Lacey in the Middle


                                                                                              By Sol Corazon


The Three


By recess on the first day of school, it was glaringly obvious that they did not fit in with the other kids. Kai was just a little too tidily

dressed. His clothes were neatly starched and ironed, with sharp creases down the middle of his pants legs. His black loafers gleamed

so brightly they appeared to have been spit shined. Black, glossy, precisely cut hair framed his long, narrow, oak brown face.


He was too neat, too perfect for his rundown surroundings. In contrast, Lacey looked as if someone had stuck her finger into an

electric socket. Her dark brown hair sprung out haphazardly in every direction. Her wrinkled dress was an ugly, pink tinged,

grayish white. Her slender brown legs were bare and she was wearing a tattered pair of white sneakers that were one size too big.


The other children had already separated themselves into groups. The project kids stood in a clump by the swings. The other kids were

 jumping rope or playing on the rusted playground equipment.  Dyllan stood in the center of the jungle gym, surrounded by its rusted

metal skeleton.


At six, this was his second trip through kindergarten and he was taller and sturdier than most of the other kids. His stormy, gray blue

eyes scanned the playground curiously. His arms were spread out, hands clutching the metal bars on each side of him. The second

youngest of seven, Dyllan, was experienced in claiming territory and was clearly marking the jungle gym as “MINE.”


His eyes returned to the two sitting on the concrete bench directly across from him. The girl reminded him of a movie he had seen,

where a boy had been raised by wolves. She looked like a jungle girl with all that wild hair. The boy, at first he thought he might be a

girl too, because he was so pretty, with his slanted black eyes, tiny rosebud mouth and long black hair, looked kinda scared.


Dyllan had incorrectly surmised that the boy must be Chinese. Dyllan was right about one thing: Kai was scared and he was bewildered

too. Over the past ninety days, his life had been turned inside out. His father, a military officer stationed in Japan, had been killed in a

 training accident. His mother had sent him to live with his father’s mother in the United States.


At first, Kai and Lacey had been sitting on each side of the cold, hard bench. It took them about twenty minutes, but eventually they

ended sitting side-by-side, arms touching. They weren’t looking at each other, weren’t talking, they were just staring at the other kids,

aware that they were different in some kind of indefinable way and not fitting in. Lacey impulsively reached out and took Kai’s hand in

her own. He responded by clasping her hand as tightly as she held his.


Dyllan always found himself watching Lacey and Kai, curious about them. The kindergarten teacher, an experienced teaching nun,

 used their growing friendship to help them adjust. They were usually paired together and when the classroom was arranged, their

desks were pushed together. They didn’t talk much.  They didn’t seem to need to. In fact, at that point, Kai still understood more

Japanese than English.


Dyllan liked to watch them.  The boy was always so neat and stayed that way, never a hair out of place. Jungle girl had a ponytail. She

had to have fixed her hair herself. Today, it was partially confined in a ponytail holder, but mostly not. She had on mis-matched socks, a

red jacket that was two sizes too big, a pair of worn, threadbare jeans and a t-shirt.


He was on the playground, King of the Jungle Gym, surveying his domain. The other kids were too intimidated by his stormy, gray blue

glare to approach him. As usual, Lacey and Kai were sitting on the bench across from the jungle gym, as close to each other as they

could get, and holding hands.


 Every now and then, Kai would point to something, say a word and then look at her expectantly, until she said the word too. Sometimes

he would shake his head no and then they would seem to start over. This increased Dyllan’s interest.


He kept watching them, trying to figure out what they were doing. Suddenly, Lacey looked up and noticed his scrutiny. She smiled,

ginger brown eyes sweet and warm, her entire face lit with welcome. He had never really seen her face before, because most of the

time she was looking down and avoiding eye contact with others. Her smile made Dyllan feel as though he were being bathed in sunshine.


He felt the smile in a tangible way. Almost like she had reached out by the hand and pulled him towards her. He was never able to

explain verbally, something that he had felt on such a visceral level. He had found something he had not even been aware of missing.


Three weeks from the first day of kindergarten, Dyllan relinquished his possession of the jungle gym and joined the two sitting on the

Three desks were pushed together, with Lacey in the middle.


They had been learning how to count to 100. No matter how often Kai and Dyllan practiced with her, Lacey always got the number

count 1 to 10 mixed up. Today, for the first time, it clicked. She had looked at the three desks pushed together and said…1…2…3. 

She touched herself…one, then Kai…two, and then Dyllan…three.


She kept it up until even Dyllan could not keep a straight face. They were caught giggling by the teacher and threatened with

separation, they were so loud. This silenced them immediately.


Later on the playground, Dyllan said it again, “One…two…three…” and it was different, they didn’t laugh. Kai said it too.

It was a vow, a promise, a bond. Dyllan never teased Lacey and Kai for holding hands, even though he thought it was babyish; he would

 sit close, but he wouldn’t hold hands. Today was different. They sat on the bench talking and playing, not fitting in with the others and

not caring.

That day, Dyllan held hands too.




Kai walked gracefully into the kitchen, black, silky hair pushed back from his forehead and streaming down to the middle of his back.

He prepared a bowl of his favorite cereal, Special K. Lacey was already sitting at the table, reading the newspaper, while sipping a cup

of coffee and munching on a piece of buttered toast.


“C’mere baby,” she said. “Take a look at this. Our horoscopes look pretty interesting.”


Before leaning over her shoulder to read, Kai softly kissed the back of her neck.


Lacey shivered slightly and then started reading aloud, “Mine says, ‘Arise Sagittarian, that which is dormant awakens now.’ Yours



“Lucky you Aquarius,” Kai read aloud with her in mellow tones.


While he read, he lightly stroked her arms up and down. He did it unconsciously. He was an extremely tactile being and one of his

favorite things in all the world was to touch Lacey. Lacey shivered again, goose bumps rising along her arms where Kai touched her.

 She stopped speaking and Kai continued reading aloud by himself.


“The deepest longing of your heart realized, 1…2…3…”


 Kai gently rested his chin on the top of Lacey’s head and rubbed back and forth. “Cool,” he said.


“Yeah, and Dyllan’s says…”


“Oh God,” Dyllan groaned, as he entered the room. He was shirtless and wearing a pair of worn, gray sweat pants that hung low on his

lean hips, his shoulder length blond hair was slicked back and wet from his recent shower.


“Are you two reading the horrorscopes again? Damn, let me go back out and come back in when you’re done.”


“No, no, listen, listen,” Lacey said. “This is a good one. ‘Roar Leo, roar, your greatest pleasure, your greatest treasure is now yours,

 if you so desire.’


Dyllan snorted rudely, “Ok, whatever.” He moved to the refrigerator and began taking out the ingredients for a protein shake.


Kai leaned over, softly kissed the back of Lacey’s neck and she shivered again. Her eyes closed briefly at the shock of unfamiliar

 sensation coursing through her body. Something within Kai stopped and came to attention as he reviewed the last few moments. Lacey

had responded to his touch. Not in the usual puppy girl way. This was different.


He went back around the kitchen table and sat down in one of the butcher-block chairs. He eyed her speculatively and turned the words

over and over in his mind, ‘that which has been dormant…the deepest longing of your heart.’ If he was to be truly honest with himself,

he kept the deepest longing of his heart hidden. To admit to it, to pull it out, analyze and examine it, would be too unutterably painful,

since he was certain it would not ever come to pass.


In spite of himself, his heartbeat quickened and he continued to look at Lacey out of solemn black eyes. She tilted her head and looked

 at him questioningly. “What up, baby?”


He shook his head slowly. “Nothing…nothing,” he repeated.


Kai moved over to the worn, black, leather couch, sat down and stretched long arms out on each side of his wiry frame. He leaned back

and sighed dramatically, “It’s movie day and I am waiting…ever so patiently.”


“I’m coming,” Lacey said, quickly finishing the last bite of toast and the remaining few sips of coffee. “What are we watching?”


“Anything with Vin Diesel,” Kai said. “I’m in love with that man.”


“Me too,” Lacey said and they smiled at each other in agreement.


“Hold up. Hold up, kids,” Dyllan said. “Let me finish making my shake.”


He rapidly dropped a couple of strawberries, a handful of blueberries and a banana into the blender. Lacey washed her dishes and then

joined Kai on the sofa. She laid her head in his lap and curled up against him.


“I am soooo glad to be off today. It’s been a rough week. Too many kids with too many problems, ” Lacey said.


She added somberly, “It hurts. Every one of those kids reminds me of what things coulda been like for me if I didn’t have the two of



Lacey was a social worker and worked at a school for homeless kids. She was quiet for long moments, and then continued in a lighter



“I am DRAINED. I’m vegging this weekend and Kai is gonna get his deep, deep longing fulfilled. What’s the secret Kai? A deep, dark

wish for Vin Diesel to come scoop you up?” Lacey teased.


“I wish,” Kai responded casually, relieved she could not see his face.


“K, K, I’m here. Lift up,” Dyllan said, pulling Lacey’s legs into his lap, so that she lay across both of them. She shifted herself to get

comfortable and snuggled into them.


“Ok?” Dyllan asked her.


“Yes,” she replied.


“Cold?” Dyllan asked her, knowing how easily she became chilled.


“Nope, you guys are keeping me warm,” she murmured. Kai hit the remote and soon the three of them were engrossed in the fast

paced action flick. Kai gently stroked and caressed the silky skin of Lacey’s arms and legs, petting her. He slowly began unbraiding

 her hair, enjoying the cascade of thick, coarse, soft, dark brown strands against his fingers.


Lacey hummed in contentment. “I hope you asked Dyllan if he was going to rebraid my hair for me before you started taking it out,”

she said.


Kai gave Dyllan a guilty look. “Oops. Hey Dyl, you gonna braid Lacey’s hair?”


Dyllan gave Kai a sour look, “Guess I’m gonna have to. Can’t send her to work looking like a jungle girl.”


“Sorry,” Kai said.


Dyllan nodded. He always pretended it was a chore or a favor for him to braid Lacey’s hair…only, it wasn’t and Kai and Lacey knew it.

When Lacey turned five, she had confided shyly that she hadn’t received any birthday presents and that the only birthday present that

she REALLY wanted was for the other girls to stop talking bad about her hair.


He had taken Lacey to his older sister Mary Katherine. It was the first time he had taken Lacey home with him. Lacey had taken one

look at Mary Katherine’s creamy, caramel colored skin, blond spiral curls, and blue eyes and said, ‘You look like an angel.’

Mary Katherine’s soft heart had melted. When Lacey smiled at her shyly, she had fallen in love with the little girl. Dyllan had watched

every move Mary Katherine made, and taught himself how to braid Lacey’s hair.


Lacey felt warm and secure, snuggled into Dyllan and Kai. Kai’s fingers combing through her hair and massaging her scalp felt soooo

good. His long, sensitive fingers traced an endless, torturous route along her body. They started at her hair, circled lightly round and

round on the back of her neck, down her arm, gently entwined with hers, drifted back up her arm and down across her thigh as far as he

 could reach. Then they retraced their path, oh so slowly and delicately, until every nerve in her body was awake and standing on end.


Lacey quivered, anticipating that funny feeling she got in her stomach when Kai moved his fingers a certain way. What she was feeling

 deepened and twisted until she felt raw. She couldn’t put a name to it. It was almost painful and yet she did not want him to stop. Her

breathing quickened slightly and she shifted restlessly. Kai continued his languorous, sensual stroking.


With a feather light touch, he curved his forefinger across her ear, and even more gently, slowly moved his fingers upwards, to spread

through her scalp and then clench and carefully tug a handful of her hair. She moaned softly and buried her hot face against Kai’s leg.

 A heated rush of agonizing pleasure permeated her entire being. “God, God, God…does he know what he’s doing to me?” 


Dyllan felt his cock slowly stiffening. His body responded instinctively to Lacey’s arousal before his conscious mind was aware of it. He

 could smell her. Sultry, sweet and with that special Lacey smell he associated with her. Shit. This was not happening. He looked at Kai

and gave him a, what the fuck are you doing? look out of fierce blue eyes. Kai looked back and Dyllan couldn’t interpret his expression.


Lacey got up suddenly and said, “Um, I’m gonna take a long, hot soak. I’ll check Vin out later.”


She strode off to the bathroom on shaky legs and left a rare, uncomfortable silence behind her.


“What are you up to Kai? Dyllan asked in a heated whisper.


Kai looked at Dyllan out of unfathomable black eyes, not sure how to answer or how to express what he was feeling and what his

intuition was telling him.


Dyllan leaned over and softly kissed Kai’s full lips.


“I hope you know what you are doing man. You weren’t there.”


Kai didn’t have to ask what Dyllan meant. He hoped he knew what the fuck he was doing too. He kept turning the words ‘that which

has been dormant’ and ‘lucky you’ around and around in his head.


