care about you if you knew what I was giving
you." And I was thinking, "Oh Daniel, you'd know how much I care about you
if you knew what I was saving for you." And I was thinking, "Tomorrow,
Tomorrow. Daniel, I'm going to rape the shit out of you tomorrow."
Stefan made a final deep plunge and shot his cum into me. It almost took me
over. My butt made a couple of involuntary spasms before I willed it to
"Ummmmm," Stefan purred into my back, and kissed it again. His body relaxed
on mine. "Did you cum yet?" He asked dreamily.
"Sort of," I thought some cum had to have been squeezed out by him, but I
hadn't orgasmed.
My lower lip hurt like hell and I realized I'd been biting it. No blood
"You can do me," he offered.
"No, no. I'm really fine. That was terrific, guy. You are soooo good at
that. But I think we really need to rest now. You know how coach says no
smokin, drinkin, sex, or jackin off before a game."
"Yeah, guess we really blew that, huh?" Stefan said. He was getting soft
and I felt him rise up and pull off.
"Really," I agreed, and to myself I thought, "Thank you coach."
There was a blanket at the foot of the bed and he grabbed it. Pulling it up
over us, he laid next to me and I rolled on my side to face him and let him
cuddle into me. I tried to keep my rock hard and dripping cock from rubbing
against him. We dozed, and at some point, I guess I finally got soft.
I woke, thinking it was time to get ready. Stefan was just lying there
looking at me. His eyes were wet. "I really do love you, Daniel," he said.
"I know, Stef. We'll work it all out, guy." I hugged him and patted his
back, "I love you, too. We will work it out."
We didn't eat. I never eat before a game, or I lose it.
It was only a pre-season game that night, but I was excited. I was hoping
to get to start for the varsity for the first time.
Both teams were slow starting. The first half was full of mistakes and no
scoring. It was a fumbling match. During a second quarter time-out Aaron
came over to me on the sideline and said, "I hear you and Daniel are going
fishing this weekend."
There were reasons I hand not told Aaron about the weekend. One was that I
didn't want him inviting himself along. "Yeah," I answered cautiously. "His
uncle has a boat."
"Well," Aaron said, looking over at me with a big grin, "Practice real hard
for me."
The second half, both Aaron and I were sent in. We were playing one-on-one
coverage and on my third play, an opposing end got past me, caught a pass,
and outran me to our goal line. I was humiliated and angry.
I was grateful when coach left me in and when, on the next series of plays,
they tried the very same play again, I was ready. I dropped under and
intercepted the pass, running it all the way for a touchdown. I was
redeemed, and we went on to win.
Afterward, it was free malts for varsity players and cheerleaders at the DQ
(the reward for any win). People were back-clapping me. Jodi, a cheerleader
and my girlfriend from the spring was hanging all over me. And Rachael, the
girl I was considering as my fall girl friend was smiling at me every time
our eyes met.
It was an incredible night for me. My first start for the varsity and I had
made an interception and touchdown. All the guys were effusively praising
me and all the girls were smiling at me. But all I could think of was
Daniel and tomorrow.
I begged out early. Jodi asked me to take her home and I knew she wanted to
make out. I figured that if I wanted to keep dating her, I could lay her in
a couple of dates, tops. She was angry when I begged off, telling her I had
to get home and to bed for an early fishing trip.
Once home, I was assaulted by Colin, my fourteen year old little brother
and biggest fan and his buddy, James, who was sleeping over. My parents and
little sister had gone on to bed, but told Colin he and James could stay up
to congratulate me on the game.
Colin was a lot like my mom, even in his looks. He had dark red hair, a
slender build, and fine, pleasant features. James was Asian, his family was
Chinese. He was a cute kid with an adventurous streak. Both of them were
always hyper.
We relived the interception and touchdown. The guys were wired even more
than usual and would have talked all night, but they finally let me make it
to bed.
It was not my best night's sleep. I was excited about tomorrow.
The next morning, Mom greeted me with a hug and congratulations. She had
gotten up early to fix me a good breakfast before I left for the beach. I'm
afraid I just picked at it. I was far too excited about the day. It was all
I could do to sit at my plate long enough to be polite. While I was
sitting, I felt Dad's large hands grip and squeeze my shoulders from
behind. "Good game, Sean," he said, then came around the table to his
seat. "I thought your mom was going to climb up my back when you caught
that interception. You never heard so much yelling and screaming." He
winked at me.
"Your dad is joking," Mom said, walking past to kiss Dad on the
forehead. "There was no way anyone could crawl up his back; he was jumping
up and down so much."
There was a little more talk about the game, and then Dad asked, "So you
and Daniel are becoming good friends, huh?"
"Yeah, Dad. He's cool."
"You're not just becoming friends with him because his uncle has a boat you
love are you?" Dad teased.
"Yeah Dad. If you'd just buy one of those boats, I wouldn't need any
friends at all." I teased back.
He laughed. "Really, I'm pleased about your friendship with Dan.  His dad
and I probably don't agree about anything, but we've always been
friendly. I think we could actually be good friends. Maybe your friendship
with Daniel will give us a chance."
My Dad was friendly with just about everyone, but he always chose really
smart people to be his friends. Dad would deny it, but he really was an
intellectual and loved talking about everything under the sun with people
who were intelligent and erudite. Daniel's dad was both.
And Daniel's dad had a jeep which he let Daniel drive. Dan arrived at 8:00
AM, just as I finished eating. Dad and I started carrying out my
gear. "Hey," Daniel said, "I thought you decided to leave your guitar at
"It's not mine," I explained, "It's my Mom's old one. She says it's no big
deal if it gets messed up at the beach. She said we'll make it a beach
guitar. I told her I could go for that and snuck Daniel a meaningful smile.
We loaded out. Dad gave me a hug and shook Daniel's hand, wishing us a good
weekend (if only he knew). We were off within minutes.
We talked about the game first, for quite some time. Dan talked like my
interception was the greatest event in high school football history, but
also talked about every detail of every move I made on the field the whole
time I was in the game. Daniel's eyes must not have left me the entire
Finally our conversation moved on to the beach and what we had to do with
the boat and our strategy for the day. Then there was a lapse in the
Daniel held out his open hand between our seats, and said, "I've missed
We had talked almost every day on the phone or in class, but I knew what he
meant. I took his hand in mine and gave it a squeeze. "I've missed you,
too, and have the blue balls to prove it."
As soon as I said that, I regretted it. Here Daniel was being warm and
serious and neither of us had said a word about sex, and I have to get all
gross with "blue balls."
But he laughed. "Poor Sean. How much do you jerk off anyway? Only a couple
of days holding off and you already have blue balls?"
I smiled at him, "I jerk off a hell of a lot more since I met you." No way
was I going to tell him about the afternoon before with Stefan.
"Here," he said. "Put your feet over here," and he patted the side of the
driver's seat.
I kicked off my sandals and put my feet up on the side of his leg and butt,
and prodded him with my toes. He chuckled and checked the rear view mirror
before leaning over and, with his hand, gently massaging my
crotch. "Here. Let me help you with those sore balls," he said.
His gentle caressing actually did feel good. I started to get hard though,
and reached into my swim shorts to pull my cock out of the way. Daniel
gently cupped me and rubbed me through my suit. "You know, that really does
seem to help," I admitted.
