Nell’s Place

Lonnie’s Heart

Chapter 2

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By SolCorazon


Sabian walked downstairs and entered one of three basement apartments. Only one was unoccupied. He had no doubts that it would remain empty for long; Nell would find someone else who needed help or they would find her.


He had called her several weeks before, after a late night spent drinking and partying. Over the din of chatter and music, he had heard someone retching loudly in the bathroom; his stomach had started gurgling in response.  Drunk out of his mind, he had looked around the room. Heather and Beth, two of his closest friends since childhood, had been having a conversation that he could have repeated word for word. It was the same one from the night before, and the night before that.


They could have all been on one of those reality TV shows: rich kids or something like that. All of them had wealthy parents, the clothes, the cars, the trust funds. Because of his mother, he knew how different things could be.


When he was old enough to understand, she had told him enough about her earlier life for him to understand that it had been horrible in a way he would never comprehend. He knew that’s why she was so indulgent with him; she wanted him to have all of the things she had lacked when she was growing up.


His eyes kept searching the room for something. He was too out of it to figure out what he was looking for, but he did know that he felt sick, sour mouthed and empty. For all that his friends acted like he was someone special, he could have disappeared and someone else could have easily taken his place. None of them would have missed a beat. If he left now, not one of them would have noticed or cared.


He had gone outside and called a cab. While he waited, he called Aunt Nell and asked to spend spring break with her. When he arrived, she hugged him, looked him over with worried brown eyes and said, “Don’t worry baby, everything’s gonna be alright.”


He believed her because she was Aunt Nell.


Now, he lay in bed, wondering why he was so pissed off because some guy he barely knew didn’t want him. He rolled over and buried his face in his pillow, slamming his fists against the mattress, wishing he could smother his thoughts as easily, and extremely annoyed with himself because he couldn’t deny that beneath the anger, there was a little hurt too.




“My baby’s turning cold and the forecast calls for pain….” Robert Cray’s voice rang out, mournful and raw with heartache, matching the gloomy spring day. The music corresponded perfectly with Sabian’s mood.


The warmth inside of Nell’s Place and the mellow, amber glow in the room contrasted with the murky, grey outdoors revealed through the windows. The morning crowd left and took their noisy chatter with them, leaving behind only the quick taps of the heavy spring rain to interrupt the quiet. Nell sat at the other end of the counter reading a book. Burt and Gary sat at the end of the bar sipping coffee and talking in low tones.


There were a couple of girls, who looked like students from the nearby college, sitting at a table munching on Nell’s heavenly sugar cookies, drinking mugs of hot chocolate and poring over the open textbooks in front of them. Sabian looked around, bored and restless, wondering why he had thought he could change. Wondering why he thought he needed to change. It was the same here. He didn’t fit in here either.


He glanced over at Lonnie, moving fluidly around the pool table, painstakingly lining up shots and practicing his game. Sabian felt a pang of loneliness competing with the twinges of jealousy and rejection he felt whenever he looked at Lonnie. Every single overture of friendship he had made towards Lonnie had been ignored.


He polished the counter for the hundredth time and decided to try once more. Uncharacteristically lacking in confidence, Sabian walked over to Lonnie.


“Hey, Lonnie.”


“Hey,” Lonnie replied casually, without sparing Sabian a glance.


“Um, I was wondering. Have you, um, checked the storage room lately?”


“Nah.” Lonnie expertly sank three balls simultaneously then turned towards Sabian and asked, “Damn, does it look like it did last time already?”


Finally, Sabian thought. There is life on this planet after all.


“Yes”, he lied shamelessly. Well, he thought, maybe I’m not lying. Knowing Aunt Nell, the storage room probably really is a wreck. “I thought we could try and get it straightened out since it’s so quiet in here today.”


When they walked over to Nell, she eyed Sabian suspiciously for a couple of seconds, smiled at Lonnie, shrugged and then told them to go ahead.


They worked side by side in silence. From time to time, Sabian would attempt to get Lonnie to talk without success. He found himself staring at Lonnie curiously, trying to figure him out. The longer he stared the more he found himself wanting to be close to Lonnie, to touch him.


He would find excuses to brush against Lonnie when they were shoulder to shoulder, some reason for their hands to touch while they stocked the shelves. As they were about to leave the storeroom, Sabian asked, “You know what, Lonnie?”


“What?” Lonnie asked.


When Sabian didn’t answer, Lonnie turned around and found himself standing nose to nose with the other man. He backed away slightly.