Dyllan hated memories of that day. As always, his heart started to race as the memories surfaced unwillingly. Since kindergarten, the

 three of them had been inseparable. They were together almost every day and spent most of their time at Dyllan’s house. He lived

across the street from the West Baltimore high-rise projects Kai and Lacey lived in. With all of the kids coming and going in his house,

 a couple more made no difference to his laid-back mom.


Feeling unusually fatigued, Lacey had gone straight home after school, telling Dyllan and Kai that she would catch up with them later.

Dyllan had worried that she had picked up a virus that was going around school. He had an uneasy feeling and when Lacey was late,

he found himself walking and then running urgently to her apartment. He hadn’t bothered to put a jacket on, but was impervious to the

chill December weather.


He didn’t knock; they wouldn’t have heard if he had. Lacey’s mother and her friends were listening to some rap song he had never

heard before and nodding in front of the television, high as shit. His heart picked up the driving beat of the music when he looked

around and didn’t see Lacey.


He raced towards her room and kicked the locked door open effortlessly. Lacey was on the bed, struggling with some guy who was

 lying on top of her. There was bright red blood smeared between her thighs.


At thirteen, Dyllan had just about reached his adult height of 6’3.” Like the rest of the O’Brien’s, he was big boned and muscular.

Without any thought, he reached over, grabbed the guy and secured him in a chokehold. Artic blue eyes found Lacey on the bed

struggling to compose herself and trying not to panic when she saw the blood on her legs.  Dyllan’s fear turned into a quiet, murderous



Ignoring the man efforts to get away, he asked, “Ok baby?”


Something in his eyes made Lacey nod quickly. She would have done so even if she hadn’t been ok. The guy didn’t know it, but he was

not gonna get away until Dyllan decided to let go. As the second youngest of seven, Dyllan knew how to fight dirty. With a big brother

like Cullen, he couldn’t be anything but a street fighter. As Cullen liked to say, ‘ When I’m finished with you, the only person who’ll be

 able to kick your ass will be me.’


Dyllan said in cold, harsh tones, “Keep moving bitch, and I’ll let you choke yourself.”


Gasping for breath, the man stopped moving. Keeping his arm wrapped around the guy’s neck, Dyllan hauled him through the

apartment, ignoring the choking sounds he was making. He threw him down the steps and saw with grim satisfaction that the man was

 not able to catch himself until the middle of the second landing.


He took a deep, shaky breath and went back to Lacey. He wanted to storm through the apartment, kick all of Lacey’s mother’s so

called friends out. He wanted to beat Lacey’s mother sober. He walked back into Lacey’s room on unstable legs.  She was sitting on

her bed, staring at the dusty wooden floor.


“I was calling you,” she said softly, husky voice trembling.


“I heard you,” he said simply.


“I’m bleeding,” she continued.


“I know,” Dyllan replied.


“Not from him,” she said angrily. “I don’t know why.”


Having the desire to kick Lacey’s dumb ass, fucked up, junkie mother’s ass all over again, he squatted in front of her.

“It’s ok,” he said. “It’s your period.”


“My what?”


“Your period.” He briefly explained what he knew in simple terms, for once thanking God for his sisters.


 “Mary Katherine will tell you the rest, ok?”


Dyllan heard footsteps pounding through the apartment--maybe the asshole had gone to get some friends. He jumped up, ready for

anything. Kai burst into the room.


Kai took one look at Lacey and said, “I knew it, I knew it. I knew something was wrong. I thought I would be too late.”


He was out of breath and perspiring. He collapsed next to Lacey and embraced her fiercely.


Dyllan went to the bathroom, searching cabinets and coming up empty handed.  Shit, even junkies got periods, don’t they? Without

compunction, he entered Lacey’s mother’s room, and searched her drawers. Finally, finding what he needed, he returned to Lacey’s

room. Kai was holding her as if he was not ever going to let her go.


"Why doesn’t she love me?” Lacey asked angrily. “Why doesn’t she care enough about me to stop?”


Dyllan stopped in the middle of the bedroom, not sure what to say, what to do. In all the time he had know her, Lacey had never

complained about her mother.


Never complained about the times she had to tell her mother to take a shower, to get dressed. The times she had to go to the church

and ask for food because there was none in the house. Or about all of the other times she had to think like an adult instead of a child.


Kai understood, he had been asking that question since he had been shipped off to the US at age five, away from everything he knew.

He still couldn’t understand how the mother who had been such a warm, loving presence, could have so abruptly pushed him out of her

life. For Kai, the day Lacey had taken him by the hand, had kept him from disappearing.


Each day that had passed since he arrived in the United States, he had felt smaller and smaller. His grandmother had tried to reach him

 with very little success. Only Lacey had been able to penetrate the fog of grief and isolation surrounding him and pull him through.


Unable to articulate his understanding or his feelings, Kai staunchly said, “We love you and we’ll tell you every day. Right Dyllan?”


Dyllan would have agreed to anything to take those heartbroken looks off of both of their faces.


“Yeah, right, I love you,” he said gruffly. “Both of you. Ok kids,” he said. 


Kai and Lacey looked at each other. Kids????


“I’m the oldest, and I know best. Get cleaned up, packed up and we out.”


When they arrived at Dyllan’s house, his brother Cullen and Cullen’s best friend Shannon were outside putting up Christmas



Cullen eyeballed them sternly. “What’s wrong?” he asked. His violet eyes softened when they reached Lacey.


“C’mere girl,” he said. She walked over to him and sank into his warm embrace.


Dyllan said briefly. “Some asshole friend of her mother’s.”


Cullen put the rest together easily. “He dead?" he asked Dyllan, face grim.


“Nah, threw him down the steps though.”


“Cool,” Cullen said. “We gonna teach you how to fight little girl. By the time I’m finished with you, nobody’ll be able to kick your ass

but me.”


Lacey never spent any time alone in her apartment again. Kai and Dyllan were always with her or she was at Dyllan’s crowded house.


Even though Lacey could have easily shared with one of his sisters, she stayed in Dyllan’s room. Kai, Lacey and Dyllan became

accustomed to sleeping together like a litter of puppies. Lacey became accustomed to the idiosyncrasies of adolescent boys.


As she stood in her bathroom, with the door closed, breathing deeply, she asked herself why this was any different. She had felt

Dyllan’s hard cock poking against her thigh and Kai’s underneath her upper body. They were always cuddled together. Sometimes it

happened. Sometimes it didn’t.


The only difference this time was her response to it, she realized sickeningly. This time, she had been turned on by the feel of their

hard cocks, by the male smell of them. By Kai’s long, graceful fingers moving skillfully across her skin. By the fact that she was

surrounded by the two people she loved most in the world, cuddled into them, feeling loved, safe and…as if she could eat them alive.


God and Kai…Kai was gay and she most definitely was not turned on by that old clichéd thing about straight women trying to transform

 a gay man into something he obviously wasn’t meant to be. Shit, was this some kind of hormonal thing? Was she hitting puberty in her



Well, she decided grimly. If that’s what it was, she was keeping her damn hormones to herself. She ran her bath water, lit incense and

candles. She sank into the hot bubbly water and tried to read a book she had wanted to get to for a long time. She tried to ignore her

racing thoughts and crazy feelings.


She stirred uneasily in the steaming water. This was not the time to start running away from the painful and difficult. Growing up with a

mother like hers, she had realized very early, that you can never escape yourself. She wanted Kai, wanted Dyllan. Admit it…physically, sexually.


She wanted them badly. Why now? They had been living together now for six months. It had taken years of planning, working hard, and

pooling resources, to reach the goal established when they were barely teenagers: to get the fuck out the hood, and to be together.


She was startled to suddenly realize now, that even though Dyllan and Kai had lovers, neither one had had a relationship, ever. She had

 never really thought about it before. Over the years, it had just been the three of them.


Since they had been living together, neither one had even brought a lover home. She had never had a lover. That incident where she

had been attacked as a young girl had put her budding sexuality into deep freeze. The barriers were down now. Because?


Because she felt safe, comfortable, loved. She had vowed to Kai once that noone was ever going to be able to touch her again…except

for him and Dyllan. She had kept that vow. She was not a hugger or cuddler…except with the two of them.



Well, she controlled her body, not the other way around. She would be honest with herself about how she was feeling…and just keep it

in check. Things were just the way she had always dreamed and she was not going to do anything to change it or screw it up.


Dyllan continued watching the movie, mind half on the action, half on remembering. Kai stretched out and laid his head on Dyllan’s lap.

He rubbed his cheek slowly against Dyllan’s still hard cock.


Dyllan gave Kai’s hair a hard, playful tug. “Don’t start what you can’t finish. Watch the movie,” he added sternly. “I want to see it.”


He moved restlessly as Kai rubbed his lips over the head of his cock and blew warm breath through the thin, worn material of his sweat

 pants.  His cock twitched eagerly in response.


Kai sat up and rose to his feet in a smooth, elegant movement.  He walked over to the windows and looked out upon the busy city.

Although they owned the entire three apartment building, he loved being on the third floor. He could view the entire city. He laughed at

himself for the happy thrill he experienced every time he looked around their apartment.


Dyllan and Lacey had allowed him a free hand, trusting in his artistic eye implicitly. Their furniture was secondhand but good, solid

pieces. He had added green, leafy plants of all sizes and shapes all over the place to add life and color. There were brightly colored

pillows scattered on the sofa, adding warmth to the room. The room was sun-filled and airy, due to the presence of three ceiling to floor

 windows on the sidewall.


When Lacey saw the windows, she had to have this house in particular. “Got to have that sun,” she said. Living here with Dyllan and

Lacey was as close as Kai thought he would ever get to what he really wanted. He remembered so many of the things that had occurred

in their lives. All of the things that had brought them closer together.


He felt so lucky. To go from feeling so lost, alien and out of place to the sunshine of Lacey was like a dream. They didn’t even have to

speak sometimes to be in perfect communion. They would exchange a wordless glance and that would be enough. Dyllan called it scary.

He’d say, ‘Cut that shit out.’ It was almost like they were one person. Yet they had quite distinctive personalities and were very

different in quite a few ways.


He could feel her fear. Feel her doubting and mocking herself for what she was feeling. What she felt when he touched her…because

 he was gay. He felt fortunate that he had not ever experienced the turmoil that he had read and heard about other gay men

experiencing. It was so intrinsic to his nature that it just was. He had always known that he liked and desired boys.


He had his first crush when he was around eight. It was their music teacher at school, Mr. James Chatham. Of course, at the time, he

hadn’t realized it was a crush. Just like he had always known so had Lacey. He had never had to come out and tell her.


Starting in kindergarten, the two of them were voracious readers. They had discovered the writers Mary Renault and

Mercedes Lackey, among others when they were around twelve years old. Lacey had an idealized, romantic version of what two men

together must be like.


The warrior lovers of Sparta had always appealed to her. Best friends and lovers, loyal until the end. A physical and spiritual union. So

when she figured out Kai was gay, she thought it was so cool. At the age of twelve, she had some vague idea of Kai and his male lover,

Dyllan and his lover of the moment and her living happily ever after.


He had come out to Dyllan when he was around 15. They were in Druid Hill Park, on top of a deserted hilly area, where they went to

chill sometimes. The ground had been amber, orange and gold with piles of fallen leaves. They had sat down at the top of the hill

waiting for Lacey to catch up.


“I’m gay,” he had said suddenly, stomach churning despite the fact that his heart knew Dyllan loved him. Still…part of him was scared.


“And what?”Dyllan said in cool tones.


“I’m gay, Yo,” he had repeated nervously.


“I heard you, kid,” Dyllan said, pushing him on his back and jumping on top of him.


They gathered momentum and rolled down the hill, over and over, laughing their asses off. At the bottom of the hill, Kai had flushed as

his penis had hardened against Dyllan’s thigh. “Sorry,” he apologized quietly.


Dyllan, still on top of him, looked down and grinned devilishly while rubbing his erect penis against Kai. 


“You’re gay?” Kai had asked dumbfounded.


Dyllan smirked.  “Ever heard of that saying, ‘a stiff dick has no conscience?”


Kai shook his head no.


“Well, my mother says it all the time,”Dyllan responded.  “Anyway, instead of that, I always say, ‘my stiff dick has no preference.’

I am an O’Brien after all. You know how my brother Cullen is, what they say about him?”


Kai nodded his head.


“Plus in my family, we don’t care about shit like that. My ma says----‘Just be nice, don’t hurt nobody and its all good.’


Kai chuckled to himself again at the memory. He hated labels. He felt that he had to identify himself as gay, because to say anything

less would be to deny himself and who he was. And yet…he wanted Lacey. He desired her. Craved her. He wanted to fuck her, wanted

to get into her skin, wanted to make love to her with a passion that burned him raw.


He didn’t understand it. He only knew it was true. More than love, more than sex. After his last attempt at a relationship, he had finally

recognized that emotionally he was too tied into Dyllan and Lacy to have a relationship with a boyfriend. Over the past six months, he

 had stopped trying and he had been happy. Until today.


Today, when he had just barely acknowledged to himself what he truly wanted. He ran his fingers through his hair. Dyllan stepped

 behind him and massaged his shoulders.