"Pull your shorts down," he instructed.
I raised my eyebrows.
"No one's coming. Just pull them down a little so I can get to you."
I picked up my butt and pushed my swim shorts down to my ankles, then sat
back down, legs spread. My cock laid semi hard over my leg. Daniel reached
over and cupped my balls and gently worked my ball sack. I leaned back and
The jeep drifted a little and Daniel had to do a little swerve back onto
the road. I kept quiet. I didn't want him to stop. That is, not until he
started including my cock in his ministrations. I got hard instantly.
"That," I grinned, "is only going to make it worse."
Just then, a large eighteen wheeler came from the other direction. I saw
the shirtless driver looking down into the jeep as he went by. "Maybe we
better save some of your 'medical attention' for the boat." I suggested.
Daniel pulled back his hand. "OK. We'll make it a real hospital ship," he
grinned. I pulled my suit up.
A cool dry front had moved through in the night. At that time of year in
South Texas, that meant that the highs would drop into the nineties. But it
also meant the wind was way down. The bay looked almost smooth and very
clear when we arrived.
We drove to the boat service where Daniel's uncle kept his boat. After
gassing up and buying bait shrimp and ice, we left the channel and took off
up the bay. It was barely 10:30 AM.
The boat was a joy. It was long and wide, a real party boat. On the left,
at the back, was a little kitchen type counter with a fridge underneath. On
the right was a well for live bait and one for the catch as well as a spot
for a large ice chest (also for the catch). The pilot's seat with the wheel
and throttle sat in the middle, between the kitchen counter and the live
wells. The awning top was folded down behind (over the gas tanks and
batteries). From the kitchen counter and live wells, along both sides of
the boat and across the front (except for a gate onto a little front
platform) was a railing and padded benches. Our gear was on the floor in
front of the pilot console.
The boat was a slow mover for the large area of the bay, and you had to
start off slowly when you were leaving the shallows (to avoid the
propellers dropping into the silt). There was at least one problem we would
not have with the boat, though because of the front that had moved through;
we wouldn't have to fight the wind. And it was a great boat for fishing,
snorkeling, spending the day on, spending the night on, and all the other
things Daniel and I had planned--all the other things.
I sat beside Daniel on the pilot seat, our legs pressed together, as the
large boat plowed ahead northward. As we passed even with his uncle's beach
home, Daniel pointed it out to me. From what I could see it was a typical
beach house, up on stilts, but a large one, with a big dock and a thatched
cabana on the bay.
The sun was well up now. I took some sunscreen and began working it into
Daniels golden legs while we continued on. Working his thighs, my hands
brushed and caressed his crotch through his suit. Once we were past all the
houses and motels and away from most other boats, I pulled off his shirt
and began to lotion his back and front, kissing him all over, ahead of the
When I finished his neck and behind his ears, I had him turn his face
toward me and gently applied sunscreen over his brow, cheeks, nose, and
lips. Then I kissed his lips. We kissed hard for a moment before he
returned his attention to steering.
We were now far up the bay, much closer to the island than the channel, in
about four or five feet of water, well away from any other boats, and still
we went farther. The water was incredibly clear. The alternating patches of
sea grass and sand on the shallow bottom glided under our boat. With my
polarized shades on, I caught glimpses of fish in the water, darting out of
our way. Daniel and I pointed them out to each other.
I went ahead and sun screened Daniel's calves, feet, and behind his
knees. I tugged at his suit and he lifted himself up long enough for me to
take it down and off.
He lifted his butt again to allow me to sunscreen his behind. Then I
applied lotion to his loins, between his legs and his balls. But before
putting it on his now hard cock, jutting so invitingly up from his body, I
lowered my mouth to it.
I licked the crown and shaft, then took it in. I bobbed slowly, with the
motion of the boat. As the boat rose over each little swell, I took him
in. As it fell, I let him out.
Daniel pulled up on my shirt and I paused long enough to remove it. When I
returned my mouth to his cock, Daniel began rubbing my back and the back of
my hair. I deep throated him, pressing my mouth all the way down. "Not too
much, Sean," he called over the engines. "I haven't jerked off since
Wednesday either, remember?"
I sat up, giving him a final stroke or two. We were miles up the beach now,
half way to Port Aransas. There was nobody anywhere in sight. I removed my
suit and sat naked, next to him. Both our cocks up in the wind.
He throttled back. "How's this?"
"Great," I said, standing and stretching. His hand grabbed my cock when I
did and gave a couple of playful strokes.
"Damn, Sean. You've got a beautiful cock," he said, holding it and looking
it over. With his other hand, Daniel cut the engine.
"Like yours," I said, "a good match; don't you think?"
He smiled up and me and stood up as well, looking me over with a pleased
expression. "Ah, boys in their natural state; naked," he said, as if
quoting something he had heard somewhere.
We tossed out the two anchors his uncle kept (the high profile of the boat
and beach winds required two), and the boat caught. We put up the top. As I
finished the last latch, I felt Daniel's hands begin running lotion up my
back. I stood up to allow him to lotion my back and shoulders, then behind
my neck and ears.
Next he did my butt and down my thighs, even working in lotion up between
my legs. He did my calves and feet, working around to my front. I watched
the muscles in his back and arms work as he began moving up the fronts of
my legs. He lotioned my balls; it felt really soothing. He started to apply
lotion to my cock, but by now it was crying out for release and I grabbed
his wrist and said, "Save that part for now."
He grinned and moved onto my belly and sides, then my pecks, working lotion
lovingly into my nipples. He did my shoulders and throat. Then he carefully
applied lotion to my face, finishing with my lips. We kissed and moved our
bodies together.
We kissed more deeply and our bodies pressed harder together, our hard
cocks pressed out to the sides. Our hands began exploring each others backs
and eventually, we were grabbing each other's butts and pulling ourselves
hard together.
Still embracing, we sat down on one of the benches in the shade of the
cover. I lay back, pulling Daniel onto me. As the length of his body
pressed into mine and his balls began slapping mine as we ground and
humped, I realized how close I was to cuming.
"Not too fast," I told Daniel. "I'm about to explode."
"Me too. Just relax and let it happen," he replied before grinding even
harder, his knees dropping between my thighs as one of my feet dropped to
the floor.
My hands caressed his firm back and cupped his working butt, pulling him
snug against me as we pressed our cocks together. Our tongues waged a
little war back and forth.. His arms were around my shoulders.
Sweat was building between our bodies. The pleasure of Daniel's body on
mine, his cock on mine, his balls slapping mine; all had their affect. I
felt my long repressed orgasm gather powerfully deep in the root of my
cock. My balls pulled up. Daniel and I both began moaning loudly,
unrestrained so far from any ears.
I even cried out loudly as wave after wave of orgasm racked my body and
flooded our bellies with cum. Yet I stayed hard, and we kept moving until
Daniel reached his own loud and cum drenching climax.
We slowed and rested. Daniel's chin was on my shoulder. I kissed his cheek
and said, "Shit, you have no idea how much I needed that."
"Oh yes, I do. I've held off since Wednesday too you know," he poked me in
the ribs with a finger.
"You have no idea," I thought.
