This story is dedicated to my friend Cullen G. who taught me everything I know about the internet and... all the places I shouldn't go but do:), who took me to all the gay bars in our city, when I first moved there, IN ONE WILD NIGHT. I love you, I miss you and I hope you finally realize how beautiful you are. In case you haven't noticed, I borrowed your name.




Cullen’s Fall


By Sol Corazon©


Freshly showered, the short, compact and well built guy entered the bedroom and watched as the kid, God; he couldn’t be more than twenty-one or two, greedily kissed his wife’s pretty pink mouth.  The kid was like a machine; he’d fucked them both tirelessly all of last night and was apparently ready for more this morning.


The boy was incredibly good looking with shoulder length, strawberry blond hair and a pair of unbelievable violet eyes he’d thought came courtesy of contacts but had been proven wrong. He was a big boy, 6’2, no probably 6’3 or 4, every long, lean muscular inch of him. There was an enticingly dangerous, hard edge to him.


His set up was pretty cool too. He had a nice basement apartment. It wasn’t in the best neighborhood but it was conveniently close to the bar they’d met him in last night.


              When he saw that they weren’t coming up for air, he interrupted, “Um, I couldn’t find a towel.”   


Reluctantly ending the moist, open-mouthed kiss he had been exchanging with the man’s petite, curvy wife, Cullen eyed the guy’s naked body lustfully and said, “Why don’t you bring that sweet ass of yours over here and I’ll dry you off with my tongue.”


With a broad smile, the guy, John or was it Jim? complied and eagerly joined the two of them on the bed. He began to play with Cullen’s hair as the boy licked and kissed every drop of wayward moisture he could find. Cullen trailed one hand up….Cindy’s…yeah, it was Cindy and Jim, left thigh and stroked her clitoris gently.


She gasped as Cullen suddenly thrust three fingers forcefully in and out of her moist vagina, while continuing to encircle her clit with his thumb. She raised her knees and spread her legs wider, while continuing to avidly watch Cullen’s mouth moving across her husband’s body.


Jim was softly groaning as Cullen kissed the sensitive skin between his thighs and fondled his engorged penis. Cullen leaned forward and swirled his tongue around the head.


“Suck it,” Jim said.




“Wait,” Cullen ordered.


He looked at Jim out of playful violet eyes, said, “Patience is a virtue,” and then enclosed the glans of Jim’s sturdy penis in his mouth and lashed it with his tongue.


Jim jerked convulsively and exclaimed, “Christ.”


Cullen continued to hold the tip of Jim’s cock in his mouth and began to jerk the shaft up and down skillfully. After a few moments playing with Jim’s cock, Cullen switched his attention to Cindy, wriggling his fingers in her pussy. She rocked on his fingers frantically.


“I want to see you swallow his cock like you did last night.” Cindy said. 


Cullen opened his mouth wider and engulfed Jim’s cock inch by excruciating inch. Jim and his wife watched eagerly, unbearably excited by the view of Jim’s hard penis in Cullen’s mouth.


“Oh God, I’m gonna cum,” Cindy shrieked.


Cullen played with Jim’s penis, sucking it gently and leisurely washing over the head with the flat of his tongue, while simultaneously thrusting his fingers towards the bottom of Cindy’s vaginal canal and spreading them wide.


He massaged the soft tissue of her vaginal walls and the smooth, curved hump of her cervix and rubbed against her swollen clit with the palm of his hand. Cindy arched her back and clenched her thighs around his hand.


“Right there, right there,” she cried. “Oh yesssss.”


She climaxed sharply as Cullen continued caressing her hot, wet cunt. When he removed his fingers, she collapsed back onto the bed and turned towards Jim, kissing him hungrily.


Cullen sank his mouth onto Jim’s cock until his lips were touching Jim’s gray and brown pubic hairs. He raised his mouth incrementally until his lips were barely touching the head. Jim groaned with disappointment when Cullen removed his mouth completely.


