Enslaving David


Chapter 4


Sometimes it feels good to be this hard. Sometimes it feels good to be on the edge like this. Cock engorged, hard as granite, swollen, blood red and leaking.  

Sometimes I could keep myself like this for days, playing with someone, not letting myself ejaculate. Sometimes it could be so intense that it would feel like I was having one long continuous orgasm. I’d be flooded with endorphins from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, dick suffused with an endless flow of pleasure.

Tonight it was fucking torture. I had waited for too long. I seriously wanted to hurt this boy and he was apparently willing to let me. I hovered right on the edge. I looked into his eyes and what I saw there toppled me over.

I grabbed his head with both hands and drove his face onto my cock. He must have opened his mouth as wide as he could on the way down because all I felt was moisture and heat as my cock quickly sank to the back of his throat. We both made the same sound, loud and hungry in the silence of the room. I held his face to my crotch and he stayed there obediently. The muscles in his throat were contracting violently and wildly against the sensitive head of my dick.

Jesus fucking Christ.

I was frozen with sensation. It felt like Christmas, Fourth of July and New Years Eve all at once. Party over here. I was fuckin screaming and just very dimly aware of it. His fingers were lightly tracing a trail of fire across my balls, between my thighs and right up against my asshole. I yanked his mouth off of me.

I looked at him. I was half crazed but a remnant of sanity remained and it was trying to figure out what the hell was going on, what the hell I was doing and what I was gonna do next.

He licked his lips, sucking on them and tasting me again. His eyes were heavy with desire and hunger, smoky grey, all traces of blue gone. His thin lips were dark pink, wet and swollen and his cock was sticking straight out in front of him and leaking copiously.

I stuck my hand beneath it and collected a few sticky strings. I raised the palm of my hand to my face and licked it slowly, savoring his taste. His nostrils flared and he shuddered.

“Again,” I said.

He buried his face in my crotch, swallowing me in one go as I collapsed back onto the couch. He kept his face there for long moments and when he realized he was free to move, he raised his head so just the tip of my cock was in his mouth and grabbed the shaft in one hand. He licked the head of my cock with tiny sweeps of his tongue, dipping into the slit and drawing out my juice. He sucked on the tip forcefully for a few seconds and then renewed his tender explorations with his tongue. His tongue traveled my cock delicately, lapping and licking at it devotedly.

When I felt my balls tightening, I placed both my hands on the side of his face and gently pushed him away. I held him like that until I regained a semblance of control. His bones felt small and fragile beneath my hands. I had a sudden, terrifying awareness of how much he must trust me.

I let go and as soon as I released him he rubbed his face against my cock, down into my groin, across my balls and beneath. I could hear him inhaling deeply as he attempted to burrow into my flesh. Every time he exhaled he groaned softly and luxuriously. Gradually, I became aware that he was saying something.

“What?” I asked.

When he didn’t answer, I put my hand between his mouth and my skin. He looked up at me; his eyes were so dazed that I could tell he was barely there. I realized that he wasn’t aware that he had said anything.

“What did you say?” I asked.

Cognizance returned slowly. His face flushed and he said, “So good, you smell so good.”

I don’t what it was about what he said that turned me into a rabid dog. I thought I was gonna cum right there, just like that. The feeling passed just as quickly as it arrived. I roughly pushed him onto the floor onto his back.

I straddled his face and shoved my cock into his open, waiting mouth. I fucked his face mindlessly. I was flying. I really didn’t feel the blistering heat of his glorious mouth on my cock or the friction of his mouth moving up and down on my dick as he moved his head, meeting my thrusts repeatedly.

I was vaguely aware of him attempting to wrestle his arms from beneath my knees. I dimly heard him grunting like a wild boar as he tried to devour my dick. I was crying out, calling his name over and over again. I was out of my fucking mind.

I was beyond feeling, beyond conscious awareness of anything. I just was. I didn’t cum. I broke apart. Pieces of me, everywhere. Unimaginable pleasure. Excruciating pain. 

When I returned, he was there. My head was in his lap and he was stroking my hair. I had been so high, I knew what was coming next; I had crashed before.

 What goes up must come down. I knew that, I knew that. That’s why I had learned to be so careful about how I played and who I played with. Delving beneath the layers of my psyche was not a fun experience. When something is so intense it just brings up all of the shit. I knew this one was gonna be bad.

 He stood up and my heart shriveled in my chest. Instead of getting dressed, he headed for my kitchen. I wasn’t sure how he knew where it was but I sure as hell was glad he wasn’t leaving me.

 He came back with a glass of water. I slurped it down my parched throat.

 “I’m not leaving you,” he announced.

 I honestly didn’t know what to say to that.

 “I’m cold,” he said, sitting naked on the couch.

 I walked into my bedroom and grabbed a comforter. I know it’s crazy but no one gets into my bedroom. And I especially would not be able to bear having someone in there tonight. Even him. Especially him.

 We slept on the couch, snuggled together beneath the comforter. Somehow, his presence leeched away the pain and all that was left was fatigue and peace.

 Nothing was ever gonna be the same.

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