We gave each other a final kiss and embrace, then got up. We really had
drenched each other in cum, and decided to snorkel first and wash
off. Before that, we applied sunscreen to each other's still thick
cocks. We didn't want to forget them.
Then we "suited up" for snorkeling, which in this case meant fins, mask,
weight belt and snorkels only; no suits. As for the weight belts, neither
of us had enough body fat to need any weights, but we wore the belts for
the knives at their sides. I had borrowed my Dad's gear for Daniel and my
first impression was that Daniel looked one hell of a lot better in the
gear than my Dad ever did (not that I ever saw my Dad snorkel naked, but I
could make suppositions). Daniel looked damn fine. I was looking at
snorkeling in an entirely new light.
I jumped in first. The water was only up to the top of my chest. I ducked
under to watch Daniel jump in from below. He arrived in a plume of
green-gold bubbles that rose up his legs and past his floating balls and
cock. He ducked under and grinned at me.
Everything looks closer and larger under water. It was like looking at
Daniel's body through a magnifier. Cool.
Then we turned to look around us. The water was extraordinarily clear for
the bay (these days, it's rarely clear at all). We could see almost forty
feet, which meant there was an eight foot circle of visibility around
us. What we saw within that circle was incredible.
To understand, you need to know what an ink fish is. An ink fish is a
member of the squid family (and yes, it does eject ink if threatened). It
looks like an eight inch long snail, complete with small antenna, but with
broad, rounded, delicate wings instead of a shell. As it moves, the wings
ripple, pushing water from front to back. Ink fish are slow swimmers but
very graceful, and really lovely in the water.
Daniel and I had accidentally jumped in to an ink fish spawning session. To
the edges of visibility, we were surrounded by an underwater ballet of
mating ink fish. They were joined up, end to end, in lines of two's,
three's, even four's. In those lines, they swam in large circles going from
just below the surface of the water, down to the bottom and back
up. Everywhere, dozens, maybe hundreds of ink fish, brightly lit in the
sunlight swam their mating dance. They filled the water with their circles
and with random, individual ink fish swimming between matings. It was truly
a beautiful underwater ballet.
Daniel and I popped our heads up together, "Incredible!"
"What are they?" he asked.
"Inkfish. They're mating."
"They're really pretty. Are they poisonous or anything?"
"Naw, they're absolutely harmless."
"And they're mating?"
"That's what it looks like to me."
"Do you think we started something?" Daniel grinned.
"You have that affect," I answered, grinning back.
We began to swim among them as uninvited guest performers in their
ballet. We dove through their circles and slid our hands over them as they
swam. Swimming with fins always has a certain grace to it anyway, but as I
watched Daniel moving through all the color and movement, he seemed
especially so.
His body was a greenish gold, awash in the afternoon sunlight. The muscles
in his long legs and lighter colored butt, showed themselves as his
kicked. Narrow bands of bright light, refracted from the small waves,
traveled up his body like tiger stripes. His cock and balls flowed behind
and every time he pulled up to turn, they would try to keep moving forward,
floating out from his crotch.
We watched each other swim among the inkfish, doing stunts for each other,
our naked, youthful bodies and man-sized equipment adding a raw, afternoon
sensuality to our own dance with the inkfish ballet.
After a while we were leisurely kicking shoulder to shoulder on the
surface, looking down. My hand drifted over to brush over Daniel's butt
which was breaking the surface. His hand drifted under me and lightly
scratched through my pubes. Then he let his hand, rise palm upturned to
hold my cock and balls as we swam. I was becoming hard and he grabbed me by
my cock and pulled me along gently as we kicked.
I did the same to him. It made for some slightly awkward kicking, and we
didn't do it long, but long enough that we were both hard. as rocks.
As we swam, our cocks jutted out in front of us in the water like long
spears for impaling inkfish (or other things). The water flowing over my
hard dick and past my balls continued to stimulate and kept me hard, as did
watching Daniel.
He stood to adjust his mask and I dove under, spit out my snorkel, grabbed
his legs and forced my face under his balls, exhaling a huge amount of
bubbles up between his legs. I heard his laughter down through the water as
I brushed his cock with my lips before coming up for air.
I swam around him. As I came past in front, I pulled up my mask and rolled
onto my back, my cock rising into the air from my body. "Up periscope," I
called. I sailed by, cock high like a periscope, or mast.
In those days, I enjoyed looking at my own cock almost as much as I enjoyed
looking at other guys', it being still new equipment and all. So I was
staring at my own cock, high and glistening wet in the sunlight when I felt
Daniel push my legs apart as he swam up, gliding his hands under me. His
shoulders came up and caught me under the butt. He began pushing me through
the water, his face directly over my cock. He spit out his snorkel and
placed his mouth over my "periscope."
I laid back to make it easier for Daniel to push as he kicked, which wasn't
hard to do with long fins. His shoulders cradled my butt as he kicked and
his mouth worked on my cock. I stayed arched back, eyes closed to the
bright sun, and just relaxed as Daniel leisurely pushed us along and gave
pleasure to my cock.
We were linked, like the inkfish, I thought. I wondered if they felt such
sensations as I felt, though. Daniel swam us in a large circle around the
After a few minutes, I pushed his head up off me, "That feels really
great. You've got to let me do that to you." And I did.
Kicking with long, strong strokes of my fins, I pushed forward, swimming
like Daniel had in large circles around the boat. As my mouth worked up and
down his saltwater cock, the water flowed over my own jutting cock and
floating balls. From time to time an inkfish brushed past.
Eventually, I released his cock from my mouth and swam forward over him. He
We both stood up. I grabbed his cock and stroked. Smiling at him, I asked,
"You horny again yet?"
He began stroking me too, "Oh yeah. You don't think one time is going to
make up for three whole, horny days do you?"
"Let's head back to the boat," I suggested.
Daniel threw his fins on deck and climbed up the boat ladder, his golden
back and butt rising out of the water like some young god rising from the
sea. I tossed up my fins and followed, tensing the muscles of my shoulders
and arms, showing them off for Daniel, as I pulled myself up the ladder.
We met at the top and pulled each other into the shade of the awning. There
we embraced and kissed, still catching up on two weeks of our bodies not
touching. I spread an old blanket on the open floor in front of the pilot's
console. Daniel lay down on his back and spread his legs out to the side,
like a frog. His cock and balls lay open in invitation. I laid mine down on
his, our lips met, his legs and arms wrapped around me.
We kissed deeply and rubbed our cocks hard against each other. As we
humped, I broke off our kiss to ask, "What would you like to do next."
"I've thought," he said, "since our campout, of a hundred different things
I'd like to do with you."
I smiled.
"Remember," he asked, "when we 'messed around' in the dining fly?"
"When you sat on my lap and we butt fucked?"
"Yeah, to put it bluntly.'Butt fuck' sounds crude, though. It was, well,
nicer than that."
"I know what you mean," I nodded as I continued to rub myself against him,
"we need to find something else to call it." I thought aloud, "Messing
"How about, making love?" he asked looking up into my eyes. There was no
smile, no joke in his question.
I looked back down into his eyes. Acknowledging that what Daniel and I were
doing had gone far past messing around I agreed, "Making love," and lowered
my lips to his. We kissed.
"Why did you mention the time we...made the dining fly?" I asked.
"Because I liked...making love...face to face."