“Go grab a condom from that drawer over there,” Cullen requested. “The lube’s over there too. I want you to sit on my cock.”


Cullen lay flat on his back.


“C’mere you,” he told Cindy, pointing to his mouth, “sit right here.”


Cindy obeyed rapidly; sitting her pretty brown bush right over Cullen’s waiting lips. He sucked on her clit delicately, moaning into her cunt when he felt Jim’s fingers caressing his cock before applying a condom and lubricating it generously.


Cullen arched up into Jim’s anus when he felt the hot, moist entrance swallowing the tip of his cock, grabbing Cindy’s firm buttocks reflexively and grunting into her pussy. She was grinding her vagina all over Cullen’s face.


“God, that feels so good,” she said between rapid, panting breaths.  Jim reached around and pinched her nipples, hard, just the way she liked it and she climaxed again. Jim rose up and down steadily on Cullen’s cock, holding onto Cindy’s shoulders for leverage. His ass was so tight, so hot that Cullen thrust upwards determinedly, trying to capture every sweet rise and fall.




As he turned on the nebulizer machine, Shannon assessed his father’s deep burgundy brown coloring with an expert eye. His father’s complexion would have been identical to his own without the unhealthy grayish tint due to his illness. Not so bad today, he concluded. He double-checked to ensure that the mask was correctly positioned on his father’s face.


“Ok?” he asked.


His father nodded.


“I’m going to get the rest of your medicine and bring your breakfast up here.”


His father nodded again and closed his eyes wearily.  With gentle, practiced motions, Shannon’s muscular arms lifted his father and plumped the pillows behind him.


Once in the kitchen, he quickly prepared a cup of decaf and several pieces of buttered toast and jelly. He returned to his father’s bedroom just as the breathing treatment was nearing completion. He assisted his father with his medications and set up his breakfast tray so that everything he needed would be within reach.


“I’m going next door to work out with Cullen. The phone is right next to you and don’t forget to put your oxygen back on when you’re done eating.”


His father nodded, a rueful smile on his face.


“Am I acting like I’m your mama again?” Shannon teased.


“Yeah,” his father said in a raspy voice.


“Too bad,” Shannon said unapologetically. “I only got one Pop. See you in a few. I’ll be back to help you get dressed,” he called out, racing down the stairs on long, muscular legs.


He used his key to enter Cullen’s small basement apartment. He didn’t hear any movement. Assuming Cullen had overslept, Shannon quietly walked into Cullen’s bedroom. Cullen was on the middle of his king sized bed, crouched over some guy, fucking him while a woman sucked the guy’s cock.


Shannon stared, transfixed by the sight of Cullen’s long, thick penis rapidly going in and out of the guy’s ass. It must have felt good because the guy was moaning and groaning like crazy. Cullen suddenly noticed Shannon out of the corner of his eye and smiled at him wickedly. Cullen raised his arm and flashed five fingers, three times and motioned with his head towards his exercise room.


Shannon walked away on unsteady legs, entered the exercise room, closed the door and leaned against the wall. God, his heart hurt. He knew that Cullen had lovers. Cullen was a legend in their neighborhood: ‘Cullen’s like Mikey in that commercial from back in the day. Cullen’ll eat anything, fuck anything too.’


Shannon slid down the wall into a squat and buried his hot face in slender brown fingers. ‘Suck it up and chill,’ he told himself grimly. ‘This ain’t nothing new.’ Chest tight, he took a deep quavering breath and admitted to himself that he wanted to be the one on his knees, Cullen behind him fucking him like there was no one else on earth.


“Stop thinking, stop thinking,” he ordered himself.


Only...he could not get the picture of Cullen’s delicious body out of his head. The way he was moving. Controlled power and grace. Hair dark with sweat. Eyes hot and intense. Those eyes had captured Shannon when he was a kid and never let him go.


Shannon stood up, feeling as though the universe had shifted beneath his feet. On automatic pilot, he removed his shirt and started organizing the room for their workout. He was setting up the weights when Cullen entered the room.