Kai leaned back into him and sighed.


“Ok, baby?” Dyllan asked, wrapping his arms around Kai and kissing the top of his head.


“Yeah,” Kai murmured. “Just a little restless. It was busy this week, finishing the artwork for the new client.”


Kai was a graphic artist and had been running his own business for the past eighteen months. “I’ve been thinking. Thinking about how

 it was when I first told you and everything that we’ve been through together. Remember, how it was the first time?”


“Yeah,” Dyllan replied softly. “I will never forget that.”


Dyllan had waited for Lacey to finish an extra credit project she was working on after school. Kai was waiting for them at his apartment.

 She ran down the concrete stairs at the school entrance and said breathlessly, “Sorry I’m late, Dee.”


“No prob,” Dyllan assured her. “You ready?”


“Um, I’m gonna go over Gina’s and she’s gonna help me with a project. I’ll meet you at Kai’s.”


“How you gonna get to Kai’s? I don’t want you walking by yourself when it’s dark outside.”


“It’s ok, Daddy,” Lacey said sweetly. “I’ll catch a cab. It’s not far and I got a couple dollars.”


“I’m serious, Lacey.” Dyllan said.


“I know, I know. I’m just teasing you.”


Dyllan was halfway down the block when Lacey turned around and called him.


“What up?” he asked, jogging up to her. “Forgot your key?”


“Nope--Dyll,” she said, pulling his head down so she could look into his eyes earnestly. “I love you and I know you will always do the

right thing.”


Dyllan started to make some sort of smart-ass comment but something about the look on Lacey’s sweet face stopped him. He took a

deep breath. “Thank you… I love you too.”


He looked at her quizzically.


“That’s all,” she said. “See you later.”


Dyllan jogged over to Kai’s apartment, wondering what the hell that was about. Lacey must be up to something. Lacey always had a

List and Lacey always had a Plan. Without fail, she always managed to involve Dyllan and Kai in whatever her scheme was.


Dyllan used his key. After what had happened to Lacey, they each had keys to the other’s homes. The only reason he used his key now

 was that he knew tonight was Bingo night for Kai’s grandma. The apartment was warm and comfortable after the cold November chill

outdoors. The front room had an amber glow from the candles sitting on the coffee table.


“Kai,” Dyllan called out.


“I’m in the kitchen.”


The kitchen table was prettily set, with matching plates, placemats, crystal wine goblets and silverware. Lit candles served as a

 centerpiece and their perfumed scent lightly permeated the room.


“It’s not my birthday, ”Dyllan said puzzled. “So, why am I smelling the beautiful scent of baked bread and lasagna and broccoli and …

shit…shit…you didn’t, did you? Apple pie too??? I’m dreaming…I know I am.”


Kai was looking at Dyllan as if he were crazy. Dyllan walked over to Kai and started kissing him all over his face. Big, sloppy, noisy



“I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this,” he said. “But I---I… I love you man.” Unable to keep a straight face, he started



He looked at Kai. Kai was not amused…and he was still looking at Dyllan as if he were from another planet or something. Dyllan

looked at the prettily set table again, the candles, all of the painstakingly prepared food. He looked at Kai again.


Kai was perfection. From the black brushed suede boots, neatly pressed jeans, purple velvet turtleneck, to his hair, black and glossy,

as if he had brushed it for hours. Kai’s face was impassive. Solemn black eyes, unreadable. Soft full lips, unsmiling. Cheekbones sharp

as blades and prominent in the candlelight. Dimples hidden with no intention of coming out to play tonight. This was Serious Kai.


“Am I in the wrong place, wrong time, Yo?” Dyllan asked. “I thought me and Lacey were supposed…”


“No, No, NO,” Kai interrupted softly, running his fingers through his hair gracefully.  He turned back to the stove and started checking,

 stirring, and replacing lids with slow, precise, motions. Uh oh---Kai is nervous. Unlike most people, nerves did not make Kai clumsy.


The more anxious he became, the more precise, the more graceful he became. Underneath the cool, perfect layer was an underlying

tension that Dyllan was finally beginning to pick up on.


“No, No, what, Kai? What’s up? Everything ok?”


“No, I don’t have plans with anyone else but you and Lacey,” Kai said quietly. “I thought, Lacey and I thought… I just wanted to do

something nice for you and spend some time with you so we could talk.”


“Ooookay,” Dyllan said. “What d’you wanna talk about?”


“It can wait 'til after we eat,” Kai said.


“If it’s anything bad just tell me now,” Dyllan said grimly, his heart beginning to clench with fear. “Kai…you’re not sick are you?”


Startled and embarrassed, Kai flushed. “No…no…nothing like that. Nothing like that.”


He walked over to Dyllan. “Hey, the way we bug you about using condoms and getting tested? Hell no…what applies to you applies to

us too.”


Dyllan had been playing around with his older brothers’ Cullen, Niall and Quinn, ex-girlfriends and other friends, since he was around

twelve or thirteen. Lacey and Kai always accompanied him to the clinic on North Avenue for testing and always, without fail, bugged

him about using condoms.


He never left home without one. You didn’t live in their neighborhood for long without knowing what being sick was. Dyllan loved life

too much to risk it for the sake of cumming. No matter how good it felt.


His stomach relaxed. ‘Shit, you scared the fuck outta me for a minute. Let’s eat.”


Kai looked at him intently. “Now I’m too nervous to eat. Can we talk for a minute?”


When Dyllan nodded, Kai led him into the front room and they both sat on the worn brown couch, barely noticing as they sank down

heavily onto the frame of the old piece of furniture.


Kai closed his eyes for a minute, gathering his thoughts. “Dyllan,” he said formally, “I am gay.”


“Kai,” Dyllan said just as formally, “I know.”


Is this doing the right thing? he asked himself.


“Let me finish,” Kai said impatiently. “I haven’t been with anyone before.”


“You’re a virgin???”  Dyllan interrupted again.




As Dyllan opened his mouth to speak once more, Kai held up one hand imperiously, stopping him. “I have thought about it a lot. I don’t

want my first experience to be with someone I don’t know, someone I meet in the bathroom at the bus station or outside a bar.”


Is this what doing the right thing means? Dyllan was frozen with shock as Kai continued and he started to realize where this

conversation was headed. Will it hurt Kai if I say, “No, I am not the one?" Dyllan remembered his first time with his brother Quinn’s

ex-girlfriend Stacey and his brother Niall’s friend Tina.


They had teased him until he was hard and taken him over to Tina’s house to play. It had been lighthearted, exuberant, and joyous.

Could he do that for someone? Could he do that for Kai? Suddenly it all clicked together.


“Hold up, hold up. I know you and Lacey think I’m a brick.”


Kai was startled into smirking in agreement and a dimple appeared and disappeared. 


Dyllan continued, “I know there’s a List involved in this and oh yes, where there’s a list, there’s a Plan.”


Kai’s impassive face was now appearing to be unbelievably innocent. Oh no, not me, it said expressively.


Dyllan’s eyes narrowed threateningly. “Ok, I am willing to talk about it. I’m willing to think about it, but you are going to need to show

me that list first.”


Kai walked into his bedroom and returned with the list in hand.

De-virginize Kai


Have Dyllan do the job: fix his favorite meal, candles, incense,  

Have the talk.

Anal sex: Lube!!!!! Fingers first. Practice!!!!! Condoms

Rules: No going off with strangers, (me or Dyllan have to be with

you) Use condoms


“If this wasn’t so cute, I’d really be pissed off,” Dyllan said bluntly.


“I know,” Kai said, blinking rapidly as his eyes filled with tears.


“I’m fucking up,” he said abruptly, voice shaking. “Lacey and I weren’t plotting behind your back.”


At Dyllan’s measured blue-eyed gaze, Kai backpedaled, “Well, not in a bad way.”


Kai stood up and paced restlessly. Dyllan remained unusually silent.


“I’ve been going crazy. I want to touch and be touched. I want to fuck and be fucked. I’m lonely. I’m horny and I am tired of jerking off.


Lacey has this romantic idea of how things should be…you know how she is…and we came up with the Plan. But, we didn’t even think

 of you at first. I’ve thought about it and thought about it and there is no way I can do my first time with a stranger. We kept trying to

think of people but…”


Kai walked over to Dyllan knelt down in front of him and grasped his hands. “You are my best friend, my brother. You know me better

 than anyone else in the world, next to Lacey, and I love you,” Kai said in a whisper.


“Lacey makes her lists and her plans because it’s a way of taking control, making things happen instead of feeling helpless,” Kai said.


“You know why she’s that way. We did not mean to manipulate you or plot behind you back or hurt you or insult you.” The tears

overflowed and slid down his face, glistening in the candlelight.


Do the right thing…now Dyllan understood completely what Lacey meant. Do the right thing, of course, was yes. This was his sweet

Kai; there was no way he could not do this. I know you will do the right thing, meant: I know you will do it. It is the right thing to do and

I love and support you.


Dyllan pulled Kai onto his lap, cradling him against his chest. “Shhhh, don’t cry.”


He stroked Kai’s hair gently, enjoying the thick, silky texture. “Ok, here’s MY plan,” Dyllan said.


Kai sniffled and laughed a little at the same time. Dyllan lifted Kai’s chin with one hand and gently wiped the tears away with the other.


“First, we’re gonna eat that amazing meal you’ve fixed. Then we’ll clean up so Grandma won’t be pissed. I’ll take it from there. This is

 my thing, got it?”


Kai nodded.


“You and Lacey, you’re my thing…you get that?” Dyllan asked.


Kai nodded his head again.


“Cool,” Dyllan said.


While they ate dinner, Dyllan admitted to himself that he had always enjoyed watching Kai. He had a lean, muscular grace that was

 visually pleasing. At fifteen, Kai was growing steadily, not like the overnight growth spurt that Dyllan had experienced.


His deep oak brown skin revealed his mixed ethnic background. His eyes were onyx, slanted and mysterious. He was very difficult to

read, unless you knew him as well as Dyllan and Lacey did. His hair spilled over his shoulders in shiny, black waves.


Dyllan complimented Kai on the elaborate meal he had painstakingly prepared and was amused at Kai’s flush of pleasure. Dyllan

complimented Kai on his choice of clothing and how nice the apartment looked. He watched Kai slowly relax as he showered him with

praise and affection.


They cleaned the kitchen together as they had many times before, but this was different. They had always been physical and

affectionate before. The three of them were like a litter of puppies, wrestling and playing and sleeping together.


Only, Dyllan had never touched Kai with sexual intent before as he was doing now. The kitchen was small and as they worked side by

side and moved around, Dyllan allowed his body to brush against Kai’s repeatedly. The first time it had happened Kai had tensed,

 aware of how careful he had always been not to appear to be coming onto Dyllan.


He had not wanted to do anything to jeopardize their closeness. Now that those barriers were coming down, he was not quite sure how

to handle it and he was scared. This was so much more than he and Lacey envisioned when they started The Plan.


Kai forced himself to relax. Dyllan said this was his show. Dyllan was like a pit bull, tough and tenacious. Kai was going to relax and go

 along for the ride.


Dyllan brushed against Kai once more. This time, he stayed behind him instead of moving away. He buried his face in Kai’s hair, and

said, “Mmmm, you smell good.”


Dyllan moved Kai’s hair to one side, pulled the collar of the turtle neck shirt Kai was wearing down and placed a soft, moist kiss on the

 back of Kai’s neck.


Kai’s knees weakened and he grabbed the edges of the sink to keep from falling. His head fell forward as Dyllan continued kissing the

back of his neck. Kai’s cock filled and lengthened and his eyes closed. His brain stuttered to a halt.


All he could do was feel. Feel Dyllan’s hands sliding up and down his arms and round to his chest. Feel Dyllan’s hard, warm body at his

 back. Dyllan’s velvety mouth, hot and wet on the back of his neck.


Dyllan wanted to rip Kai’s shirt off. The back of Kai’s neck was so sweet that he wanted to taste more. He took several slow, deep

breaths. Do this right, he told himself. Gently, he pulled the shirt out of Kai's pants and over his head.


He ran his hands over the sleek, smooth skin of Kai’s back. “Sit down baby, I’ll finish up here.”


 “I can’t move,” Kai confessed after a few moments. “When you touch me like that…I can’t think.”


Dyllan nuzzled into the space where Kai’s neck and shoulder met. Kai whimpered. Dyllan stretched his leg back and hooked a kitchen

 chair with his foot.


He slid the chair as close to them as he could and sat Kai down.


“Stay here,” Dyllan said and gave Kai a swift kiss.


Dazed, Kai watched Dyllan wrap all of the leftover food up and put it in the refrigerator. As he watched Dyllan move around the kitchen,

 Kai realized that sometimes he forgot how physically beautiful Dyllan was.


His hair had darkened very little from the time they were kids and was a pale, almost white color, and feathery soft. Like all of the

O’Brien siblings, except Brodie, Dyllan was blond haired, blue eyed, tall and muscular…and pretty. All of the O’Brien’s were gorgeous.


