Enslaving David


Chapter 8


As soon as we entered my apartment, I ordered Kevin to strip. When he stood naked in front of me, I said, “Whenever you enter my home, I want you to kneel down in front of me, kiss my feet, and thank me for allowing you to be here.”

Damn that was corny. It was the first time I had said something like that to someone. The words just fell out of my mouth. I could tell that it really got to him and it absofuckinlutely worked on me too.  

“Yes, Sss..” he stopped himself before he could finish saying Sir.

 Having a sub call me Sir always seemed so silly. Especially when it was some guy I’d picked up from the bar. Sometimes when I played at the dungeon, I didn’t mind. It seemed more authentic there for some reason.

 Having Kevin call me Sir didn’t seem so silly now but it felt like if I allowed him to do so, it would take us somewhere I wasn’t sure we should be going. I’m confusing my damn self. Is it a game? Or not?

 I took a deep breath, grabbed him by the hand and led him to my bedroom. He looked around curiously. He’d never been in here before. Actually, no one had been in my bedroom before. Kevin was the first in a lot of different ways. I stood him in the center of the room and walked over to the closet.

 I said before that testosterone is my drug of choice; adrenaline runs a close second. My adrenaline is controlled by a hair trigger; doesn’t take much to set me off. It had started flowing as soon as Kevin had started to obediently remove his clothing.

 When I opened the closet door, reached in and removed several lengths of rope, the beast within stood up and howled. I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears. Icy fingers crept up my spine and chills spread outwards. My cock was beyond hard; it was aching, swollen, pulsating in rhythm with the rapid hammering of my heart. I had an almost sick feeling of anticipation in my stomach.

 I stood in front of Kevin and draped a length of royal blue rope around his neck so that both sides of it were hanging on each side of his body. His eyes were lowered and he was trembling slightly. There was a fine sheen of perspiration glistening on his ivory skin.

 I lifted his chin and gazed into his eyes. They were grey and hazy as a morning mist; his eye color changed with his emotions. For a fleeting moment, I had an urge to just throw him down, right there and fuck him. He knew. I could see it in his eyes.

 He just stood there, willingly, waiting to see what I would do. His slight physical stature in no way represented his inner strength. I’d never been with anyone with his ability to surrender. Those two qualities may seem paradoxical but to me, only someone who has the type of inner strength that Kevin does can truly submit. I was intoxicated by his acquiescence. He was unlike anyone I’d ever played with before.

 Once I was sure I had the length I wanted, I cut the excess off and finished the ends of the rope with duct tape the same color as the rope. I tied a loose knot around his neck, fixing it so that it wouldn’t turn into a noose. I am not a rope master by any means, but I appreciate the art. There is something about the time it takes and the attention to detail required to bind someone with rope that inflames me.

 I stroked and pet Kevin as I entwined him with rope. He stared at me intently as I worked. Every now and then, I’d brush my lips against his. I tied knots and layered the rope around his upper torso until it was wrapped around him in an intricate design.

 When I was done, I laid him on the bed so that his arms and legs were stretched out. I grabbed several more lengths of rope, braided and hooked them together and then tied him to the bed, maintaining enough slack in the rope so that I could reposition him as I desired.

 When I finished, I stood at the foot of the bed and looked down at him. I watched as he tested the ropes. He could move but he would not be getting up until I released him. I smiled slowly.

 He didn’t smile back. Maybe he could read my mind. Inside of me there was a little kid jumping up and down and shouting, ‘mine, mine, mine, all mine. He was shaking a little with nerves or desire, I wasn’t sure which; probably both.

 His cock was rock hard. He was dripping so much precum that already there was a small puddle of the sticky fluid pooling on his abdomen beneath the head. The skin on his glans was taut, slick with juice and dark pink. His cock was jerking and twitching.

 I leaned over and licked the sole of his foot from top to bottom. He jerked his foot away in involuntary response.

 “Don’t move,” I ordered.

 He bit his lip and nodded his head. I leaned forward and licked the bottom of his other foot. He whimpered softly but he did not move. I took my clothes off as I licked and sucked on his feet, throwing them haphazardly on the floor. I was engrossed in the taste of Kevin in my mouth, the feel of his flesh against my tongue.

 Sometimes, when it’s been awhile, my mouth will start watering for the taste of cock in my mouth. I fantasize about it, long for it, go crazy with wanting it. This was so much more than taking some trick home and satiating a transient hunger.

Now, I explored Kevin’s body at my leisure. His skin tasted like berries and cream: rich, velvety soft and unbelievably sweet. I moved across his body, languorously consuming his flesh, hypnotized by the delicious, savory taste.

His skin was covered with sweat and he was tugging against the rope. I realized that he was struggling not to cum. He was whimpering softly; like a puppy scratching at the door, begging to go out and play.

He hadn’t asked me if he could cum. He was still puzzling me out. Not asking what the boundaries were, just letting things play out.

I could tell he had played this game before. So had I. I wondered if it was different for him now, like it was for me.

I rubbed my face over all over his skin, taking my time, reveling in sensation. His arms and legs were covered with a fine, soft, almost invisible layer of golden red hair. I nuzzled against his nut sac, lifting his balls gently with my nose and then just lay there, sniffing him, glorying in his smell.