“Hey baby, what up?” Cullen asked.


“Nada, man, just waiting on you,” Shannon replied quietly, keeping his back to Cullen. 


“Sorry ‘bout that man,” Cullen said, sincerely apologetic. “I didn’t even think to call you. They had to park in the alley. There weren’t any spaces out front last night.”


Noting the tense set of Shannon’s shoulders, Cullen walked over to him. When Cullen reached his side, Shannon could smell his fresh, clean, mouthwatering scent.


Stomach churning, Shannon thought frantically, ‘I am not ready for this now. I can’t handle this now.’ He was leaking. He could tell. All of the feelings that he had kept hidden and suppressed for so long were oozing out.


Concerned, Cullen moved in front of Shannon and looked into his eyes. “Is everything…”


His voice trailed off abruptly. The expression in Shannon’s dark brown eyes took his breath away and weakened his knees. Never in his life had anyone looked at him like…like they would die to have him, crawl over broken glass, walk through fire…like Shannon was looking at him now.


Hunger and desire were emanating from Shannon in waves of heat so intense and tantalizing that Cullen was irresistibly drawn to him. He felt as though he was immersed in white hot fire. Last night might never have happened. His cock was burning with lust. His hands slowly, carefully moved to Shannon’s bare shoulders and pulled him forward.


 Shannon was unresisting, defenseless with longing. Almost reluctantly, Cullen’s mouth moved towards Shannon’s. Torn between conflicting emotions, Cullen hesitated but didn’t stop. He had wanted this for too long. His lips touched Shannon’s soft mouth.


Shannon’s lips, full and soft, felt like heaven. This could not be happening. This was Shannon, best friend, brother. The sweet sensation of Shannon’s mouth beneath his had Cullen’s toes curling on the carpeted floor.  His cock flexed and strained beneath the towel wrapped around his waist. He expertly opened Shannon’s mouth with his and slowly invaded Shannon’s mouth with his tongue.


Shannon groaned helplessly and lightly touched Cullen’s arms, stroking up and down. Cullen’s skin was so creamy, so smooth. Like satin. When Cullen didn’t reject his first tentative caresses, Shannon moved his hands around to Cullen’s back, savoring the feel of Cullen’s taut muscles beneath his hands.


Cullen’s mind raced feverishly. ‘What the hell am I doing?’


Shannon felt Cullen begin to withdraw and whimpered in protest, sliding his fingers upwards and entwining them in the silken strands of Cullen’s hair. They both moaned in unison. God.


Cullen couldn’t stop himself now. He could not get enough of the honeyed taste of Shannon’s lips under his, Shannon’s tongue in his mouth, Shannon’s hands in his hair. He moaned and groaned uncontrollably into Shannon’s mouth, kissing him voraciously, clutching his shoulders in a bruising grip, straining to get even closer.


Shannon held Cullen’s head tenderly in his hands, lost in sensation, lost in Cullen. Cullen was grinding against him hungrily, his erect penis surging against Shannon’s thigh. Shannon’s hands slid out of Cullen’s hair, gliding down his chest to the towel at his waist.


“Most beautiful,” Cullen whispered against Shannon’s mouth.


Over the years, they had grown closer, as the few years between them lost importance. Now, they were best friends, everything to each other. At least, Shannon was everything to him.


It was the strangest thing. Cullen heard himself think something that he had never before allowed himself to acknowledge consciously. It was as if time slowed…then stopped. He watched himself, totally immersed in Shannon, open and vulnerable. And then…he shut down.


He reared back, tore his mouth away from Shannon’s and watched as Shannon, dazed with arousal, licked his lips and looked at him out of cloudy eyes. He groaned faintly and leaned towards Shannon’s mouth. He caught himself before he could resume their kiss. Heart racing with fear, breathing shallowly, he grabbed Shannon’s hand and guided it towards his rock hard cock.