Dyllan had been around six feet tall since he was twelve and was still growing. At this stage, he was filling in as well as growing taller.

He worked out and it showed. He was rock hard muscle.


Dyllan had an arresting, captivating face. The kind of face that you would never get tired of looking at. His features were clear and

fine, almost angelic in fact, if you didn’t look in his eyes. His eyes were a stormy blue gray, cool and contained but untamed. They were

the eyes of a spirit that would take it to the limit. Fearless.


Dyllan reached down and adjusted himself. He hadn’t realized how arousing seducing Kai would be. Cleaning up the kitchen was hell

when all he wanted to be doing was continuing his exploration of Kai. When he finished, he looked around with a critical eye, wanting to

make sure the kitchen would pass Grandma’s inspection when she came home from Bingo.


Satisfied that the job was done and that Grandma would be pleased, Dyllan walked over to Kai, took him by the hand and led him to the

bedroom.  The bedroom seemed to be an alien landscape, a place he had never been before. He was scared of how this night would

change things.


Dyllan undressed himself slowly, enjoying Kai’s heated gaze and the appreciation in his expression. Dyllan’s cock stood out, proudly

erect and leaking already. When Kai began to undress, Dyllan said quietly, “Wait, I’ll do it.”


He went over to Kai’s CD player, made a selection and soon the small room was filled with the dark, moody sound of Portishead. Dyllan

 walked over to Kai and undressed him, feeling like a kid unwrapping a present. He led Kai to the bed and positioned him so that he was

 lying naked on his stomach.


Dyllan lay on the bed next to Kai and trailed a hand down his back.


“You taste so good, Kai,” he whispered huskily in Kai’s ear just before he captured Kai’s earlobe between his teeth.


Kai shuddered. Dyllan worked his way down Kai’s body, licking him with long, slow strokes, using the flat of his tongue. Rubbing his

mouth lightly against him, tasting him. Nibbling and sucking on him.


Kai was panting and gripping the top of the mattress to hold himself down, because if he didn’t hold onto something, he would not be

able to endure the exquisite sensations generated by the feel of Dyllan’s lips on his back, his buttocks, his legs, and oh God, now his

toes. His toes were in the hot, moist cavern of Dyllan’s mouth and oh God, he was going to go crazy. He groaned.


“Dyllan, please, please.”


“Please what?” Dyllan asked huskily, voice muffled, as he rubbed his face over Kai’s firm, taut buttocks. Kai groaned in answer and

Dyllan licked the area between his buttocks. Dyllan turned Kai onto his back and moved up so that he was on his hands and knees, his

body covering Kai’s.


Dyllan looked into Kai’s deep black eyes and saw the little boy he had been when they first met and the best friend who was such an

essential part of his life now. Those unfathomable eyes held no mystery now. The trust and love he saw there overwhelmed him. His

heart ached in his chest.


“I love you, Kai,” Dyllan said softly and gently placed his lips on Kai’s. The loving kiss deepened until Dyllan’s tongue was searching

Kai’s mouth avidly. Hungry for more of the sweetness, the honey that was Kai.


Dyllan thrust his hands into Kai’s hair and held him still so that he could plunder his mouth. He lay down on top of Kai and they both

moaned at the intense sensations experienced when skin met skin. Dyllan was grinding his penis against Kai. He started kissing his way

down Kai’s body again.


Dyllan explored every inch of Kai, licking, tasting, and biting, until finally, just before Kai was about to beg Dyllan to touch his cock, he

grasped Kai’s long penis in his hand. Kai’s back arched and he cried out. Dyllan ran his tongue leisurely across the head of Kai’s penis.


Kai gasped sharply. “Dyllannnn,” he groaned through clenched teeth. “If you do that again. I’ll cum.”


Dyllan moaned, opened his mouth and engulfed the head of Kai’s penis in his mouth. Kai screamed and twisted away, trembling.


“Oh, God, Dyllan, oh God, Dyllan,” he said incoherently. “Please fuck me now.”


Dyllan grabbed the lube and a condom, which Kai had conveniently placed on a bedside table. He expertly sheathed his penis in the

condom and heavily lubricated his cock. He also lubricated several fingers.


“Kai,” Dyllan said hoarsely.


Kai whimpered.


“I’m gonna take this slow, ok?”


Kai nodded.


“If I hurt you, if you want me to stop, tell me and I will,” Dyllan added earnestly.


Kai moved restlessly and shook his head. “No, I need you, Dyllan. I want you now.”


Dyllan inserted one finger into Kai’s anal canal, amazed at the feel, the texture and the way his finger was sucked inwards and up. His

cock twitched eagerly. 


He painstakingly inserted three fingers and when they were all completely inside of Kai’s hole, began slowly moving them in and out.

Kai arched his back and screamed wordlessly. He stretched his legs out and then bent them towards his chest.


“Dyllan,” he said desperately. “I am begging you. I am begging you to please fuck me.”


Kai’s need pulled at Dyllan. Kai writhed against Dyllan’s fingers, whimpering again when Dyllan pulled them out.


Cautiously, Dyllan replaced his fingers with his cock. He ignored Kai’s efforts to pull him in. He was determined to stay focused and

 not to injure Kai in any way. It felt like he was sinking into a vat of molten fluid. Hot, liquid, wet. Unbearable, excruciating pleasure.


Kai wrapped his arms and legs around Dyllan, engulfing him in his embrace. Kai spread his legs as wide as he could. It felt as though

each stroke of Dyllan’s cock filled him with sweet, molten fire. To be penetrated like this by someone he knew as intimately as he knew

 Dyllan was like being torn wide open. There was nowhere to hide. It was unexpected, overwhelming, and heartrending.


Dyllan stroked in and out slowly, gently, rhythmically. Kai was so hot, so tight. He looked down at him, watching the play of emotions

running across Kai’s face-- agonizing, delicious pleasure. 


“You feel soooo good inside of me,” Kai groaned. His hands gripped Dyllan’s arms.


Dyllan leaned over and nuzzled Kai’s neck, kissing and nipping at him. Kai gasped and wrapped his legs around Dyllan’s back even



“Ok baby? Dyllan whispered.


“Yes,” Kai whispered back. “Way better than ok.”


Dyllan carefully slid all of the way into Kai’s warm, tight ass until he hit bottom. He lowered himself until he was lying on top of Kai.

Every inch of Kai’s smooth, warm, brown skin was against his.


It would have been difficult for him to say when making love to Kai transitioned from being a loving responsibility to something that he

very much wanted to do. Now…finally inside of Kai, he was having difficulty controlling the urge to grab Kai by the hips and fuck him



He ruthlessly restrained the urge to let go and was gliding slowly in and out of Kai’s scorching, hot tunnel. Kai moaned and whimpered

beneath him.


“God, Dyllan, please don’t stop, don’t ever stop.” 


Dyllan leaned over and kissed Kai tenderly on the lips.


He pushed his tongue into Kai’s mouth, curled it around Kai’s seeking tongue and gradually deepened the kiss until he was kissing Kai

ravenously, unable to get enough. As they kissed, Dyllan increased the pace of his strokes. Greedily, Kai opened his legs wider, so that

 Dyllan could penetrate him even deeper. The room was soon filled with the sound of Dyllan’s lean hips crashing into Kai’s ass.


“Kai,” Dyllan said hoarsely, “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum in you now.”


Incredibly aroused by Dyllan’s words, Kai’s ass clenched around Dyllan’s cock and triggered Dyllan’s orgasm. Dyllan leaned down and

 bit Kai’s neck as pleasure surged through his body in powerful, uncontrollable waves.


He was unable to contain it…it escaped in thick, hard pulses from the tip of his penis. Kai, teased immeasurably by the friction of

Dyllan’s rock hard abdomen rubbing against the length of his penis, erupted when Dyllan did, overwhelmed by the sensation of Dyllan

penetrating him, Dyllan on him skin to skin. Dyllan kissing him, touching him, loving him.


Kai orgasmed in uncontrollable spasms, never wanting it to end. Dyllan collapsed on him. Speechless. All of Dyllan’s previous sexual

 experiences had been casual. In his house, there was always plenty of opportunity; his brothers' ex girlfriends, bi friends,  and gay

friends, those who were open about it and those who weren’t.


He had never been with anyone he cared for deeply, the way he did Kai. It had been indescribable. He rolled off of Kai and to the side,

pulling Kai into his arms. He looked into Kai’s beautiful black eyes; Kai smiled at him, dimples flashing. Almost on cue, the phone rang.


Kai answered sleepily. “Yeah-ok-not yet-bye. Lacey,” he said in answer to Dyllan’s unspoken question. “Are we done…yeah…

she’s coming over now…ok…and no, Grandma’s not home yet.”


Moments later, Lacey arrived. She looked them over and smiled approvingly at what she saw in their faces. She undressed beneath

both boys’ appreciative gazes. After removing her clothing, she put on one of Kai’s T-shirts.


“Mmmmm…it smells good in here,” she said when she dove into the bed with them. Kai and Dyllan looked at each other and grinned.

The room reeked with the smell of cum, sweat and sex.


“You’re just a nasty little animal girl,” Dyllan said teasingly.


“I know,” she responded ruefully, snuggling between them so they were all piled on each other as usual. Soon they were all sleeping



“Dyllan,” Kai said, pulling him back into the present. “I think Lacey…I think Lacey is ready now.”


Dyllan turned Kai around so that they were eye to eye. He looked at Kai intently. He couldn’t help it, his heart started racing.

Unconsciously, he licked his lips. “Don’t go there, man. I can’t even start to think about it. I can’t.”


Kai caressed the side of his face, gentling him. He understood that Dyllan wanted it as much as he did and that Dyllan was just as

scared as he was.


“You know what?” Dyllan asked. “We’re all restless. It must be contagious. I know what you kids need.” Kai rolled his eyes. Dyllan

never let them forget he was the oldest. “Let’s get the casa cleaned, pick up some groceries and do whatever else needs to be done.

I’m taking you to the Shack tonight.”


He went into Lacey’s room and spoke in a loud voice so she could hear him through the closed bathroom door. “We’re going to

The Shack tonight, baby girl. Get your shit together, do what you gotta do. Be ready by seven so we can get there early.”


Dyllan was already dressed, black leather jacket, black t-shirt,

black jeans and black boots, when Lacey walked shyly into the room. Shit, Dyllan thought, dumfounded. “She’s wearing a dress.”


The dress was a deep, rich burgundy that emphasized the red undertones of her golden, amber skin. The sleeveless scoop neck

revealed her muscular, well shaped arms and dipped low to reveal full breasts. The dress wrapped lovingly around her small waist and

full hips. There was a slit up the side that allowed sneaky peeks at her long, shapely legs as she walked what he called the Lacey walk,

“I’m cool but don’t fuck wit me.”


Kai was close behind her, wearing blue jeans and a royal blue t-shirt, in a rush to prove that he wasn’t as slow as they both said he was.

When Lacey stopped in front of Dyllan, showing off her dress and seeking approval, he and Dyllan exchanged a quick glance. He shook

 his head at Dyllan, black eyes sharp with warning: don’t tease.


“You look nice,” Dyllan said. “Ready?” he asked casually.


“Gina and Eryka took me shopping,” Lacey said in answer to the unspoken questions buzzing around the room. “She said I’d never get

a man if I kept wearing jeans and flannel all of the time.” Kai’s heart constricted in his chest. Dyllan’s nostrils flared slightly, like an

animal sensing danger.


Lacey said, “ I told her, I already have a man. Two in fact.” Dyllan and Kai shared another quick glance. “I am ready. C’mon dancer

boy,” she said to Kai, holding out her hand. She grabbed Dyllan by the arm. “This is a good idea baby. I need this.”


They walked to the club slowly, Lacey sandwiched protectively by Kai and Dyllan. It was a cool, crisp evening and Lacey huddled into

her jacket. “Can’t wait to get in. I’m cold.”


“Might help if you had some clothes on,” Dyllan grumbled. “We like you in jeans and flannel.” Kai gave him a stern look. “It’s true,"

 Dyllan protested, “We DO like her in jeans and flannel. Plus, now we’ll have to keep even MORE assholes away from her.” Lacey

snorted and rolled her eyes.


Fells Point was just beginning to get the usual Saturday night crowd. People of every size, shape, color and gender. Just chillin. There

was a strip of bars they frequented on occasion. Dark, noisy, smoky bars. Their favorite kind. The three spent many evenings traveling

 from bar to bar, dancing, running into friends and people watching.


Tonight they were headed for the Shack. The Shack was just a large wooden dance floor, with huge, state of the art, speakers

 strategically placed throughout the room. There was a bar and DJ’s booth towards the back. Lacey’s favorite DJ played on Saturday



When the door swung open, she inhaled the music and started strutting onto the dance floor. The music was so loud it felt as though the

beat was invading her pores. “I need to get warmed up first,” Kai said and sat down at one of the few table and chairs located at the

edge of the dance floor. He closed his eyes and started nodding his head to the beat. “Uh Oh, “ he said as the tempo changed. 