"Me too," I smiled.
"I've been thinking. Kneel up a sec," he instructed. I did, kneeling
between his legs. He pulled his knees up and out. His butt hole rose up
before my outstretched cock as if I had called, "Open Sesame." He raised
his eyebrows inquiringly.
"Cool," I said and looked for something to stuff under his butt to hold it
up. I shoved first one, then two floatation pillows under him. "How's
that?" I asked, "Comfy?"
"Sort of. I think it will work. Let's try."
I grabbed up some sun lotion. Then I gently lubed and massaged his butt
hole and up his perineum, balls, and cock. Next, I lubed my own hard cock
and placed the tip at his hole. And then I pushed slowly in, placing one
hand on the deck by his shoulder to support my upper body weight.
As my cock slid into his tight hole, I put my other hand beside his other
shoulder. As my cock "hit bottom," his legs wrapped over me and his hands
grabbed my biceps. I liked the depth of penetration. I liked how I felt his
tight ring at the very base of my cock and the feel of his butt bones hard
against me. I liked the feel of my balls pressed against his butt.
"This is good," I pronouned. "I like this a lot." I looked down at
him. "How is it for you?"
"Give me a minute," he said with a little strain in his face and
voice. "It's beginning to feel really good."
Staying deeply buried, I lowered my upper body down to my elbows and kissed
Daniel. His arms wrapped around me. We flattened our torsos enough to press
ourselves together, trapping his cock and balls between us.
We kissed and I began to move in and out of him in increasingly longer
strokes. I liked the pressure that this angle put on the underside of my
cock. Daniel felt even tighter. With him wrapped around me, our lips
pressed together, and me so deeply inside him, our love making seemed so,
so, intimate.
"Ummmm," I purred. "This really feels good. I don't think we need to try
the other ninety-nine ways you've thought of." I wrapped my own arms behind
his shoulders.
"It really feels good for me, too," he said huskily.
"You'll have to let me try in a moment," I said, before placing my mouth
back over his.
I was fucking from the hips, keeping my upper body firmly entwined with
his. Every time my balls pressed into his butt, there was a little shock of
pleasure. But it was my cock that was really being stimulated. With each
stroke, Daniel's tight ring grabbed my shaft and milked it as I pulled out
and pushed the skin of my shaft back each time I pushed in. The pressure
was exquisite.
The boat had begun rocking with us as I thrust. As I felt that happening, I
pumped harder on each long thrust in, trying to rock the boat even
more. Then I found my attention returning to the lovely body wrapped around
"I could do this forever," I told him.
"Me too," he agreed. We kissed; eyes open, joining our souls as well as our
Entirely too soon, I felt my orgasm demanding its way up. As it climbed, I
pressed my lips into the hollow of Daniels neck and muffled small cries as
my climax burst almost painfully from my throbbing cock. Even though I had
cum earlier, I still had a lot left. It pulsed out in squirt after squirt.
It was one hell of an intense orgasm. I realized that I was drenched in
sweat. My cock was rock hard and staying that way. I lifted my head and
looked at Daniel's face. Drops of sweat rolled off my forehead and onto his
cheeks and lips. "Aaaah!," he cried out, turning his head back and forth to
try to dodge them. I shook my head fiercely. Sweat flew. Daniel let out a,
"Yuck!" He pulled me down into a tighter embrace with one arm and with his
other hand used his long hair to dry my face. I smiled and bent to kiss
him. But when I did, he rubbed his own sweaty forehead hard against my
cheek and laughed.
"That was sommmmmme 'love making'," I commented.
"I know," he said and moved his stomach under mine. I realized that cum was
rubbing between us. Daniel had orgasmed too.
We continued to hold each other and kissed. I stayed deep inside him.
"Are you going to get soft?" he asked with smile.
"I don't think so," I marveled.
"Want to go some more?" he asked.
I pulled out and pushed back in testing the condition of my cock. It was
still rock hard.
"You're so tight, I don't think I can get soft if I stay in you," I told
"I don't think I can either," he commented, and I realized that his cock
was still hard between our bodies.
"Let's switch," I said, and wrapping my arms tightly around him, I rolled
us onto my back. Daniel pushed himself into an upright, sitting position. I
was still in him and the pressure of his weight on my crotch pushed me even
deeper in. We both groaned.
"I'm not sure I want to switch," he said. "This feels even better inside."
"Me too."
He began rocking up and down on my cock. My hands clutched his the hard
muscles of his thighs as my sensitised cock head brushed against the tight
articulations of his colon, and his weight kept pushing me deep into
him. Each time he rocked back onto the base of my cock, it was like he was
pumping more pressure into an air chamber, and that pressure was building
slowly, steadily deep inside my balls.
The sensations had immobilized me. Daniel was doing all the work and I was
merely groaning. I roused myself and began to caress the inside of his legs
and balls with my hands. His own hands were on his cock and chest. He was
pinching one of his nipples.
The lotion was nearby. I put some in my hand and began spreading it over
his cock, beginning at the crown. He moved his hand to allow both my hands
access to his whole cock and to his balls. I worked the lotion in, swirling
it over his sensitive crown and in twists and squeezes down his shaft as he
rocked up and back on my cock. His head was thrown back and he was moaning.
He locked his hands behind his neck and arched his body in an exhilarated
stretch as he rode me. The sweat over his body glistened in the light
reflecting off the water. Daniel fairly glowed. With his head back, his
neck muscles looked thick and strong from the line of his jaw down.  His
chest and belly showed the complete lack of any body fat, his skin sliding
over hard muscles. As he stretched, every muscle in his arms tightened.
He continued to stretch and twist from side to side as he rode, savoring
the work of my hands on his lubricated cock crown and shaft. My own hips
were now thrusting up to meet Daniel as he rocked. I remembered that last
night on the beach as I danced in Daniel's lap. We were dancing again, a
languid rhythm as we enjoyed each other.
The sensations were different with me on my back. I decided I liked them. I
was worried that I might come before Daniel, get soft, and leave him
unsatisfied. But then Daniel's balls started tightening. He was building to
a climax, and suddenly I was afraid that it was too soon for me.
Without stopping my own hands, I concentrated on the sensations in my own
loins and the wonderful pressure of Daniels body each time he came down on
My body responded quickly. I actually came first, pumping up hard into
Daniel in a prolonged orgasm as my prostrate tried hard to pump semen that
was no longer there, and I stayed hard long enough for Daniel. He leaned
forward and put his hands on my shoulders while my hands worked his cock
and balls to climax. He squirted a little cum up my belly and chest as he
had his own, long, semi-dry orgasm.
We were both panting. Sweat dripped from his body to mix with mine. Our
eyes met. "I think I can get soft now," I said, "At least for a little
while." We both grinned. He slowly pulled off me.
We carefully moved the boat into shallower water. We wanted to fish for
As we were rigging the lines, Daniel asked me, "Are you sure this is very
I looked up surprised, "What do you mean?"
"Fishing naked with treble hooks," he laughed.
"Just warn me whenever you are going to cast," I answered.
"What about me? You need to warn me too. I've seen how you look at my
butt," he kidded.
"Well if I catch you anywhere, I'll kiss it and make it well," I promised.
"Yeah right, and you'll have to explain to the doctor why I need stitches
in my balls."