Sabian replied, “If all you wanted was a blow job, all you had to do was say so.”


Before he finished speaking, he slid down onto his knees in front of Lonnie and quickly yanked Lonnie’s sweat pants down. Lonnie stared down at him, wide-eyed, and as shocked by Sabian’s actions as Sabian was by the fact that Lonnie wasn’t wearing any underwear.


Sabian swiftly captured Lonnie’s dick, still soft, in his mouth. Lonnie’s penis responded so rapidly to the humid clasp of Sabian’s mouth that his stomach muscles spasmed and his hands jerked convulsively to the top of Sabian’s head.


Sabian’s eyes lifted to meet Lonnie’s and when their eyes crashed together, the world went crazy. Lonnie couldn’t look away. It had always been so clandestine, shame filled almost, the way he did his thing with those guys. It was always fast, always dark.


The lights in the storeroom were blinding. Almost as bright as Sabian’s hazel eyes, staring at him so intently, challenging him not to look away. Daring him to acknowledge what was happening between them.


Lonnie had a flash of a sick, queasy feeling that rapidly passed because he knew that he could stop this at any time. Sabian knelt in front of him submissively, hands at his sides, waiting for Lonnie to make the next move.


Slowly, hands rising on their own volition, apart from his conscious awareness, Lonnie touched the sides of Sabian’s face and stroked lightly. Sabian held Lonnie’s growing penis in his mouth, unmoving. His heart was pounding furiously and he couldn’t believe what he’d just done. When he felt the tacit permission of Lonnie’s hands against his face, he began to slide his mouth slowly up and down Lonnie’s dick.


Lonnie shifted so that his shaking legs were spread wide open, feet flat on the floor and back pressed up against the door, bracing himself so that he wouldn’t fall. He continued to caress the sides of Sabian’s face, enjoying the bristly feel of the fine, light brown stubble on Sabian’s cheeks and chin. He was still a little stunned to find himself leaning against the storeroom wall with Sabian sucking his dick.


Lonnie watched avidly as Sabian slowly drew back, and then slid his open, wet mouth down the length of Lonnie’s penis, from tip to base, again and again. When Sabian wrapped his arms around Lonnie’s slender hips and buried his face against the thick curly black bush at the root of Lonnie’s cock, Lonnie shuddered. He pressed his head back into the wall, struggling for control, not wanting this to end too fast.


Sabian planted firm kisses against Lonnie’s abdomen and upper thighs, moving slowly and gently, aware that if he moved too quickly, he’d scare Lonnie away.

He lingered over Lonnie’s lower abdomen, feeling the muscles tense and release, and discovering how sensitive Lonnie was there as fine bumps rose beneath his lips.


He looked back up at Lonnie. When their eyes met this time, the challenge in Sabian’s eyes was gone. Instead, they asked, ‘Does this please you?’


At least that’s what Lonnie thought they were saying. Sabian’s eyes were so expressive that for a fleeting moment, Lonnie thought Sabian had spoken aloud.


Yeah, hell, yeah, he thought, hoping his eyes were conveying what he was feeling. This was….this was…


When other guys had sucked him, he had felt like he’d been done and that was cool. As pleasurable as it was, it was almost utilitarian. A lot of times, they jerked themselves off while they were doing him and then it was over.


He had never before experienced this sensual, curious exploration of his body or anything like Sabian’s very obvious desire to please him. Sabian would touch Lonnie in a certain way and if it elicited a response, he’d do it again. Then he’d move on to another spot and see how Lonnie would react to a touch here or a lick there. Sabian’s tender attempts to discover what turned him on was also a new experience.


At first, Sabian was thinking that Lonnie didn’t really like what he was doing but as he continued, he’d notice Lonnie’s fingers twitching convulsively against the side of his face or twining gently in his hair and then tightening infinitesimally. Sabian was learning that Lonnie’s body was very sensitive and responsive to the very lightest of touches. If Lonnie liked something, he wouldn’t moan or make any noise, he’d just gasp a little, very softly, almost inaudibly, and then his breath would hitch in his chest.


When he started recognizing the subtle signs that he was getting from Lonnie, Sabian had finally looked into Lonnie’s eyes again, wanting some type of concrete reaction, Do you like this? he had wondered. Is this what you want? Lonnie had looked down at him and Sabian had seen the answer on Lonnie’s usually quiet and impassive face. Yes.


Lonnie’s eyes were so deep. Sabian just wanted to keep looking there and to keep seeing that look, the one he had put there.