“Is this what you want?” he spat out, voice cold and hard.


“You’re just like all the rest,” he said harshly.


“You want my cock right?  ‘Cullen will fuck anything.’ Right?” he finished bitterly.


Stricken and numb, Shannon’s face was stony and unreadable. A moment of heaven he had never imagined or expected, turned to fucking shit in five minutes. He forced frozen limbs to move and strode out of the room silently.


Cullen stood there, unwilling to think about what had just happened. He ignored the burning ache in his stomach, the heavy, unrelenting weight in the center of his chest. He pulled on a pair of sweat pants and proceeded to complete his workout, just as he would have done if Shannon had been there.




The 100 or so feet from Cullen’s house seemed like miles. Shannon felt like the skin had been peeled away from his body, one layer at a time; his deepest, most vulnerable self had been revealed and was unwanted. He entered his house and released a gasping sob of relief. Eyes dry and burning, he wrapped his arms around himself and doubled over with a pain so intense that he had to bite his lip to keep from crying out.


Shannon is that you?” his father queried in a quavering voice.


“Yes, Pop, it’s me,” Shannon replied, voice breaking.


He inhaled in and released the breath slowly. ‘Hold it together,’ he instructed himself quietly and then called out, “I’ll be up in a sec.”


He bathed and dressed his father efficiently, automatically following the morning routine they had established over the many years of his father’s illness. James Wright searched his son’s drawn face with troubled eyes. He was a handsome man in spite of his illness. Shannon looked just like him, only a thousand times better, he would always joke, laughing when Shannon blushed.


“Everything ok, son?” he probed, knowing even before he asked that Shannon was so protective of him that he would never burden him with any of his problems. Still, James felt that he had to make the attempt to reach him and help him if he could.


“Yeah, Pop,” Shannon replied, voice deliberately casual.


“I’m sick son, not dumb,” James said, his frustration evident. “I can tell something is wrong,” he continued, beginning to wheeze as his anxiety increased.


“Pop…Pop,” Shannon said, leaning his father forward into a position that would help him to breathe easier.


“It’s all good. Look, it’s just school. I have a couple of papers due that I gotta work on and I’m a little worried about that and my work hours. That’s all,” Shannon insisted.


James looked intently into Shannon’s eyes, dark like bittersweet chocolate, so loving and concerned.


“Don’t protect me,” James rasped. He grabbed Shannon’s hand.


“You’re a good boy. You know I love you. No matter what. No matter what,” he said again emphatically.


Shannon smiled at him. “Yeah, I know, Pop. I love you too. Look, the phone is right next to you. I put your lunch next to you too. Make sure you drink your water. All of it.”


James rolled his eyes and sighed.


Shannon continued, “Mom will be home around three today. I have to work right after school. I’ll probably see you this evening when I get home, if you’re still awake.”


As James sighed again, Shannon said, “Ok, ok, I’ll get out of your way, I’m going to go get ready.”


Shannon exhaled with relief as he entered his bedroom, drained by the effort it took to behave normally. He lay down on his bed and crossed his arms over his eyes. He had learned at a very young age to conceal and suppress his emotions. As a young child, he had been constantly admonished, ‘Shhhh, your father’s resting. Stop crying, it will upset your father. Go play outside. Stop making all that noise.’


Emotion stole his father’s breath, just like death was stealing his life in slow, heartbreaking increments. Their household was a loving one, but eerily quiet most of the time. Every aspect of their family life held an accommodation to his father’s illness.


Maybe that’s why he loved the noisy, boisterous O’Briens. There was crazy life in their house. They had acted like he was one of them from the start. Cullen’s younger brothers, Niall and Quinn, had seen him sitting on his front porch shortly after his family had moved next door to them. 


He was four years old, just about to turn five. They had come over to invite him to play with them and he had been absorbed into the family. Peggy, Cullen’s mom, always said that she had fallen in love with him at first sight. ‘I’m gonna have to adopt you,’ had been her first words to him.