Our casting that day was careful.
Relaxing with a soda in one hand, a fishing rod in the other, and legs
spread to air out our sex, we intended to relax. That ended quickly as the
reds started biting. We had an excellent afternoon of fishing. Daniel
caught one large red that took him fifteen minutes to land. We didn't time
mine, but I had one that took at least that long. We also caught several
trout, a flounder, and a couple of other fish.
We moved the boat each time the biting slowed, but finally, as the sun was
getting low, the fish pretty well quit biting. We fixed ourselves
sandwiches and sat side by side, our naked legs and flanks pressed
together, as we ate. Afterward, we had drunk enough soda to have a great
pissing contest.
We moved the boat back to chest deep water and took a short swim to wash
off cum, sweat, and sunscreen as it got dark and the stars came out. When
we got out, we used a little of our drinking water to wash the salt off
each other at the front of the boat.
We dried off, grabbed another soda, and sat next to each other on the flat
deck of the boat. Our backs were to one of the side benches. We could lay
our heads back onto the seat cushions and look at the stars. I got out the
As I tuned it, Daniel rubbed his hand up and down my inner thigh. I smiled
at him.
We began to sing. I had a good voice and Daniel's wasn't bad. I helped him
a little to match notes as we began to sing everything from Beatles and
Stones to campfire songs.
While I played, I crossed my legs at the ankles. My balls were nestled atop
my thighs and my cock lay out across my leg toward Daniel. He was sitting
the same way, our hips touching, his cock lying out across his leg toward
me. The heads almost touched. In fact, as we sang, we leaned together a
couple of times to make sure they did.
While trying to think of another song to sing, Daniel asked if I ever tried
writing any songs. I was embarrassed, but admitted I had been working on
one about him. Of course he wanted to hear it. The words were a little
mushy, but the tune was light and fun. He liked it and put a hand on each
side of my face, pulling our heads together, he put his forehead on mine
and quietly said, "Thank you, I love you too." For some reason, that
brought a lump to my throat. I must be a little tired, I thought. I
couldn't say anything. I just nodded.
He gave me a hug around the neck, and then scooted down to lay his head in
my lap. His long hair lay over my legs and brushed my scrotum. He looked up
at the stars. The dry front had blown the usual sea haze away and the sky
was blazingly clear.
I put the guitar up on the bench and laid one hand on his chest while I
stroked his hair with the other.
"They call it being 'Gay' now, you know," he said, his eyes not on me, but
the stars.
"Yeah, I read the article, too. Newsweek, right?" I asked.
"Yeah, 'The Modern Homosexual' or something like that" he answered.
"I read it twice; when no one was around."
"Me too," he chuckled. "I had to buy a copy. We don't take it."
A puff of breeze came off the water.
"Well, what do you think?" he asked.
"About what?" I asked back.
"About being, gay."
"I'm not sure."
"Not sure how you feel?"
"No," I answered. "I'm not sure I am gay."
"You've got to be kidding."
"No. The article said there are guys who like both girls and other guys. I
could be one of them. I like girls, too, you know. In fact, I wouldn't
think I was gay at all if we hadn't gotten together."
"Even with all the messing around you seem to have done with Stefan and
Aaron, and who else?"
"Just Stefan and Aaron, and we always were just messing around. You know,
just getting our rocks off. You know Aaron. He's always after girls, but
he'll fuck anything that moves. He's been horny since elementary school."
"And Stefan?"
"Well, I thought we were just messing around. He seems to have taken it
more seriously."
"Is there anything different then, about me?" Daniel asked, teasingly.
"You know there is."
"What?" he persisted.
"Damn it," I clenched his hair in my hand, "You know how I feel about you."
"Yeah, I know," he smiled. "Have you ever felt this way about a girl?"
"I've never felt this way about anyone. Have you?"
I stroked his chest and began fingering his hair again.
I laid my head back and thought aloud, "I'm not sure I want to be gay when
I'm older. I know I don't get excited thinking about sex with hairy
men. And someday I'll probably want to get married and have kids."
"Well, I can't do that for you," Daniel said ruefully. "So you think we're
just having a high school fling, you and me?"
I looked down at his face. There was a faint glow to his skin in the star
light, and a faint gleam from his eyes. He was beautiful, even when you
could barely see him. "No," I said, "I can't believe this is just a fling."
A fish splashed close by. I ran a finger over one of Daniel's nipples and
marvelled at its softness. I said, "I know how I feel about you. And if
that makes me gay or bi, then I probably will be for a long time, but" I
asked defiantly, "do I have to decide right now whether I'm gay or bi? I'm
just a Daniel lover, OK?"
"Lover?" he asked. "Do you really love me?"
It took a moment for me to say it so explicitly. "Yes. I love you. And damn
it, you know it!"
He laughed, then asked thoughtfully, "So still you think you can pick
whether you are going to be gay or not?"
"I'm not sure you can. Not if gay is the way you are naturally. It's like
saying you want to be a different height or skin color," Daniel speculated.
"I don't know. Homosexuality is something you do naturally, not something
you are naturally, like six feet tall. And some people do some pretty weird
stuff, naturally. Your dad's a psychologist. Doesn't he ever help people
change what they do?"
"Well yeah," he admitted, "And there are some really strange people, even
in town. You ever hear about fetishes?"
"I've heard the word."
"A fetish," Daniel explained, "is when someone's sex drive gets aimed
crooked. Like my dad has one patient that gets horny over women's
shoes. That's what really turns the guy on. Oh, and have you ever heard
about pyromaniacs?"
"Guys who like to start fires?"
"Yeah. Did you know that it's something sexual for them. They cum watching
the fire."
"Weird. What does your dad do to help them?"
"Well, he's a behaviorist," Daniel said. As he talked, his head moved
around in my lap. I enjoyed the weight and movement of it there and
continued to stroke his hair and chest while we talked. Daniel continued,
"So he treats people by doing something called conditioning. It's sort of
hard to explain, but it's a way of training behavior through rewards and
"Can he help people with a fetish?"
"Yeah, he's done it before. But I don't think he'd agree with you that it's
a matter of choice. In fact, behaviorists don't really think people have
choices; they believe that people are just products of their conditioning."
"That sounds depressing," I said. "And it sounds wrong. I like your dad,
but I think he's wrong about choices. Like I think I can choose whether I
think about and have sex with girls or guys or both."
"Well, you're wrong."
"Why? Because of what your dad says?"
"No," Daniel answered simply, "because I know how you feel about me." he
looked up at me, one eyebrow cocked, "How much choice did you have about
that? I know I didn't have any. I fell for you a long time ago, and I don't
remember it being a decision I made."
I tussled his hair, "That's hitting below the belt--pun intended. No, I
guess how I feel about you had very little to do with choice."
"So, maybe you cannot choose whether you are gay."
"Somehow," I said, my eyes on the water as I tried to think things through,
"it makes me feel like less of a man to say I don't have a choice. I'd like
to think that no matter what I am by nature, I can always strive to be
something else if I want. You know, be better, more noble, more, I don't
know; more than I am."
"So you can't be gay and noble?"
"I didn't say that and you know it," I pinched his tit. "I just mean that
people can make choices about who they want to be. If I'm going to be gay,
I want it to be because I want to be gay." I looked down at him, "And by
the way," I smiled, "I want to feel about you exactly the way I do."