“What?” Dyllan asked then said, “Oh, Lacey’s favorite song,” as he recognized the intro.


“Everybody’s free to feel good…” It didn’t seem possible but the DJ increased the volume and made the refrain of the song echo over

and over---“Everybody’s free to feel good….” Kai was dancing in his chair, unable to resist the beat. He closed his eyes and allowed

the music to sweep over him.


Dyllan watched Lacey, unable to take his eyes off of her. Her long, wild hair was a golden halo framing her beautiful face. Her graceful

motion was mesmerizing. She was totally focused on the music throbbing in her veins like lifeblood. She twirled and strutted and danced

 by herself as the dance floor filled up. Every now and then someone would dance up to her. She would dance with them briefly and twirl

 away with a vague smile.


He got up from the table and leaned against one of the pillars in the center of the dance floor, his usual spot, so that he could keep a

watchful eye on Lacey. He was oblivious to the many hungry eyes staring at every move he made.


Dyllan recognized the rhythmic beat of the next song; it was one of his favorites. Ja Rule’s rough, gritty voice filled the room. Every

time he heard this song, he felt it bone deep. Coulda been his life.


“Make a lot mistakes in life...some mistakes keep calling us back…pulling us in…every day it keeps callin…would I run down a road

so dark…hope to die, cross my heart….every day…streets keep callin…they keep callin…it’s a fucked up world we live in…I’m tired

of feelin the pain…”


When he was 15, Lacey was 13 and Kai 14. Lacey and Kai were doing very well in school. They both loved to read. Gina, one of Lacey’s

 mother’s few real friends, had put a bug in Lacey’s ear when she started school. Read, read, and learn. You don’t HAVE

 to end up like this. It was contagious. Lacey infected Kai.


They would spend hours reading and studying. Dyllan hated school. Lacey and Kai kept him in. They would read to him. Halfway do

assignments for him. Anything to keep him from flunking out. Still, he was barely passing, while they were being groomed for college.

The nuns were already talking scholarships.


Dyllan looked at his mother, always working at least two jobs. His oldest brother, Cullen, had been working under the table, since he

was a little kid, to help his mother support the rest of them. Cullen didn’t want the rest of them to work. He told them to concentrate on



His family was always struggling, one step away from having to get brown bag from the church. School was more and more frustrating.

He hated having Lacey and Kai, who were younger than him, doing his assignments. He felt so fucking stupid.


He was useless. What did they even need him for? He wanted out. Now. Lacey walked up to where he stood. He had mastered the art

 of looking as if he were doing nothing. As if he just happened to be there. She looked up at him. The look in her eyes had devastated



She had never looked at him like that…ever. Disappointment, hurt. He looked down and then away. Ashamed to face her.


“You haven’t been to school for the past week,” she said quietly. “Dyllan, I don’t understand.” She searched his eyes, looking for

answers. “How could you be here…doing this? You know…” her voice trembled and she paused. “You have seen how this shit fucked

 my mother up. What, are you gonna sell to her? Latonya and James?” she asked, mentioning two young kids in their neighborhood. 


He looked at her and then away again. “I want out,” he said flatly. “I want out,” he said again, fiercely this time, meeting her eyes.

 “I hate this.”


Dyllan suddenly noticed Kai standing unobtrusively to the side…looking out. Lacey’s eyes were full of tears. Dyllan’s stomach lurched

sickeningly. Lacey never cried. Ever.  He looked down again, unable to explain how restless and increasingly frustrated he had been

feeling. Everyone seemed to have a future but him.


“This is not the way, Dyllan,” Lacey said softly, emphatically. She went over to where his stash was hidden. He was too stunned to

move; obviously she had been observing him for a while, with Kai as look out. He watched, in fear and amazement, as she dumped the

 drugs down the sewer.


His heart stuttered in terror. “Do you know who that belongs to?” he asked.


“I don’t care,” Lacey said simply. “That is not the way.”  She took Dyllan by the hand and Kai by the other. Slowly and silently they

walked home. “Let’s go to my house,” Lacey said. “I have a PLAN.”


Dyllan groaned, “I hope it involves me being alive and not owing one of the biggest drug dealers in Baltimore big bucks at the end of it.”


When they got to Lacey’s house, Lacey handed both boys a packet Both packets had photo ID and all of the documentation they needed

 to work. “Courtesy of my mother,” Lacey explained. “Moms does come through sometimes,” she added with a sad smile.


Lacey’s mother was a hustler who was involved in just about any shady deal possible to support her drug habit. Lacey tried to avoid it,

but in this case, drastic measures were required, so she had asked her mother for help. Her mother was the one who had alerted her to

what Dyllan was doing. The drug dealer Dyllan was selling for was from their neighborhood, and a sometime boyfriend of Lacey’s



“Gina got us jobs at the McDonald’s where she works,” Lacey said. Dyllan groaned again. “How much money do you owe and when is

he expecting payment?” she asked. She shrieked when he told her the amount and time frame.


“I told you,” Dyllan said grimly.


“Between the three of us, if we work out a schedule, we can do it. Gina did say she could fix it so that we can work extra hours,” Lacey

said. “We’ll be tired as hell, but you’ll still be alive and out of debt.”


“I want to quit school,” Dyllan said abruptly. “I’ll get my GED or something. I can work full time and with y’all helping a little, I can get

the money without you killing yourselves.” As Lacey started to protest, Dyllan added, “I hate school, you and Kai go, you like it. You

have plans, where you need an education and I don’t,” he finished miserably.


Lacey went over to Dyllan and knelt between his knees, “I don’t want to lose you, Dyllan.” She grabbed Kai’s hand. “I don’t want to

lose what we have together. 1…2…3… Remember?" She forced a smile. “We should be able to talk to each other about anything. We

should be able to DO anything as long as we stick together, Dyllan.”


“1…2…3…”Dyllan said softly.


“1…2…3...”Kai echoed.


“And anyway,” Lacey said, smiling with relief. “Go ahead and quit school. For you…I have another PLAN.” Dyllan groaned again and

shook his head.


The music shifted again from hip-hop to trance. Dyllan was recalled to the present by the change in tempo. His eyes remained on Lacey.

She was sweating, not perspiring, and inexhaustible.


She was in the zone and she needed…Kai. She danced over to the table, shrugging out of her jacket, “C’mon dancer boy.” She danced

over to him and shimmied sensually in front of him, laughing. Her face lit up and glowing with the sheer joy of the dance.


Kai smiled sweetly in return, enjoying her pleasure. They left their jackets on top of the table, where Dyllan could see them, as they

 moved onto the dance floor. Kai and Lacey danced in perfect accord, their movements revealing their familiarity with one another.

There was a symmetry to their movements, even though they danced very differently. Lacey was fiery energy, constant motion and Kai

 moved like quicksilver, languid and flowing.


Kai twirled her around until she was dizzy and then leaned her backwards into his embrace until she caught her breath and the world

stopped shifting. She was high, he could tell. Her eyes were glittering. “I’m just getting started baby,” she said, laughing happily. “I

needed this.”


“Me too,” he shouted over the music. “Dyllan knows best,” they said in unison, quoting one of Dyllan’s favorite sayings.


They looked at each other and grinned when they heard the intro to the next song, one of their favorites. Lacey inhaled deeply. “Oh…

yeah.” Kai leaned towards her and gently wiped the moisture from her neck and breasts with the palm of his hand. He could smell the

 light perfume she wore, mixed with her deep, earthy scent and the smell of her sweat.  Her smell intoxicated him.


He danced behind her and copied her motions. He knew her so well that he was able to mirror her movements without difficulty. Her

smell enticed him so that he had to get closer, just behind her, barely touching. He leaned in and sniffed her, unable to stop himself.


Full of yearning, he nuzzled into her neck, while lightly taking the tips of his fingers and gliding them from her fingers to the top of her

shoulders. Lacey shivered as goose bumps suddenly lined her arms. Kai touching her and the rhythm of the music took her deeper. He

gently grabbed Lacy around the waist and pulled her back into him so that he could feel her body against his.


He inhaled her scent again and closed his eyes. He began to lightly stroke her arms, up and down, while she caught his beat and moved

her hips with his. Fighting himself, Kai pulled back slightly. The rhythmic movement of her body, her warmth in front of him, just barely

touching him, was irresistible. He leaned forward again and started lapping hungrily at the salty drops of sweat on her neck and

shoulders, licking and sucking delicately.


His tongue was so hot, his lips so soft and warm. Lacey’s pulse tripped and her breath caught sharply, as her nipples hardened in a

sweet, throbbing rush of feeling. Every time Kai’s hands slid up and down her arms, she felt a tug of sensation in her nipples that spread

outward and lower. She felt as though she were encased in warm honey.


She surfaced briefly to check for Dyllan. Dyllan moved into her line of vision, he had felt her searching for him. It was getting crowded

 and someone had stepped in front of him. He had watched Lacey and Kai go from dancing exuberantly as if they would never stop, to

the rhythmic, sensual dance they were doing now.


He watched Kai touching her, stroking her, licking her and hardened slowly until he ached. He knew what those soft lips felt like, what

 those catlike nips and laps felt like all over his body, on his nipples, wrapped around his cock.


Kai’s face was barely visible, hidden behind the curtain of his silky black hair as he buried his face in Lacey’s neck. He tried to back

 away and say something teasing to make light of it, but he couldn’t. Lacey accepted his touch, unresisting.


Her gasp of pleasure and acceptance of his caresses increased his craving for her. His cock was straining against the zipper of his jeans.

He bit his lip to keep from moaning aloud. Just barely stopped himself from pulling her hips against his hard, aching length.


He felt her sliding with him, drowning with him. She tensed briefly, when she didn’t see Dyllan. As he slid into her line of vision, she lifted

 heavy lidded eyes and smiled at him slowly, dreamily, unaware of how sensual and erotic she appeared.


Her eyes locked on his. Her shoulders moved sinuously upwards in response to Kai’s lips, in constant motion on her neck. Dyllan could

not look away. He had never been able to resist her, especially not when she smiled.


Her smile called to him. Keeping his eyes on hers, he walked toward them. He found their rhythm and matched it, dancing in front of

Lacey. She loved to watch him dance and her eyes told him so. “You got the power,” she always told him.


Generally, people thought Dyllan was an icy, cool kind of guy. Lacey and Kai knew the molten steel at his core. He burned. Dyllan was

intensely aroused by the sight of Kai’s mouth and hands on Lacey. Every so often, she would close her eyes and lick her lips in response

to what Kai was doing. Her lips were wet and shiny and slightly open.


Dyllan leaned over and tentatively brushed his lips against hers. Lacey felt almost overwhelmed with pleasure. God…please do it

again…she was so wired, it was not even a conscious thought. It was a demand. It was what must happen now.


Dyllan brushed his lips against hers again. Back and forth. Back and forth. Lightly, teasingly, until she groaned with frustration and

pulled his head down to hers. He inhaled and forgot to breathe for a moment, when he felt her full lips firmly against his. He kissed her

tenderly, deepening the kiss languorously until Lacey groaned again. She grabbed the lapels of his jacket, pulling him against her.


Dyllan felt Kai’s hands grasp him by the waist and slowly raised his arms, wrapping them around the two of them. This must be what

drowning feels like, he thought mistily. He kissed Lacey languidly, intensely, as if all of their lives depended upon this one kiss.


Lacey was inundated with sensation. Kai’s warm body behind her kissing and licking her neck and shoulders. Dyllan in front of her

enveloping her in his embrace, his kiss.


Dyllan lost total awareness of his surroundings, completely engrossed in the feel of Lacey’s luscious, sweet lips under his and the world

 the three of them created. He felt a presence to his right. The presence did not register as danger, so he took his time as he reluctantly

lifted his lips  away from Lacey’s mouth.


As he looked over, a familiar voice said, “Is this a private party or can I join in?” Dyllan’s younger brother Brodie smiled at him with

an over abundance of cheerfulness, blue green eyes full of amusement at catching his older brother off guard.


Dyllan was almost relieved that Brodie had interrupted them. He had completely lost awareness of his surroundings. He had been

totally focused on Lacey and Kai and the incredible feelings evoked by having both of them in his arms. He walked over to the edge of

the dance floor with Brodie.


“What up bro?” Dyllan asked.


“Nada, baby, just watchin your ass. What you up to?” Brodie asked, eyeing Dyllan curiously.


“Just out. Friday night…you know.” Dyllan said coolly, the look in his eyes telling Brodie not to question him about what he just saw.

“Are you sure you’re old enough to be in here?” Dyllan teased, back into big brother mode.


“Now you got jokes,” Brodie said dryly. Lacey and Kai walked over to them, hands clasped tightly. Lacey embraced Brodie lovingly.

“Redhead boy, when you coming to see me?” Brodie smiled down at her. “I was just over last week.”


“I know. I miss you though. I’m used to seeing you just about every day.”


