Enslaving David

Chapter 9


I'm kind of squeamish and shit just doesn't turn me on. In the ER, the joke is that if you wanna see a black guy turn green, just give David the patient who's throwing up all over the place. Shit is a close second to vomit on the gross David out scale.

Yet here I was, enema bag in hand, looking at the most adorable pout I'd ever seen. He had already gone today, he'd told me politely. He kept himself scrupulously clean, he'd assured me respectfully. When I told him that this is what I wished to do, he had clamped his lips together and not said anything else.

I hung the bag on a hook above the headboard, positioned Kevin on his left side and spooned in behind him. After lubricating his anus liberally, I carefully inserted the nozzle into his ass. I opened the clamp so that the warm, soapy water would drip into him slowly.

 With his back to me, holding his slender body in my arms, it became easy to tell him how much I wanted him. Easy to tell him how I thought he was beautiful inside and out. I rubbed his stomach in lazy circles with the palm of my hand.

The back of his neck was covered with golden, silken wisps of hair. I burrowed my face there, rubbing back and forth, wallowing in the warmth and comfort of Kevin In My Arms. I was never held or touched as a child, at least not that I can remember.

My foster sister Karen and I never touched one another. Too many demons from the past that neither one of us wanted to confront, I guess. I think that if I could, I might lay like this forever, holding Kevin in my arms.

His bowel filled gradually and his stomach swelled beneath my caressing hands. I lowered my hand until it was resting on the fine, soft hairs of his pubic bush. I grabbed him there and he winced. His erect dick bounced off the back of my hand.

As the amount of fluid in the bag decreased, I could feel Kevin straining to contain the liquid inflating his bowels. I released his pubic hair and grabbed his cock. He groaned through clenched teeth. I kept my hand wrapped around his penis and said, "When the bag is empty, I'm going to walk you into the bathroom. Don't spill a drop."

I waited until I thought he was on the verge of exploding then helped him to his feet and into the bathroom. I sat him down on the toilet and stood at his side as he expelled the liquid that had been infused into his bowel. When he went to wipe his ass, I said, "No, I'll do it."

He let me. He was stripped naked and bare, in all ways. I needed him that way. I needed him to do this for me.

Then I said, "You're such a slut boy."

He stiffened. My hand was resting on his back so I felt it when the temperature of his body chilled. At first, he wouldn't even look at me. Even the air in the room seemed to cool.

"I'm not a slut," he said.

I shook my head, confused and unable to understand why he appeared to be so upset. I said it because, fuck, because it's just one of those throw away lines; just something to say. Other guys had gone up in flames when I said stuff like that, when I called them a slut, a bitch, a pussy boy.

When he looked up at me, his eyes were a dark, smoky grey. Shadowed and hurt.


Because of me.


The glow was gone. I hadn't realized how bright the light had been until it was turned off. He stood up and backed several feet away from me. Even naked, he had a quiet dignity, a steadiness at his core.

"It's you," he said, looking straight into my eyes. "Just you."

My heart shattered into a million pieces, all of them belonging to him. I stared back at him, at a loss for words. Quick one liners were his forte not mine. I'm one of those people who thinks of a snappy comeback four hours later.

"Um. For me too," I stuttered. "Just you, I mean."

A hundred watts. All at once. Blinding me. Then he was airborne, leaping into my arms and wrapping himself around me as if he would never let go.

He sighed. "Oh, David."

Yeah. That's me, I thought. That puddle of something melted beneath your feet.

I pressed soft kisses against his face. Angel kisses. Thousands of them as if quantity could kiss the hurt away. I became entranced by the softness of his skin. His sweet smell. The rasp of his tongue against mine. His cock, hard once again and throbbing against me.

"I need to fuck you," I groaned.

I moved us backwards until I was sitting on the toilet, with him straddling my lap, his arms resting on my shoulders and his hands clasped behind my neck. I lifted his ass in my hands and gradually impaled him upon my cock. We both groaned when I was totally encased within him.

I looked down at where we were joined and I groaned again. To see his dick so incredibly hard, dark rose colored and dripping wet, his perfectly round balls, smooth and hairless

and his lean, muscled thighs, spread wide so that I could get between them, turned my blood into a sea of fire. My head fell back and I struggled to breathe.

Kevin shifted a little bit.

"Don't," I gasped. "Be still."

I waited a few seconds, removed my hands from his ass, grasped his shoulders and pushed down. Kevin made a low, strangled sound as my cock penetrated him even deeper.

"I want to be as far inside you as I can get," I said hoarsely. "Just don't move."

Kevin was watching me through half closed, shimmering blue eyes. His lips were parted and his face was flushed. I leaned forward and captured his mouth with my own.

The touch of his lips was more potent than any drug. Sensation streaked through me and it was as though all of my senses came to electrifying life. The cool porcelain against my back contrasted with the blazing warmth of his silken, heated skin again my own. The weight of his body was solid and comforting. His insides clutched at my engorged, throbbing cock, velvety soft, moist and scorching hot.

Fucking Kevin was indescribable bliss.

His mouth on mine, kissing me back frenziedly, God, I couldn't get enough. I sucked on his tongue, licked and bit at his lips. I devoured his mouth and still it wasn't enough. I kissed him voraciously, ravenously like it was the last time I would ever do so.

Kevin was moaning uncontrollably and his ass was clenching and releasing on my dick. I could feel his cock twitching against my stomach and leaking all over the two of us. We were there again. In that place where it was just the two of us, lost in sensation, lost in each other. We stayed like that forever, locked in an endless kiss, melded into one entity.

It started at my toes, creeping upwards in tiny increments, across my feet, my calves and my thighs. My balls tightened and started to draw upwards. Then I felt it where our mouths were entwined: an incredible, honey sweet pulse of pleasure that spread downwards until my entire body was coated with it.

I was gasping for breath, fighting to hold on; I didn't want it to end. Not yet.

Kevin tore his mouth from mine, tilted his head back and cried out.


He gripped my shoulders so tightly that he left bruises there. I couldn't stand it. The minute I felt his cock twitch with his impending release, I let go too.

Fierce, agonizing pleasure coursed through me, raging and violent, inexorable as waters released from a dam. I grabbed his head and forced his lips back onto mine, ravaging his mouth again as my cum spurted into him in forceful, uncontrollable jets of cream.

The next day at work, another slow one, more than one person told me that I was glowing, just like Kevin was.

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