"Love?" he glanced up at me.
"Yes, love." I said firmly back.
Daniel was thinking. Looking up at me, he asked, "Your family goes to
church, right? Your dad is real religious?"
"Yeah, I guess so. But that doesn't mean that I am."
Daniel looked back up at the sky, "My dad doesn't think much of church
goers. He says most are hypocrites and show up at his office with some of
the worst problems." He glanced at me, "He likes your dad though. He's
talked about him before. He says your dad is really smart."
"He is. And he likes your dad too. He told me that he hoped you and me
being friends would give him an opportunity to be friends with your dad."
"Cool," Daniel smiled, and rolled his head to blow air onto my balls. I
jumped a little.
"I don't think your dad is right about church goers, though," I
said. "Maybe he just sees the weird ones. Most of the people in our church
are really nice."
"What would your dad do if you turned out gay?"
I had to think about that. "You have to understand, my Dad is really
special. He really loves everybody. I've never heard him say a bad word
about anyone. He's always made us kids feel like he would love us no matter
what. I think he might be sad for me. He'd probably pray for me a whole
lot. To tell you the truth, I think I'd be more afraid of my Mom's
reaction. She'd probably let me have it," I frowned. "What would your dad
do? Would he try to use conditioning on you?"
"I don't know," said Daniel thoughtfully. "He probably wouldn't worry about
it. He's really laid back about homosexuality. He has a cousin who is one
and they get along fine."
"I think my Dad would believe I had a choice in what I become," I decided,
"He's always encouraged us to make what he calls good choices."
We both sat thinking.
"Do you believe in God?" Daniel asked.
I laid my head back and looked up at all the stars blanketing the sky. I
could trace the cloud of the Milky Way across the middle. I tried to
imagine all those vast expanses without a Friendly Presence. I tried, and
the sky ceased to be benevolent. It almost seemed malevolent. It was scary.
"Yeah," I told him. "I guess I do. Do you?"
"I don't think so. I don't see any evidence for Him."
"My dad says there is plenty of evidence if people are really willing to
see it. I think, though, for me, I believe there is a God because I've
always felt like He was there. No, it's more like I know He is there."
"If you believe in God, what do you think He thinks about what we have been
"I don't know. I haven't really wanted to find out."
"Don't you think it's possible that if there is a God, He made you the way
you are?"
"I think that there is a God and He lets me make my own decisions."
"Then how can He be upset about what you choose to do?"
"I don't know. Maybe because some choices hurt people or are just plain
"But being gay doesn't hurt anybody, and it sure doesn't seem evil," Daniel
eyed the stars thoughtfully, "I think if there were a God, He would approve
of something as beautiful as our friendship."
"Maybe," I reflected, "all the same, I may wait a while to ask."
"Good," he said.
"Why? Are you afraid of what God might say?"
"No. I'm afraid of what you might think He said."
"Good point," I thought to myself.
Daniel's brow knitted. "What would you do if you thought God didn't want
you to be gay?"
I leaned back again. "Look," I sighed, beginning to get a little frustrated
and feeling uncomfortable, "for me, being gay means I love you. That's my
choice right now. If it were just sex, it would be simpler. But shit, I am
in love with you. So maybe that makes me gay. You asked, what if I thought
God didn't want me to be gay? To just be real honest, I guess it would boil
down then to who I love more, you or God. OK?"
"That's some choice." Daniel said. Then he looked up at me.
I moved my hand from his face to his cheek and said, "Maybe I'm already
making it."
"Will it always be your choice?"
I was silent as I looked back up at the stars and thought. "Maybe I can
love you both." I said, "Right now, this moment, and maybe always, I love
you with all my heart, Daniel. Maybe I can love God that way too."
We sat quietly for a few moments while I stroked Daniel's hair and played
with one of his nipples. He put a hand on my chest and rubbed my pecs.
"Besides gay," I said, "what do you want to be, you know, after college?"
"Who said I wanted to be gay?" he asked, but did not wait for an answer, "I
think I would like to be a psychologist, but maybe a research
psychologist." He glanced at me, "What do you want to be?"
"I don't really know yet. I want to do important things. I know that. I
thought I'd like to be a marine biologist, but my Mom really thinks I ought
to write. I'm a good writer."
"What would you write about?" Daniel asked, interested.
"Oh," I smiled, "probably about making love on a boat under the stars."
"If you write about us, you better make one of us a girl or no one will
publish it."
I ran my fingers into his hair and massaged his scalp. "No, I won't make
either of us a girl," I said. Then, I had a thought, "If I write about us
and do a good enough job of it, maybe I'll write such a story as to turn
the whole world gay."
"That would have to be some story," he said, "about us, huh?" And he blew
again on my balls and plucked at my pubic hair with the fingers of one
hand. His tongue snuck out and licked my scrotum.
"If you write about us," he said, "be sure to write how cute you are and
how ugly I am so guys know you don't have to be good looking to win the
"Ha!" I yelped. "You're strikingly good looking, and you know it."
"And you're the one every girl in school moons over," he replied.
"Well," I said, looking out over the bay, "I think I will try to write
stories where the love makes people beautiful."
He looked up and smiled at me, "Then you better make us very beautiful in
your story because," and then his face showed surprise and strain as a
depth of emotion caught him off guard and tightened his throat. His eyes
watered as he looked up at me.
"I know," I said, stroking his hair, "I know."
He turned his face and buried it in my balls. He nuzzled me and I felt his
tongue lick their underside. Regaining his composure, he said, "I love your
smell and taste."
"Are you sure its me and not the salt water?" I asked. "I don't think you
have ever 'smelled' or 'tasted' me any other way.
"Maybe I should start carrying around a salt shaker," he teased and took a
big swipe at my balls with his tongue. Then he breathed deeply through his
nostrils. "No, it's not salt water. It's Sean."
He began licking all over my balls. I laid my head back on the bench. He
began licking up my cock. I looked up at the stars and purposely not at
Daniel. I just wanted to feel what he was doing and concentrate on the
feelings; not watch.
So my eyes stayed on the brilliant, shinning stars as he licked my entire
shaft clean, and when his tongue swirled over the crown, I shuddered a
little and closed my eyes. I was fully hard when his mouth closed over me
and he began to move his head up and down, his tongue caressing my length.
I groaned, and parted my legs under his head. He adjusted and a hand went
to my balls.
I slid my head from the bench and bent down seeking his cock and balls with
my own mouth. We moved into a sixty-nine position on our sides. Each of us
slid our bottom leg forward to pillow the head of our lover.
 I licked the salt off his balls, and then down behind them. I licked it
off his shaft and skinned him back to lick the crown. His own mouth and
tongue were wet and warm. on my cock. His long tongue slid the length of my
cock each time he lowered and raised his head.
My own mouth went over Daniel's cock, and I began to move up and down it,
savoring his taste and fullness, taking him in deeply each time.
The boat was rocking gently with small swells in the bay. The water lapped
against the pontoons. Our heads bobbed in tender ministrations, and our
soft moans began to build.
Each time I took him in, I pressed my nose into Daniel's balls. They were
soft and damp. His smell filling my nostrils caused my heart to race. My
hands wrapped around his butt possessively. He was mine. We were joining
ourselves to each other, swallowing each other into ourselves.