“I know,” Brodie said, “Me too.” They smiled at each other.

Dyllan shook his head. All of the O’Brien’s were a little in love with Lacey.


“Ok, Ok. Break it up. She belongs to us…and us is going home. He pulled Lacey out of Brodie’s embrace. They walked a few steps

when Lacey dug in her heels. “Wait…wait.” She grabbed her jacket from Dyllan and reached into the pockets. She pushed her way

through dancing couples, back to where Brodie was already dancing with a cute Asian girl.


“Wait here,” he said. “She’s my sister…really,” he added when the girl pouted skeptically. “She’s with them,” he pointed over to Kai

and Dyllan, waiting patiently a few steps away. They waved. Lacey pulled Brodie’s face down to hers. “Be careful. Be safe. Here’s

 some condoms.” She discretely shoved a handful down his pants pocket. “I love you. Be good.” 


She waited, looking at him expectantly. Brodie rolled his eyes. “I will. Love you too.” He grabbed her by the shoulders, turning her

towards Kai and Dyllan and kissed her quickly on the cheek. “Bye." He rapidly grabbed his dance partner before she could waltz away.


Lacey awakened slowly. She lay in the darkness, slightly disoriented. She had been dreaming of Kai and Dyllan. She couldn’t

remember the dream but she could recall feeling safe and warm. She was just becoming accustomed to the fact that they were living



She had never expected it to be like this. It was so different from the way they had been together when they were kids and later, even

though they spent most of their time at Dyllan’s house, right up until the time she and Kai finished college. It was better than she had

ever imagined; to come home every day and know that they would be there…that the three of them would be together…always, was

sheer bliss.


They hadn’t been living together for very long; it had taken them a year to make the house habitable. It had been vacant for a while

and had also required major repairs. The downstairs apartments still needed work. When Dyllan had quit school, this had been the

PLAN. Now that they were living together, she felt a sense of happiness that she had never experienced before.


She didn’t remember much about the walk home; she had been physically and emotionally drained. Dyllan and Kai had lain with her

until she fell asleep. The bed was still warm. They must not have been gone long.


She heard faint sounds coming from Kai’s room down the hall. She found the sounds of their lovemaking comforting. It was rare that

she heard them. They were very discreet. Feeling strangely compelled, she walked slowly down the dimly lit hallway. She smelled

Nag Champa, her favorite incense, wafting seductively down the hallway.


Many nights like this, she came down the hall and crawled into bed with one or the other or both and they did the same. A closed door

was always respected. The door to Kai’s room was open. Gingerly, she peeked around the corner.


As always, Kai’s room was spotless. A place for everything and everything in its place, was his philosophy. She was somewhere in the

middle and Dyllan was a slob.  The room was glowing with candlelight. Her favorite song by Portishead was playing. The lilting, sultry

tones filled the room.


Kai was kneeling on the center of the bed. Dyllan was crouched down in front of him, sucking his cock hungrily. Nothing in life had ever

 prepared her for this moment. To see Kai and Dyllan in this setting, candles blazing, incense burning, her favorite music playing, was



The two of them together like this, Kai’s sleek, lean beauty, Dyllan’s cream colored, muscular form, was perfection. She looked at

 them, stunned, knowing she should go back to her room, but unable to walk away. Her eyes raised slowly.


Kai was watching her and his eyes locked on hers in silent communion. He made a sudden, rough, unintelligible sound and Lacey

included Dyllan in her focus. Dyllan held Kai’s penis in one hand and gently caressed his testicles with the other. He licked up and

down Kai’s penis with the flat of his tongue.


Every so often, he would lazily lap around the sensitive head, curl his tongue around the skin underneath the glans and gradually

envelop his soft, warm lips around the tip and suck gently. Lacey felt electrified. The earthy, raw sensuality they displayed ignited

every cell of her body. Kai’s eyes remained locked on hers.


Her connection with Kai was so intense that she felt as though she could feel everything he was experiencing. She didn’t know who she

wanted to be the most. Kai, with his long, hard cock down Dyllan’s throat or Dyllan, tasting, licking and sucking Kai’s sweet, sweet



Lacey moved to the middle of the doorway. She was wearing a pair of Dyllan’s boxers and a worn old T-shirt that revealed thick, big,

hard nipples. Her hands were gripping the doorframe on each side of her. When Dyllan engulfed Kai’s entire cock into the scalding

tunnel of his throat, Kai and Lacey groaned in unison.


Lacey licked dry lips and swallowed. Dyllan slowly withdrew Kai’s cock from his mouth. “Don’t stop,” Kai pleaded hoarsely. Dyllan

 leisurely resumed licking Kai’s penis. He resisted Kai’s efforts to push into his mouth.


Kai lifted his hands from his sides and placed them lightly on top of Dyllan’s head. He never took his eyes away from Lacey’s, not even

 when the pleasure was so sharp that he could barely keep them open. Not even when Dyllan slowly moved his lips down his cock inch

by excruciating inch.


Kai bit his lip to keep from screaming. He thought Lacey was going to lose it. She was shaking with desire. She watched intently as

Dyllan once again slowly pulled his mouth from Kai’s penis. “No,” she protested huskily. “Don’t stop.”


Dyllan moaned. He was turned on beyond belief that Lacey was there with them. Lacey was watching. His Lacey. His Kai. He loved to

tease Kai; he was so sensitive. He pushed Kai’s legs further apart and started kissing his balls. He lifted them so that he could gain

access to the very sensitive area underneath. He licked and kissed and bit very gently there…over and over and over, until Kai’s

thighs were trembling and he was moaning continuously.


He moved forward until his tongue could reach Kai’s sweet puckered anus. Kai’s existence narrowed until there was nothing and no one

else in the world but Dyllan, Lacey and him. Every part of him was focused on the sensation of Dyllan’s making love to him. Dyllan’s

tongue on his anus. Licking, thrusting and sucking.


Dyllan’s arms clutching his thighs. The silk of Dyllan’s hair on his inner thighs and rubbing against his testicles. Dyllan’s calloused hand

reaching up to lightly stroke his cock. Enough to keep him rock hard, not enough to allow him to cum.


Every part of him was focused on Lacey’s presence in the room. His eyes remained on Lacey’s, savoring the connection with her. She

was panting with him. Her moans echoing his. They were all part of each other…part of this.


He lifted his hand and made a graceful, subtle motion. Drenched in sensation…unable to speak, he knew she would understand.

“For you.”  His expression was a complex mixture of emotions: love, lust, tenderness and desire. Lacey felt as though she had been

handed a gift of immeasurable value. She wanted to move, wanted to join them; she couldn’t. 


Kai looked down at Dyllan, who was licking and sucking and biting him everywhere, in a frenzied explosion of lust. His cock, his balls,

his asshole. “Dyllan,” Kai said through gritted teeth.


Dyllan made a taunting sound that had Kai’s stomach muscles tightening in response. Not yet, that sound meant. Lacey whimpered

hungrily, as aroused as Kai and feeling his frustration.


Dyllan focused his attention on Kai’s penis. He sucked the long, hard cock in and out of his mouth strongly. Changing rhythm whenever

he felt Kai was getting too close. Kai had Dyllan’s hair clenched between his fingers and was straining not to roughly shove his cock

down Dyllan’s throat over and over until he came.


“I need to cum Dyllan,” he said in a choked voice, after he was able to get his brain to formulate the words around this aching, mindless

 need to cum. “Please,” he begged.


Lacey whimpered again. Dyllan groaned roughly at the sound, flashing on how it had been with the three of them. Watching Kai’s sweet,

soft mouth on Lacey’s body, Kai’s hands stroking her. Then him kissing Lacey. And now, Kai’s cock in his mouth. Now, Lacey watching.

 He groaned again. On meltdown at the thought of finally being able to make love to both of them the way he had always wanted to.


He grabbed his cock and started stroking up and down rapidly while sucking forcefully on Kai. He was close, so close. When Lacey saw

Dyllan’s hand on his cock, jerking himself off and going crazy on Kai’s cock, she made a low, strangled sound of need.


She was so wet she could feel it thick, hot and slick between her thighs. Her pussy was swollen with desire. Her clit was hard and

distended with need. “Kai…Dyllan,” she whimpered. “Pleeeeeeze.”


Kai closed his eyes and his head fell backwards. He clenched his teeth, afraid of all of the things he wanted. Afraid he would say the

things trembling crazily behind his lips. Needing to say it but too scared to say, I want you, I want you, in my mouth, on my body…

Lacey,  Dyllan. 


His cock pulsed and surged in Dyllan’s mouth. “I’m cumming,” he gritted out, voice strained. His entire body was suffused with

 pleasure. He raised his head, opened his eyes and found Lacey staring at him hungrily. He watched as her mouth opened. She cried out,

 her body jerking in unison with his, over and over until she slowly slid down onto her knees, her eyes still locked on his.


Dyllan was first to recover. He walked over to her on legs that were still shaking and half carried her to the bed with them. They

collapsed onto the bed and quickly drifted into restful slumber. Before he was totally lost in sleep, Kai thought drowsily...ONE.


Dyllan cautiously disentangled himself from Lacey and Kai, managing not to awaken them. He showered, dressed and left to pick up his

older brother Cullen. They were finishing up a job Cullen and his other brother Niall had started the previous weekend.


Niall had flaked out…something that had been happening with alarming frequency lately. The family was gonna have to talk about that

 and figure out what was wrong with Niall. Cullen came out of the duplex as soon as Dyllan pulled up, followed by his partner Shannon,

who was carrying two cups of fragrant coffee.


“Hey Shannon,” Dyllan said.


“What’s up man?” Shannon asked as Cullen loaded his tools and a cooler onto the back of the pick up. “Sure you don’t want me to

come?” Shannon asked Cullen wistfully.


“Baby, you are good with a ‘puter, but hanging sheetrock ain’t your thing,” Cullen teased. He settled into the seat on the passenger’s

side and pulled Shannon’s face through the window for a soft kiss. “Most beautiful,” he whispered as he stroked the side of Shannon’s

face gently. “I’ll see you when I get back.”


“K,” Shannon said. “See you, Dyllan.”


“Bye.” Dyllan called back.


Cullen adjusted his cock and turned to see Dyllan watching. “Hey,” he said. “What can I say? He does it for me.”


“I know,” Dyllan said. “That’s what’s so cool about it.”


They drove along in silence for a few minutes, listening to a Jill Scott CD and slowly waking up. Dyllan was still tired from last night and

 was just not a morning person. Cullen eyed him curiously. “There’s something different about you.”


“What?” Dyllan asked defensively.


“Don’t know. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Whatever it is, it looks good on you.” Cullen laughed as Dyllan’s face flushed. “It’s

all good, baby bro, you know that. How’s Lacey’s PLAN working?”


“Which one?” Dyllan asked dryly.


“The one where you all live together happily ever after.”


Dyllan looked at him blankly, startled.


“I mean it’s been what, six months? How’s it working?” Cullen probed. “Y’all ready to kill each other yet?”


“Nah,” Dyllan said. “It’s working.”


After Lacy had persuaded him not to go into corner pharmaceuticals, she had showed Kai and Dyllan several articles in the

Baltimore Sun about dollar homes. Homes for sale in rundown areas of Baltimore City that were being offered to people willing to

rehabilitate them and live in them.


“If we all put together, your mom, Gina and Cullen, you, Kai, and me. We could get together and work on each other’s houses. We could

 do this,” she said excitedly. “You, Kai and me could keep our jobs, save up our money, once you pay Blueboy back.  Put our money

together and buy one of those houses when you turn 21.”


“We can all live together. You can go to school for electronics or mechanic or something. You know you can fix anything. This will work

Dyll. This is a good Plan. Right Kai?” she asked persuasively. Kai nodded in agreement.


“Talk to Cullen first, then to your mother and Gina. We’ll go with you,” Kai said.


“Now,” Lacey said. “Let’s do it. “


They approached Cullen with their idea. “So, the three of you are planning on living together happily ever after?” One by one, they had

nodded, half expecting him to laugh. “Nothing wrong with that,” he had said seriously.  He turned to Dyllan. “You straight, man?”


Dyllan looked at him for a long moment and said, “Yes.” Shit, how could he have ever thought he could hide anything from Cullen in this



“If the three of you need anything, come to me,” Cullen had said sternly. “Don’t be fucking stupid.”


“Cullen,” Dyllan said softly, as he returned to the present.






“For what?”


“For always being there. You’re the only father I’ve ever had.”


Cullen’s heart melted, the way it always did when his younger brothers and sisters showed him how much they loved him. He was always

 scared they would resent him for being so hard on them, for acting like a father instead of a brother.


“Shut up man,” he said.


Dyllan smiled.


When he arrived home, it was late. Kai was showering in the bathroom they shared.  Dyllan quickly took all of the little piles of papers,

clothes and trash from his bedroom floor and threw them into his closet. He lit the scented candles that Kai had provided. He put in a CD

that Brodie had burned for him.