An only child, he was fascinated by them. They all looked alike, beautiful, blond haired, blue eyed and of varying complexions due to the different ethnic backgrounds of their fathers. The O’Brien house was the ‘kid house’ and there was always something fun going on there.


When Shannon first started hanging out with Niall and Quinn, Cullen had been a “Big Boy,” Niall and Quinn’s revered older brother. Cullen would do anything for his brothers and sisters. They thought of him more as a father than as an older brother.


When Shannon was around twelve years old, Quinn, who was older than Niall and he, discovered girls. He stopped playing around with Niall and Shannon. When Quinn discovered girls, Shannon suddenly realized that he had no interest in girls in a romantic or sexual way. He and Niall continued their jerk off sessions without Quinn and started going further.


Their sexual exploration was fun and playful. They tried just about everything except for anal sex. That didn’t feel right to either one of them. Other than that, they did everything they read and heard about. Niall liked to be tied up. Shannon did it because Niall asked but wasn’t really turned on by it. And he most definitely did not want Niall to do it to him.


Things changed between Shannon and Cullen around this time. Shannon and Niall were on their way to the corner store and encountered Cullen about to leave the house with some of his friends. Niall asked Cullen to come with them.


Cullen had a look of pleased surprise on his face. Sometimes he was scared that his brothers and sisters would resent him. He always had to be the disciplinarian of the family. Their mother was either working or tired from working; it also just was not in Peggy’s nature to discipline anyone. He looked at Shannon and asked, “You want me to come too?”


That simple moment held a significance for Shannon that he never forgot. It was as if he were seeing Cullen for the first time. Those intense purple blue eyes held his for an endless instant of time in which it seemed as though his response was of immeasurable importance. Shannon melted. He nodded his head yes. “Cool,” Cullen had responded. He told his friends he would catch them later.


Shannon and Niall remained as close as ever. But now, wherever Cullen was, you could be sure to find Shannon. Cullen never became impatient with the adoring twelve year old. Not even when his friends teased him about it.


Cullen would often accuse Shannon of thinking too much. Whenever Cullen came up with one of his impulsive ideas, Shannon was always the voice of reason. When Cullen came up with the idea for a weekly flea market to help his mother pay for her car insurance, Shannon helped him organize and put it together.


After they found a beat up motor bike on the side of the road during one of their searches for merchandise for the flea market and painstakingly restored it to good health, it was Shannon who made them wait until they could save up and take it to a mechanic before they rode it. He also made them wait until they were able to purchase helmets.


When Shannon turned sixteen, Cullen snuck Niall and Shannon into The Shack. He had fake ID’s for the three of them, courtesy of his little brother Dyllan’s friend Lacey’s mother. Cullen joked that Shannon was the nicest drunk he had ever met.


Sweet natured Shannon became even more cute and quiet and sweet with each sip of alcohol. As they were walking home, Cullen had looked at him and said musingly, “Sweet sixteen and never been kissed.”


Niall smirked and said, “Oh he’s been kissed. He’s definitely been kissed.”


“Not by me,” Cullen had teased. He pulled Shannon to him and lightly kissed him on the lips. “There you go.”


Shannon had stood there for a few seconds, eyes closed, as Cullen continued walking. When he realized that Shannon was not walking with them, Niall had turned around, taken a quick look at his face and groaned. He jogged back to where Shannon was standing.


“Now you really got it bad,” Niall had uttered in a laughing whisper. “C’mon bro. Let’s get your little sweet sixteen ass home.”


That’s when Shannon had stopped playing with Niall. That’s when he realized he did not want anyone to make love to him but Cullen. He and Cullen had become close so gradually, that now he was afraid that if he revealed to Cullen how deep his feelings actually were, that it would change things. Ruin them.


If Cullen was not working or in school, he and Shannon were in the basement apartment Peg had fixed up for him on his thirteenth birthday. By that time, Cullen was providing almost as much income to the family as Peg was; he was a hustler. He was too young to actually hold a job, but he always found work he could do and get paid for under the table.