Our moans and pace quickened. When our orgasms came, they a pretty dry, but
We rested, each of us with our head on the other's leg. Gently, we
continued to run our fingers over each other's softening cock and relaxing
scrotums. I ran my hand appreciatively over the curve of Daniel's hip and
back across his smooth butt. I felt over the long muscles of his thigh. I
ran my hand over his belly and up his flanks. He was doing the same to
me. In some way, we were silently taking possession of each other.
I moved up alongside Daniel and laid my head back on a pillow. He put his
head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm behind him, rubbing his back. We both
looked up at the stars. "You know," he said, "Stefan really loves you."
"What are you going to do?"
"Give it time, I guess. Just let things work out."
"I'd tell you to mess around with him if you need to, but I think that
would be hard for me. It would be hard not to get jealous," Daniel said.
I thought about what he said, then joked, "Maybe if Stefan really 'needs'
it, we can invite him to join us for a three-way."
"Think it would work any better than a four-way?"
"Hey, that second four-way was really good," I protested.
"That was because you and I were having a great sixty-nine session just
ourselves. The others were just along for the ride," he answered quickly,
then thought, "Was that a pun?"
"No, just a bad joke."
We sat quietly a few moments.
"Do you think," Daniel asked, still looking up at the stars, "that our, our
relationship will last?"
I had wondered, too. Could something so good last.
"Where are you thinking of going to college?" I asked.
"The University of Texas," he said, giving the name a flourish, "You?"
"Well I had been thinking of A&M."
"Shit, what would that do to a relationship?" he wondered.
"Yeah, that'd be messy. But hey, if I'm going to be a writer, UT is a good
school. Want to be roomies?"
He turned his face and kissed my chest, putting a hand on my
stomach. "Forever." He looked up at me, "Do you think we'll last that
I stroked his back and smiled at him. Teasingly I asked, "I don't know,
what are you going to look like in thirty years?"
"It doesn't matter," he answered. "In your stories, the love makes people
"Then," I said, my eyes on the sky, "I think you will be beautiful all my
Daniel nuzzled into me. He wrapped a leg and arm over me, pushing his face
into my neck. His breath was warm as it flowed from his nostrils down my
chest. With my free hand, I grabbed a blanket and threw it over us. The air
was a little cool. We fell asleep.
The deck was hard and a little uncomfortable. In the night, we moved around
a bit. Toward morning, I woke with Daniel spooned back into me. My hard
cock was pressed against his butt. I snuggled him. "Did you want to put it
in?" he asked.
"No," I said. My body just likes holding your body. He snuggled back into
When I woke, the sun had begun to peek over the thin line in the distance
that was South Padre. The bay was so calm that it was glassy. It was
impossible to find the horizon as the sky met it's reflection on the
water. I had a moment of vertigo as I looked around the light blue/grey
Daniel was at the front of the boad, standing, hands on his hips and
watching the sun rise as the front of the boat rose and fell over the
barely perceptible swells.
I walked up behind him and pressed my body to his, wrapping my arms around
his waist. I put my chin on his shoulder and looked toward the
sun. "Beautiful, isn't it," I said.
"What? What's in front of me or behind me?"
"Well you do have an incredibly beautiful behind, Dan," I said, "Yeah, I
think it could rival a sunrise for outright beauty."
He laughed and ran his hands over my arms. I stepped from behind him and
put an arm over his shoulder and my hip touching his. I lifted my cock and
started pissing out over the water. Daniel joined me and we played swords
with our streams for a moment. As we did his hand moved to my butt and
began rubbing.
I lowered my hand to his butt and rubbed too. We shook off our last drops
and then turned to each other. He put his arms over my shoulders and put
his hands on the back of my head as he pressed his pelvis forward to meet
me. My arms went around his back as our lips and crotches met.
We embraced and kissed deeply while the sun washed us in gold.  Our cocks
began to stir.
As we ended our kiss, I bear-hugged Daniel and asked. "What do you want to
do first this morning?"
"Eat something," he answered, "I'm starved."
I raised my eyebrows.
"Not that, asshole," he wiggled hi pelvis into me. "I'm hungry for FOOD."
He broke from our embrace and walked back toward the small kitchen
area. For Daniel, even such a short walk was athletic and beautiful from
He ate some fruit and a couple of cinnamon rolls and drank a little milk. I
had a little milk, but was anxious to get started. I had noticed that the
water was even clearer than yesterday. I wanted to get started snorkeling.
"Didn't your Mama ever tell you that breakfast is the most important meal
of the day?" Daniel joked. "You should eat something."
"Not hungry," I replied, which wasn't entirely true. I was just anxious to
get in the water, and started getting out the snorkeling gear.
I thought the water would be cool, but it was really pleasant. There was
not an ink fish in sight, though. In fact there was almost nothing in
sight. We saw a couple of dog fish, poking their ugly heads out of holes in
the silt bottom. We saw a sting ray. There were a lot of reflections of
fish turning from us in the distance. But despite wonderfully clear water,
we had to content ourselves with samples of different seaweeds, and of
course each other.
Daniel was a joy to watch as the morning sun shown down through the crystal
water. We played a little tag, taking turns grabbing cock as tag. With
fins, we really moved through the water. It was a great workout and what
little hardness we might have had disappeared in the vigor of our game.
We were both good swimmers and enjoyed flying over the bottom, butts
breaking wakes on the surface as we chased each other. We eventually quit
the game, but continued to enjoy swimming side by side. The water flowed
luxuriously over our privates and butts. Occasionally we held hands or
rubbed each other's bottom.
It was out of concerned for those butts that we finally climbed from the
water. We didn't want to sunburn where the sun is not supposed to shine.
We moved the boat to shallower water and began fishing again. Nothing was
happening so we moved the boat. We hit a good spot. The trout were
biting. We were having a blast catching fish after fish when Daniel pointed
out that we would need to get the boat back to his uncle before long.
I was already beginning to feel pretty tired; but I wasn't ready for my
time alone with Daniel to end. I looked at him earnestly, "I want to make
love with you one last time before we head back."
"You've come four times since yesterday," he kidded, "you have any left?"
"All I have to do is look at your butt and I ooze cum," I said. "I have
He laughed. We began stowing things away. As we worked, I spoke what I had
been thinking, "We need to figure out how to get together more often; to
make love."
"Yeah, I know. I thought we could study together."
"But where would we have any privacy? Not at our houses," I pointed out. "I
did think we could keep fishing on weekends. Maybe do some camping."
"Do you think people would start 'talking'?"
"I guess they might. And my parents will give me trouble if I miss church
too many Sundays. But they know I love fishing and camping. They like for
me to do that."
"Have you ever thought about bicycling?" Daniel asked.
"Hey, yeah, I have." I answered excitedly. I had been thinking about taking
up bicycling. "I've even looked at a couple of bikes."
"Cool. I have a road bike I really like. We can ride on weekends and after
your football season is over, we can take rides after school."
"That would be soooo cool," I enthused.
By the time all the gear was stowed, we had made several plans. I was bent
over, putting away some of the last of the fishing gear when Daniel's hands
began running over my butt and back. I stood up to face him.