The mellow sounds of Dexter Wansel’s, One Million Miles From the Ground, filled the room. The clear, sweet sound of the tenor sax

melded with the background sounds of waves crashing against the shore and the pleading words of the lyrics, ‘Give me your love, I want

it, all of your love, baby I need it.’


As he waited for Kai to get out of the shower, he conceded that he wasn’t like Kai and Lacey. He hated to read, hated school, didn’t like

 a lot of people around and didn’t talk much. He didn’t make lists, didn’t make plans. He went on instinct and his gut feeling. When he

was with Kai and Lacey…everything felt right.


From that first moment, when Lacey had smiled at him like sunshine, Lacey and Kai had been his. His to love, care for and protect.  He

 had never thought of Lacey in a sexual way. At least not in a way where he had considered that something would ever happen.


He couldn’t help but look at her and want her. The beautiful girl with the wild hair had turned into a beautiful woman. Part of his role as

 protector and ensuring that nothing would ever hurt her again, meant that he could not consider being sexually intimate with her. What

they had was so much deeper than that.


Now that the door had been opened, he was raging with want for her. The feelings were so powerful that he had not been able to think

about anything else all day. Last night had been so incredible. To have Lacey and Kai together. Even though, with Lacey, it had not

been physical, she was just as much a part of it as he and Kai had been. To make love to both of them…he couldn’t get it out of his mind.



Kai walked over to him, naked and wet, interrupting his thoughts. He looked Dyllan over carefully. “Did you like it?” He looked down

at Dyllan’s cock, obviously hard, in his loose work clothes.


“Never mind,” Kai said. “I can tell you did. You were thinking about it all day, just like I was, weren’t you?”


“Yeah,” Dyllan admitted, closing his eyes as Kai stroked him through his jeans. “We have to be careful, Kai, I don’t want Lacey to get



“I know,” Kai said. “I think she is ready. I think she wants this.”


“We have to take it slow. We have to be sure,” Dyllan said.


Lacey walked slowly towards Dyllan’s room. She was filled with a mixture of fear and anticipation. She didn’t want to think about what

was happening between Dyllan, Kai and herself. If she allowed herself to think…


She had on a royal blue satin robe that Kai had given her a couple of birthdays ago. Her hair was loose and hanging in thick, long, spiral

 curls all over her head. Tonight, the sounds of Dexter Wansel’s music had drifted seductively into her room…. “Come inside where it’s

nice and warm….”


When she reached Dyllan’s room, the door was open. Dyllan was thrusting his cock in and out of Kai’s asshole. Kai was on all fours and

Dyllan was on top of him. They were positioned so that Dyllan was facing her and she had a clear view. Somehow…it was clear they had

been waiting for her.


She looked at them, full of wonder. She had never really thought about the two of them together. It seemed like it would be an invasion

of something very private. They always made it clear that she was beloved so she had not ever felt excluded because the two of them

were lovers.


Now, looking at them, she had never imagined that witnessing their lovemaking would be so beautiful. Kai’s silky black hair spread all

over his shoulders and face, gleaming like onyx in the candlelight. His dark brown cock extended from his lean, graceful body, thick,

long and hard.


The muscles in Dyllan’s arms, thighs and buttocks flexed and contracted as he thrust in and out of Kai. His vanilla cream, silky skin

gleamed like marble in the candlelight. He leaned over and planted hot, moist kisses on Kai’s back. He lifted Kai’s hair to one side so

that Lacey could see his face.


Dyllan knew he was not going to last long. He was so turned on by Lacey watching last night and again tonight and the feel of being

inside of his beautiful Kai. Lacey, his beautiful Lacey, watching with that look of intent, awestruck wonder.


Lacey licked her lips. She wanted to get in front of Kai and put his cock in her mouth while Dyllan fucked him. She wanted to taste them

 both, over and over and over.


When she first entered the room, Dyllan’s eyes had searched hers intently. He saw whatever it was he needed to see. She hadn’t

realized she had been aware of his tension until he released it.


She smiled at him slowly. He gave her a look that was reserved for Lacey and Kai, endless love, for always. Kai groaned and the sound

triggered Lacey. Electricity arced between the three of them. Dyllan’s head fell back and he said, “Oh, God,” through clenched teeth.

“I need to fuck you, Kai.”


“Give it to me,” Kai said gutturally.


Dyllan grabbed Kai by the hips and jabbed into his hot, velvet asshole with short, hard strokes. Kai was gripping the sheets beneath him

panting harshly, loving the hot burning feel of Dyllan’s cock grinding in and out of his ass.


Dyllan looked at Lacey and moaned when he saw that she had removed her robe. Her brownish red skin glowed in the candlelight. Her curvy beauty riveted him. Her full breasts, her nipples, thick, brown and hard. Her long muscular legs. Dyllan wrapped his hand in Kai’s long, silky hair. He hunched over him and after gently biting his ear, turned Kai’s head and said, “Look.”


Kai looked at Lacey standing in the doorway, her lovely body highlighted by candlelight. She was focused intently on Dyllan and him,

obviously excited by the sight of Dyllan and him fucking. “Lacey,” he groaned. “Oh, God.”


Lacey whimpered. Dyllan sat back on his heels and pulled Kai with him. Kai leaned back into Dyllan’s embrace, his head resting on

Dyllan’s shoulder. His cock was rigid and glistening with precum. Dyllan reached around and jacked him slowly. Kai closed his eyes

helplessly. Dyllan released Kai’s penis, grasped his hips and began moving him up and down on his cock.


Lacey watched the movements of Dyllan’s cock avidly. If she could just taste. Her mouth watered. She looked at them. They were

watching her and her response to them. She grabbed the doorframe, the same way she had the night before. To keep herself still. To

hold herself up and keep knees weak with longing from collapsing.


She was wet, dripping wet. Cunt juice dripping down the lips of her swollen pussy and onto her thighs. Dyllan’s eyes held hers as he

rocked his cock into Kai. He wrapped his arms around Kai. They both looked at her. Serious. Intent. One in purpose. “For you,” Dyllan

said hoarsely.


Lacey felt heat beginning at her head and toes simultaneously, moving through her body like a tidal wave. Converging at the center of

her vagina. The heat burst into pulses of pleasure throughout her entire body, filling her. She looked at Dyllan and Kai, unable to speak,

unable to tell them what was happening to her.


Deep, pulsating waves of ecstasy moved through her body. Dark, rich, endless. Her eyes drifted shut and her back arched. Only her

hands, tightened convulsively on the doorframe, kept her in an upright position.


Dyllan moved Kai back onto all fours. He thrust into him without mercy, laying his cock into him fiercely, fucking in and out relentlessly,

until Kai was crying out in agonized pleasure with each thrust. He reached around and wrapped his hand around Kai’s cock. He slid his

hand up and down Kai’s penis in the short, rapid strokes Kai liked. “I’m gonna cum too, Kai, I’m gonna cum too. Cum with us, now.

Right now, right now,” he sobbed breathlessly.


He wrapped both arms around Kai and held his last thrust, his cock jerking wildly inside of Kai, as Kai wrapped his hand around his cock

and finished jerking himself off, spewing cream all over the sheets in front of him. Lacey staggered over to the bed and they helped her

inside. Exhausted physically and emotionally, the three snuggled together. Lacey and Dyllan drifted off to sleep immediately. Just

before sleep overtook him, Kai thought to himself hopefully…TWO.


Lacey awaked suddenly and moved cautiously out of their three-person pile so that Dyllan and Kai would not awaken. She went to the

kitchen to fix herself a cup of coffee. She had never required a lot of sleep and would often awaken in the wee hours of the morning.

Sometimes she would bake, read or complete a work project.


Dyllan and Kai were sound sleepers so her nocturnal wanderings never disturbed them. She was surprised to see Dyllan walk sleepily

 into the kitchen. She turned around rapidly when she heard the rustling noises of his entry. His blue eyes surveyed her appraisingly.

“You ok?” he asked softly.


“Yeah,” she said, smiling sweetly. She turned back to the counter to finish preparing the coffee. He walked up behind her. “K, just

checking on you. Look at your hair,” he teased, running his fingers through it gently.


“Mmmm, that feels good,” Lacey purred, moving into his fingers. Dyllan played with her hair for a few moments and then swiftly and

efficiently braided it into one thick, neat cord.


“Thank you,” Lacey said quietly. Dyllan lifted the braid and leaned down and gently nuzzled his nose into the back of Lacey’s neck. Fine

 goose bumps raised along her arms and down her back. “You’re welcome,” Dyllan whispered and then he bit her.


In the past, the three of them bit, kissed, hit and wrestled playfully, whenever the mood struck, but this was different. Dyllan had lightly

sunk his strong white teeth into the very sensitive skin between Lacey’s neck and shoulder.


Skin prickling, Lacey felt as if time had stopped on a dime and locked her into sensation. She felt each serrated edge of every tooth

buried in her skin. Every nerve in her body came to life in a sudden agonizing rush. She was dancing on the very fine line of a pleasure

so intense that it was almost painful.


Dyllan, standing behind her, was frozen with a mixture of lust and surprise. What he had intended as a very loving, playful gesture had,

through some strange alchemy, been transformed into something else. He was afraid to move, because if he did, he was not going to be

able to control himself.


All he could think of right now was lifting up the back of Lacey’s robe, bending her over and burying his cock inside of her hot, wet

pussy. When Lacey lifted her shoulder and turned her head to the side to give him better access, every thought of control escaped him.


God this is Lacey, his Lacey and every barrier that had kept him from touching her, being physically intimate with her, had dissipated

 into thin air. He kissed her back and neck feverishly with moist, hot, opened mouth kisses, licking and biting fiercely.

 He was moaning uncontrollably, lost in the taste and feel of her. He opened his eyes hazily and saw Kai walking over to both of them.

His eyes met Kai’s and he knew what Kai was feeling, watching the two of them together.


Kai’s face held the dreamy, sleepy look he got when he was turned on. He stood in front of Lacey, looking at her body through the folds

of the robe that had fallen open. They were very similar in complexion but Lacey was a beautiful reddish brown, all over. He liked her

breasts. Full and firm. Her thick, hard nipples had fascinated him since they were teenagers. He reached out and touched her breasts



They were unbelievably soft. He stroked her nipples lightly, wondering if they were as sensitive as Dyllan’s. Oh…yes. She cried out

and arched her back, almost melting to the floor, if they had not caught her. Kai lowered his mouth to her nipples. He lapped at them

gingerly, teasingly.


He took his time, enjoying her taste and the way Lacey was responding to what he and Dyllan were doing. Kai kissed his way slowly

down Lacey’s stomach. Dyllan’s hands replaced Kai’s mouth on her breasts. He was stroking them in slow circular motions, avoiding

her nipples.


“Dyllan,” she cried out. He didn’t answer, absorbed in kissing and licking up and down the back of her neck. Her skin was so creamy

and smooth and she tasted like heaven. He couldn’t stop.


“Kai,” she moaned.




“My nipples hurt, they hurt, please, suck them.” Her nipples were so hard. She tried to grab Dyllan’s hands so that she could force him

 to caress the swollen nubs that were aching for his touch. Dyllan lifted his face and said hoarsely, “Not yet.”


Lacey groaned in frustration. She felt Kai’s hair brushing against her stomach as he kissed his way downwards.  When Dyllan felt Kai

spreading Lacey’s legs, he stopped the tantalizing circular motions on her breasts. Ever so gently, he took the tips of his fingers and

lightly stroked her nipples, just as Kai licked the tip of her clit with the raspy, flat surface of his tongue.


“Ohhhh Godddd, ohhhh, God, pleeze, oh pleeze, don’t stop. This time, don’t stop this time.” Lacey was saturated with longing as she felt

Kai and Dyllan touching her, caressing her, making love to her.


Dyllan supported her while Kai gently sucked her hard clit into his mouth, licking it devotedly with the tip of his tongue. He slowly

pushed one finger into her vagina. God, it was like a furnace. So heated and God, so wet now and extremely tight. Lacey was a virgin,

he thought in astonishment.


He didn’t know why he was surprised. When he and Lacey had been practicing and preparing him for his first fuck, Lacey had been the

one who had lubricated the candles and inserted them tenderly into his anus. Lacey was the one had lovingly stroked his penis until he

had cum violently into her hand.


Since they weren’t sure who his first would be, she had said protectively, “I didn’t want you to be alone and I didn’t want just anybody

doing this to you.” At first, they had not even considered Dyllan as a candidate.


Later, she had looked at him fiercely and said “Noone is ever gonna touch me. 'Cept you and Dyllan,” she added. She had been 14 and

he 15. It was almost surreal to be touching her like this, 10 years later, preparing her to be made love to for the first time. Just as she

had done for him.


Dyllan was so big, he didn’t know how it would be done without ANY pain, but he tried to stretch her so that the pain would be minimal.

Kai’s mouth all over her clit and his gentle sucking motions were taking her over the edge. When he thrust a finger inside of her vagina,

she almost panicked. After the attack, her vagina had become a “Do Not Go Beyond This Point” zone.