I took the very sensitive area of skin beneath his balls into my mouth and sucked delicately, tasting his sweat and musk. I held the skin in my mouth and started to nibble on it, very, very gently.

Kevin’s body contracted violently and I could hear him grinding his teeth. I let go of that tiny bit of flesh, then opened my mouth as wide as I could and covered as much of his balls as would fit. I sucked on them for endless moments and when I could wait no longer, I slid my starving mouth onto the slick head of his penis.

Ohhhhhh. A bolt of pleasure seared through my cock and spread outwards. He tasted…so, so, so good. I grasped myself, stroking slowly, humping into my fingers.

I moved his cock in and out of my mouth, sucking him to the back of my throat, keeping him there, enjoying the way his entire cock filled my mouth. Then I’d pull up and tap on the tip of his penis repeatedly with my tongue, teasing the slit. His body was rigid, every muscle tense and when I looked up at him, I saw that his eyes were clenched shut.

He was maintaining though. He was doing everything I asked him to do. And I had him helpless. At my mercy.

“Kevin,” I said.

He swallowed and then answered hoarsely, “Yes?”

“Open your eyes.”

His eyelids fluttered and then lifted almost reluctantly.

I grabbed the shaft of his cock with one hand and squeezed one of his nipples with the other. He blinked rapidly but kept his eyes on mine. He was biting his lip so hard I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had drawn blood.

His fists were clenched and the rope was stretched as far as it would go. He released another burst of precum, thick and salty sweet. I lapped it up and swallowed it eagerly as he watched me. He pulled against the ropes.

“Are you ready for me, Kevin?” I asked.

 “Yes,” he said. “Yes, yes, yes,” he groaned, stretching his long legs outwards and arching his back.

 I moved my face between his thighs once more. I spread his ass cheeks with my thumbs and then I licked at the lips of his anus, rubbing the flat of my tongue across the surface. I licked and sucked at his sweet, puckered rosebud, corkscrewing my tongue past the fine, sensitive wrinkled skin and thrusting inside over and over again.

 So good.

 Kevin screamed hoarsely. The sound galvanized me into moving faster than I thought possible. I fucked into him with one long, hard, devastating thrust, feeling his hot, silken insides melt and open up to me. I held myself there against him.

 God. He was so  fuckin hot, so fuckin tight, so fuckin wet. I couldn’t pull back. I had to stay there enveloped in the center of him, surrounded by the scent of him, the feel of him.


 I grabbed his hips and fucked into him. Ruthlessly. Relentlessly.

 I lay down on top of him and worked my hips against him violently. He met my thrusts with a matching ferocity. We were both breathing hard and dripping sweat.

 “David, please kiss me,” he begged.

 I pressed my lips against his. He bit and sucked at my lips and then roughly thrust his tongue into my mouth. I groaned and opened my mouth wider, accepting the invasion. I was sinking into him, enveloped inside of him, losing myself.

 There was a little slack in the rope but not enough for Kevin to wrap his arms and legs around me. He was fighting against the rope in a futile effort to do so and sobbing with frustration when he realized he couldn’t. It took me awhile to realize what he was trying to do.

 At first, I thought something was wrong. I stopped moving and held myself still. I looked down at him and we stared at each other in silence.

 I hadn’t realized how close I was to cumming. I closed my eyes and struggled for control. When I opened my eyes again, his eyes held an unspoken plea. I finally figured out what he wanted. I knew he would never ask me to untie him.

 I released a couple of knots and increased the slack of the rope. He wrapped his legs around me. I suddenly became aware again that I had Kevin, yeah, Kevin in my bedroom, tied to my bed. And I was fucking him.

 I looked down at him, seeing how the royal blue of the rope harness contrasted with his fair skin and fine red gold hairs on his upper body. He was tied to my bed, totally restrained and couldn’t move unless I allowed him to. He couldn’t get away until I released him. And he wanted this.

 His narrow face was slack with need and want. His cock was like a thick slab of granite, laying hard on his abdomen, trapped between us. Still, he was searching my eyes, trying to figure me out, like he always does. I think he could tell that the top of my head was about to blow off. He kept still.

 Then he said huskily, “Yours.”


 My entire world just fuckin exploded. A surge of adrenaline sped through my body and in seconds I was as reckless and out of control as a runaway train. I dropped down onto him immediately, groaning when our chests met, burying my face in his neck. He wrapped me in his arms and legs so fiercely that I could barely move. I ground myself into him, pinning him under me, drilling him into him as if I could merge us together if I got deep enough.

 I hit bottom and stayed there. It was piercingly sweet. Unbearably so. Sunken into the blazing depths of Kevin, wrapped inside of him, light and heat and joy. I was cumming so hard that I thought I would never stop.

 He went crazy with me. He was holding me impossibly tighter. I couldn’t breathe. I felt his cock vibrating and shooting against me and the warm liquid spill against my stomach as his cum squirted out.

 I don’t know where you go when something like that happens. I don’t think the two of us were in that room any longer. There was a blue haze covering everything except Kevin. I could see him everywhere.

 I don’t know if my eyes were closed or not. All I know is that my entire universe consisted of Kevin, living him, breathing him and there was nothing else.

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