We smiled. Daniel reached out and ran his hand lightly over my shoulder,
then along my arm, then over my chest. I began running my hands over
him. As we felt over each other, we moved steadily closer, and our cocks
began to rise.
My hands were on his nipples when I leaned forward to kiss him. My cock
poked his stomach. His poked my balls. We kissed again, and our bodies
pressed together.
As we kissed, I tried to kick the bedding back out and open. But I had to
give up using just my feet and bent down to spread out one of the old
blankets in the shade of the awning. Daniel ran his hands over my shoulders
as I did. His cock was beside me and I leaned over to kiss it when I
I laid down on my back and Daniel laid down on me. Our arms went around
each other. We kissed and began to hump together. "You owe me," I said.
"What do I owe you?" he asked smiling.
"You owe me what I did for you yesterday," I said, spreading my legs out to
the side and pulling my knees up. Daniel grinned.
He rose off me and grabbed the two cushions we used yesterday. After he
stuffed them under my butt, he reached for some sunscreen and began working
the lotion into my crack. His hand felt good. When he pushed a finger into
me, I moaned approval. He searched around with his finger and brushed my
prostrate. I moaned louder.
His finger came out and he began rubbing lotion between my legs and gently
over my balls and cock, just as I had done for him the day before. Then he
lubed his own cock, and moved up on me, also like I had done to him. He
placed his cock at my hole and pushed in.
The initial discomfort passed quickly. By the time he was all the way in, I
was enjoying the wonderful, full feeling, and the pressure being
transmitted to my prostrate. He lowered his body down onto me. Our mouths
met as I wrapped my arms and legs around him. He began to move in and out.
It felt wonderful, the feel of his long cock moving in and out of me. I
realized that not only the prostrate, but the anus itself could be a source
of real sexual pleasure. The weight of his body on me; the feel of his
waist between my legs as he pumped; his shoulders wrapped in my arms; his
tongue pressing into my mouth; all added their sensations to those rising
from my butt.
Something was happening deep down inside, an intense craving and
satisfaction, all at once. It rose up from where Daniel's cock was pressing
my prostrate up against the root of my cock, ran deep up through my gut. My
cock tingled on overload and my body began making small twitches and
shudders. I arched my neck back and found myself actually gurgling.
Daniel began licking and biting gently on my bared throat as he pumped. The
boat joined in our rhythm. My legs and butt hole tightened on their own,
squeezing Daniel's cock and waist.
He arched up from me, thrusting deeply, repeatedly. My hands grabbed his
shoulders as I sucked in my gut and bent my butt up for even deeper
penetration. To my amazement, I felt a climax start to build with nothing
touching my cock. My cock was lying back on my belly, naked and exposed.
Daniel was pumping frantically. The stimulation to my butt was building
what felt like a huge orgasm. He was still arched up over me, we met only
where he was buried in me and my legs encircled him. But from that pounding
connection, an explosion was building.
Daniel let out a cry and thrust all the way into me and held there as he
pumped his seed. I moved my hand to my cock. As soon as I grabbed it, my
orgasm hit. Cum arched up from my cock, shooting over my head and landing
on the deck above me. Some drops landed on my face. I could hear my own
cries echo across the water.
We held there, enjoying the last of the sensations from our
orgasms. Daniel's cock still filled me with a strangely deep, stimulating
feeling. I relaxed my back and laid down flat again.  When I opened my
eyes, Daniel was smiling down at me. He laid his body down on me, our
mouths meeting.
He was still thick in me. I was not softening at all. My cock was still
hard; it still felt as primed as right before I blew my load. My body was
still on a sexual high, almost over-stimulated. I began moving my cock
against Daniel's belly. I arched my back again a little, intending to rub
my cock back up into Daniel. When I did, the shaft of his cock was forced
up against my prostrate; I was immediately slammed by a second, intense
orgasm, slightly more cum squirting out between our bodies. I cried out,
involuntarily arching my back higher and lifting Daniel on me as I road up
a fine edge between ecstasy and agony. I had no more cum and still I was
orgasming, my butt squeezing Daniel's cock repeatedly. He was whimpering as
my ass squeezed hard on his cock.
I couldn't stop. My body racked with shudders as my prostrate continued to
try to pump semen. I was crying out, my back still arched with my cock
pressed hard up into Daniel. I couldn't stop, but kept going and going
until Daniel pulled out. When he did, the stimulus was suddenly gone. My
orgasm stopped. I collapsed, eyes closed, gasping.
"What was that? What happened?" asked Daniel.
My eyes were closed, my head was rolling, my sphincter was still
convulsing. I was trying to quiet my insides. They finally calmed. My butt
relaxed. I opened my eyes and looked up into Daniel's concerned face.
"I don't know," I answered groggily. "But I sure hope it happens again
I smiled. Reassured, Daniel smiled back at me. "I want one of those!" he
I felt absolutely exhausted. My limbs were strangely heavy. I could barely
move. I dozed on one of the benches while Daniel stowed away the bedding
and rest of the gear. When I heard him start the engine, I got up and sat
next to him. We stopped in deeper water to rinse one last time. It was
refreshing and I felt better.
When we climbed back on board, Daniel dried me off tenderly. He was
concerned that I might not be OK. I was so tired; I let him dry himself
while I sat back on the pilot's seat. Daniel brought me a cold soda to
drink. The soda was good.
Daniel looked concerned, "I think you need to drink that soda and maybe eat
I decided he was right. So while Daniel put the awning down, I finished the
soda and ate a cinnamon roll. My energy began to return.
As he sat back down beside me, Daniel tossed my shorts into my lap and held
his in his hand. "Not yet," I said, and laid my hand inside his thigh and
laid my head back on his shoulder.
As we headed back, the wind and spray from the bow as well as the sugar
from the soda and food revived me. I put an arm around Daniel's back and
caressed his thighs, cock, and balls with my other. I nibbled his neck.
"Feeling better?" he asked over the engines, grinning at me. I gave his
cock a squeeze. "Great answer," he said.
When we saw more and more boats in the distance, we slipped on our
shorts. I gave his cock a final kiss. Then Dan and I embraced one last
time, and kissed. We both said, "Thank you," as we sat back down to finish
the trip in. We each knew the thank you was for the whole week end, not
just the kiss.
We tied up to the dock at Daniel's uncle's beach house. As we lifted our
stringers of fish onto the dock's fillet table, the back door flew
open. Daniel's cousins, David and Ryan came running down the stairs in
little red Speedos.
As I mentioned, I remembered David from the scouts. But he was ten then,
and I sure didn't remember the package he now sported. For a twelve year
old, he was packin! He looked like a younger version of Daniel with the
more rounded hips of a preteen entering puberty. A fine down of golden hair
covered his legs and arms.
Ryan was jumping onto and off the boat, looking at our gear, looking at the
fish. He was working really hard at being a ten year old boy.
Dan and I had started unstringing and working on the fish. David came up
from behind. I felt his arm on my shoulder, then he leaned his almost naked
body against my back and side. I turned to smile at him. He smiled up at
"Hi, Sean. Long time no see," his smile widened as he asked, "Did you and
Danny have a good time?" Then he looked up into my face and blinked his
eyes several time, as if batting them at me.
I turned to look at Daniel. He was pretending to work on the fish, but he
was turning very red.
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