The sense of Kai and Dyllan inside of her in ways that were beyond physical, calmed her. Dyllan and Kai. She sank into the pleasure

once again. Kai inserted another finger and moved them slowly in and out, continuing to suck on her clit.


Just then, Dyllan firmly pinched her nipples. The added stimulation took her over and she screamed. Kai moaned into her pussy,

his arousal heightened by the sound and feel of Lacey cumming into his mouth. He stroked himself slowly.


Dyllan was grinding his cock into Lacey’s ass while Kai was eating her pussy. Kai closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He was gonna

 cum too if he didn’t regain control.


Kai continued sucking Lacey’s clit while she came and then moved down to the open mouth of her pussy so he could lap up her cum. He

pressed a kiss onto her tight, puckered anus, then lapped at her asshole delicately, not sure if she would let him, or if she would like it.

Lacey spread her legs wider in welcome and ground her ass down onto his tongue.


He should have known better. Lacey was a very earthy, sensual woman. An animal girl at heart. He smiled to himself and began to

devour the slick, hot tissue in earnest. After long minutes immersed in the taste and smell of her, he moved his mouth reluctantly away

from Lacey’s ass and stood up. He licked his lips, savoring the flavor.


Dyllan leaned forward. “Let me taste.” Ravenously, he licked at Kai’s lips and around his mouth and chin. He kissed Kai directly on his

soft, full lips, nipping and biting at them.


He gradually deepened the kiss until their tongues were encircling. He thrust his fingers through Kai’s hair and held his head in place so

 he could greedily ravish his mouth.  Lacey was sandwiched in the middle, Dyllan’s hard, muscular heat at her back.


She shrugged out of her robe and it and it fell to her feet with a rustle of sound. She groaned, feeling Dyllan’s skin on her back and Kai

in the front. She ran her hands up and down Kai’s muscular arms and rubbed her aching breasts against his chest, then leaned forward

and kissed her way across his chest as he had done to her.


She put her hands on his waist to pull him closer and then gently bit his nipples, one right after the other. Kai shivered and groaned into

Dyllan’s mouth. He tore his mouth from Dyllan’s. If they didn’t stop now they’d be fucking on the kitchen floor.


Catching his breath, he grabbed Lacey by one hand and Dyllan by the other and led them to the first bedroom closest to the kitchen—

his. He lay Lacey down on the center of the bed and moved to her side.


Kai kissed her lovingly all over her face before settling onto her lips. They were full, lush and soft under his. He rubbed his mouth

across hers slowly and deliberately, nipping at her lips, lifting his mouth away when she tried to deepen the kiss. He teased her until she

pulled his head down to hers and kissed him fiercely.


She opened her mouth under his and pulled him in until they were kissing passionately. Dyllan had Lacey’s nipples in his mouth and was

sucking on them forcefully, just to the point of pain. He left them to lick his tongue in a long line down her body.


Dyllan kissed his way down her body until he reached her feet. He licked and sucked her toes until she was writhing with pleasure and

then worked his way back up to her pussy. His cock was a burning rod of aching, hard fire. He wanted in her sweet, wet, hot pussy. He

looked down at it, moist, brownish pink and swollen with need.


He buried his face in her cunt, rubbing his hair, his mouth, and his nose in it. Her taste, her scent, was driving him crazy. He licked and

sucked her vaginal lips, lapping her up the juices; he sucked at her inner thighs, lapping up the juices there as well. He inserted a finger

into her pussy.


Lacey arched her back and cried out with pleasure, breaking her mouth away from Kai’s. Kai’s eyes met Dyllan’s. He nodded once.

Dyllan inserted another finger inside of Lacey’s pussy as Kai leaned over and kissed him. The three of them moaned in unison.


Dyllan moved up to Lacey’s other side. “Lacey,” he murmured.


Eyes closed, she responded, “Mmmm?”


“Please, look at me.” Her eyes drifted open. The look in them took his breath away. He paused for a moment. “I –we—want, need to

make love to you,” he said shakily. He looked at Kai in silent apology for speaking for him as well. Kai reached over and stroked his

arm softly.


Kai caressed Lacey’s face and hair lovingly. She looked at the both of them silently then said, “I want you both so much, that I can

barely think. I don’t know how I didn’t know it—or see it, but this is what I want---very much,” she added.


“Scared?” Kai asked softly.


“Oh yeah,” she replied in low tones. “But I need to feel you inside of me—now—both of you,” she said in a voice just above a whisper,

hoping they would understand. She felt raw, physically and emotionally.


Every time they touched her, she went higher and higher. She needed—needed them in her, filling her now. She moved restlessly. Kai

smoothed a calming hand down her body. “Shhhh—it’s ok, baby. It’s ok.”


Incrementally, Dyllan inserted more fingers inside of her, taking his time and gauging her response. He moved his fingers gingerly,

allowing her to accustom herself to their presence.


Kai stroked her hair gently, continuously, his gaze locked on hers. She bit her lip. Dyllan’s knuckles grazed her clitoris. She whimpered.

Dyllan wiggled his fingers in a motion that stretched her vaginal walls and rubbed his knuckles against her clit simultaneously. Her

nostrils flared.


Kai’s excitement was building with hers and his hand clenched in her hair. He was grinding into her slowly. Dyllan was watching them

both intently, fucking his fingers into Lacey’s pussy with one hand and jacking his hard cock with the other. He allowed his knuckles to

graze against Lacey’s clit again. “Dyllan,” she groaned. He grunted, unable to answer her, locked into what he was doing to her.

“Kai,” she whimpered. “That, what’s he’s doing….”


Kai’s eyes were half closed, still locked on hers. He licked his lips. Lacey shuddered. “Mmmm…that makes me cum…oh god…that

makes me cum.” She rocked back and forth on Dyllan’s fingers, her body convulsing violently.

Kai buried his face into her shoulder and stayed very still, trying not to cum as Lacey shuddered and rocked against him. He took a

deep breath and surfaced to find Dyllan gazing at him, stormy blue gray eyes turbulent with heat and desire.


Dyllan removed his fingers from Lacey’s vagina. They were wet with her juices and pink tinged with blood. He licked and sucked them

then held out his hand to Kai. They looked into each other’s eyes and smiled as Kai licked the remainder of Lacey’s juices from

Dyllan’s fingers.


They switched places and Kai moved between Lacey’s legs again. He had been dying for this since he had his first taste. He dove right

into Lacey’s sweet asshole. Her pussy had lots of curly soft hair on her mound but very little on her labia. There was none surrounding

her anus. A soft, crinkly, dark brown, delectable hole. He wanted in. Now. Right there. He grabbed a pillow and put it quickly under her

 hips. He looked up. Dyllan was slowly caressing Lacey’s breasts and stomach while watching him.


Kai opened Lacey’s ass cheeks then placed a kiss right on the center of her puckered asshole. Lacey caught her breath. He started

eating her asshole like a starving man. God, she tasted soooo good. Dyllan watched Kai sucking Lacey’s asshole and his cock hardened

 even more. His penis was throbbing against Lacey’s thigh. He dared not rub against her until he cooled down a little.


Lacey had spread her legs as wide as she could so Kai could get at her. She was twisting and writhing so much that Kai grabbed her by

the hips to keep her still. When she quieted a little, he placed one hand gently on her stomach to anchor her and used the other to fuck

 into her pussy while he ate out her ass.


As soon as he inserted his fingers, Lacey was cumming. She grabbed his head and pulled him into her. Her pussy was grabbing and

clutching at his fingers. She was crying and screaming incoherently. “I need you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me now.” Dyllan quickly

snatched the lube out of the nightstand next to the bed and thrust it at Kai.


Kai slowly and carefully inserted a lubricated a finger where his tongue had been. Lacey flinched and he stopped immediately.

“No, Kai.” Kai removed his finger quickly. “No, Kai, don’t stop,” Lacey said brokenly. “Kai—I – need – you--- to fuck me---now. Just

do it,” she demanded.


Kai’s heart restarted. Dyllan soothed her quietly. “He’s just getting you ready.”

Lacey moved restlessly. “I need you,” she moaned and raised her hips.

Dyllan looked down. Kai had inserted two fingers and he was much larger than that. Kai cautiously inserted a third finger. Lacey

growled at him. He and Dyllan exchanged an anxious glance.


Smoothly, as if they had practice beforehand, Dyllan moved over top of Lacey and Kai moved aside. Lacey spread her legs and

embraced him. He slowly inserted his penis until Lacey lifted her hips and engulfed him. His mind whited out. He was inside of an

endless moment where nothing and no one existed but Lacey, Kai and him.


He felt rather than saw them. Physically, he was inside of Lacey and yet there were intangible bonds uniting the three of them, right

here, right now, that were stronger than touch. He resurfaced to find himself looking down into Lacey’s eyes, buried to the hilt in her

tight, wet pussy. Kai was beside them, stroking Dyllan’s back gently.


“Kai,” Lacey whimpered. “I need you now.” Voice choked and trembling, she added, “I’ve been telling you…you’re not listening to



“I don’t want to hurt you,” he protested softly.


“Kai—I need you--” Lacey told him emphatically.


Dyllan rolled them over so that they were in a side lying position. Lacey lifted her outer leg and threw it across Dyllan’s body. Kai

scooted behind her and inserted his hard, engorged penis, tenderly and carefully, into her anus. Once Lacey knew that Kai was going to

 do it, she relaxed completely. She remembered everything that she and Kai had learned when they were trying to figure out how to

de-virginize Kai.


The relaxation of her tense muscles helped to ease his way. They were suspended in time, Dyllan and Lacey waiting patiently for the

moment when the three of them would be joined. Kai nervously and cautiously penetrating Lacey, afraid of hurting her.


His need fueled by Lacey’s passionate entreaties and afraid of moving too fast, Kai tried not to focus on the delicious sensations

he was experiencing, the connection between the three of them. Ephemeral, but very strong, very real. The smells, Lacey smells,

Dyllan smells. The freedom to touch both of them with a love, a desire that was endless.


His aching cock strained and flexed in rebellion, wanting what he had craved so long. He was enthralled by the silk of Lacey’s back and

buttocks and thighs against him, the velvet of Dyllan’s arms and back against his stroking hand. The fiery cavern of Lacey’s anus.

Tight and hot against him.


He could feel Dyllan’s cock through the very thin, delicate layer of tissue that separated Lacey’s vagina and anal canal. “Oh God,”

he sobbed inaudibly.  He thought that out of them all, he was the one that wanted and needed this the most. He was home. He was in.

Inside of Lacey and Dyllan. He buried his face against Lacey’s hair.


Lacey took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. She was overwhelmed by sensation and emotion. The pleasure was immense. Every

square inch of her body experiencing intense, overwhelming pleasure. She felt a sense of rightness, of being where she should be,

floating in an endless ocean of warmth and love.


Then Dyllan moved. Infinitesimally, just shifted his weight a little bit. His cock rubbed across Kai’s and went just that bit deeper,

hitting something inside of Lacey that made her go crazy. She writhed against them, creating a friction that made them both groan in

ecstasy. Lacey rocked against them with a wild, frantic rhythm, helpless against the driving needs and commands of her body. She was cumming

continuously, waves of pleasure ebbing and flowing throughout her entire body.


Dyllan looked at her, eyes closed, moaning and screaming and crying out, because of him and Kai and how they made her feel, and fell

over the edge. He pulled Lacey and Kai into his embrace and fucked them furiously, totally out of control. He withdrew his cock as far

 from Lacey as he could without losing complete contact and rapidly thrust back in. In and out, trying to hold back, hold back until…he

felt Lacey’s heated, slick, vaginal walls contracting and releasing around his cock. Dyllan came with a roar. “I love you. I love you.

I love you,” he moaned over and over until he ceased ejaculating.


Kai grabbed Dyllan’s arms in a grip that would leave bruises later. He could feel Dyllan’s cock jerking, throbbing and erupting against

his. He thrust into Lacey, until he could go no further and then just held still, luxuriating in the sensory overload he was experiencing.


He didn’t want to cum. He didn’t want this to end…ever. Only, he couldn’t resist when he felt Lacey’s ass squeezing his cock so hard

that it felt as though it were in a vise. Her asshole felt like hot, wet silk encasing his cock.


He tried to stop, tried to wait, tried to make it last forever. Her asshole tightened and released again and his cock erupted violently,

spewing cum like a geyser, over and over and over. He was biting at Lacey’s back and grunting with each jet of cum into her asshole.


They remained enjoined for a while, reveling in the closeness. “I love you,” they all said it at once and laughed sleepily at each other.

They settled into the bed, Lacey in the middle, Dyllan and Kai on each side.


Dyllan kissed each of them, looking at them lovingly, gray blue eyes blazing with joy. MINE.


Lacey, in the middle, sighed happily, still caught up in a sense of joy, wonder and completion as she drifted of to sleep.


Kai’s last sleepy thought, on a drowsy burst of elation….THREE.


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