He held the head of Lonnie’s penis in his mouth and sucked lightly while rubbing the flat of his tongue against the sensitive bundle of nerves and flesh on the underside. Lonnie’s eyes narrowed in response and Sabian heard a quick, sharp intake of breath.  So, of course he duplicated his actions repeatedly so that he was rewarded again with Lonnie’s subdued yet arousing responses to his touch.


He grabbed Lonnie’s hips with both hands, and moved him back and forth, pushing Lonnie’s cock in and out of his mouth in a slow, steady pace. Sometimes, when he pulled Lonnie forward, as soon as Lonnie’s cock head hit the back of his throat, Sabian would reach around and cup Lonnie’s buttocks, pushing him even farther inwards.


The first time he did it, Lonnie almost fell over. His knees weakened and he lost his balance. Sabian quickly tightened his grip to support him and Lonnie recovered.

Sabian hummed with approval at Lonnie’s reaction.


He removed Lonnie’s cock from his mouth. “Like that?”


Lonnie’s voice wasn’t working. His reply was a hoarse whisper. “Yeah.”


“Good,” Sabian said.


He covered Lonnie’s dick with his mouth again and grasped his thighs in an even firmer hold. He pushed and pulled Lonnie forwards and backwards. This time, when he pulled Lonnie forward and the head of Lonnie's cock hit the back of his throat, Sabian was prepared when Lonnie’s knees turned to butter. He maintained his tight grip on Lonnie’s muscular thighs and without missing a beat ground his open mouth into Lonnie’s pubes, forcing the cock just a little deeper down his throat.


This time Sabian didn’t stop, just kept going, listening as Lonnie’s breathing sped up, and became louder and coarser. He reveled in the feel of Lonnie’s hands clenching and pulling at his hair. He was embarrassingly gratified by the soft, hiccup sounds Lonnie made each time he tried to catch his breath.


“Sabian”, Lonnie gasped. “Sabian….”


Lonnie’s cock twitched forcefully within the tight clasp of Sabian’s mouth. Caught up, Sabian had no intentions of stopping. He just kept pulling Lonnie forward and pushing him back, savoring the taste of Lonnie’s hot, hard flesh and the sticky, gooey precum that soaked his tongue. He pushed Lonnie to the back of his throat and just held him there, not allowing him to move, needing to feel that fullness, and enjoying the taut stretch of his mouth around Lonnie’s dick.


Lonnie’s legs were shaking and vibrating against him and Sabian knew Lonnie wasn’t going to last much longer. He gave one last, hard, forceful suck. Lonnie’s cock bucked violently in his mouth, pulsed once, twice then Sabian felt the abrupt rush of Lonnie’s fluid into his mouth, thick, foamy, and so copious he barely managed to contain it, swallowing rapidly and eagerly determined to get it all.


Knees weak and shaking, Lonnie looked down at Sabian, dazed, perplexed, and a little confused. His pants were down around his ankles. His cock was still hard and sticking out in front of him, still wet with Sabian’s saliva, and still red.


Eyes closed, Sabian swallowed again and licked his lips. He was hard, not quite believing what he’d done, on the verge of cumming and needing it, right now.


He moved back towards Lonnie’s cock. He licked and sucked on the sides, avoiding the head. He sucked on Lonnie’s thighs, nuzzled under his balls, all the while squeezing his cock, needing it, needing to cum….just cum. Yeah, just…once more…so close….


He buried his face against Lonnie’s groin, mashing his face there, smelling Lonnie. Sabian groaned quietly and came in his pants against his roughly squeezing hand. He held his face against Lonnie’s groin until his breathing slowed. Every now and then, he would feel Lonnie’s thigh muscles tighten and release, still spasming after his powerful orgasm.


Reluctantly, Sabian pulled back and looked up at Lonnie. Lonnie returned the look but Sabian was unable to interpret the expression in his ginger colored eyes. For a chilling moment, they just stared at each other. Lonnie was the first to look away.


He straightened himself up and moved off the wall. His hands, which had recently been entwined in Sabian’s hair, hung awkwardly at his sides; he wasn’t sure what do with them, or what to say. He decided upon, “Thank you”. Master of the quick getaway, his pants were up and he was out of the room before Sabian had even begun to formulate a response.


Thank you?


Sabian finally noticed his aching, burning knees. His boxers were soaked. He looked down at the large spreading stain on one of his favorite pair of jeans. He was cold. He felt sticky and slimy and quite suddenly, tired.


Thank you?


You’re fucking welcome, he thought to himself bitterly.



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