If Cullen were playing, he would have his lover of the moment park in the front of the house so that Shannon would know to wait until the car was gone to come over. He had given Shannon the one extra key he had made and Shannon treated Cullen’s apartment as a second home. Now, the friendship that he cherished so much was destroyed. All because he could not keep his feelings to himself. He knew how Cullen was. Cullen never allowed anyone but his family to get close.


Over the years, Shannon had repeatedly observed Cullen pushing people away when they tried to get too close. Other than his brothers, he had few close friends. Shannon could count them all on one hand. Selena, his mother’s ex-boyfriend, Joaquin and Shannon.


Shannon resolved to focus on work and school. If he wanted, he could work extra hours; they were always requesting help at his part-time job where he worked as a customer service rep. The staff turnover was tremendous.




How do you fix it when you have hurt the one person who means everything to you? His mother was constantly telling him, ‘Baby, you are just like me. Heat up fast, cool down fast. But you gotta watch what you say. Words hurt worse than fists.’ His younger brother Niall was the same way: always getting into trouble because of his big mouth.


The real problem was, he couldn’t understand why he had reacted like that. Touching Shannon was like a dream. He had never even allowed himself to think of Shannon in that way. Even that time when he had kissed Shannon, for his sixteenth birthday.


After it was over, he had made himself forget about how sweet it had felt. He’d felt so stupid. The minute he had said, ‘Sweet sixteen and never been kissed,’ he had realized that he had been waiting for an excuse to touch Shannon. If he really let himself think about it, he had been burning for Shannon ever since that kiss.


As a matter of fact, when Shannon was around fifteen, Cullen’s friend Selena had asked him why they never included Shannon in their play. Cullen hadn’t even wanted to respond to that. He had told her curtly, ‘He’s just a kid. Even if he is the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen.’ Selena had raised her eyebrows but had not commented further.


Every so often, whenever Selena was around the two of them together, Cullen would catch her watching them with a strange look on her face. She would never explain why. She would just ask him, “ Is Shannon still the most beautiful boy you’ve ever seen?” When he would answer with a brief, impatient, “Yes,” she would smile at him mysteriously. Cullen hated that and she would laugh at him when he told her so.


Now, Cullen was living up to his reputation. When he wasn’t working he was playing. It wasn’t the same. He had always been driven by an almost insatiable sex drive. He loved to give and receive pleasure. Now, he was using sex as an anesthetic, to make him forget. It held very little pleasure. When his mother tried to talk with him about the very obvious estrangement from Shannon, she was met with stony silence. When his brothers and sisters asked him about Shannon, Cullen would respond, “Ask him.”


A couple of months drifted by. Cullen was scared to call Shannon and knew that Shannon was too stubborn to call him. He found himself hovering around windows in the upstairs part of the house, desperately trying to catch glimpses of Shannon.


When Cullen did see him, the grief stricken look on Shannon’s face destroyed him. Shannon looked drawn and fragile. And so sad.


How could he have said all of those things? No matter what he was doing, he had flashbacks of the look on Shannon’s face that day. He and Shannon had never even argued before. Missing Shannon was a constant, gnawing ache in his chest. He knew that Shannon would probably never call him. The first move was going to have to come from him.  He had to do something; he couldn’t let Shannon out of his life.


When he was twelve years old, Cullen had made a vow to never hurt anyone, and to never allow himself to be hurt, ever again. He remembered Shannon at twelve. Following him around like he was Something Special. Whenever Cullen would look at him Shannon would smile. He had the sweetest smile Cullen had ever seen. It would start in his eyes and light up his entire face.


How was he going to fix this? He didn’t know how to get Shannon to forgive him.


The other day, Cullen had finally realized that Shannon had adjusted his entire schedule so that he could avoid running into him. Cullen decided to go to work late and sat on his front porch waiting for Shannon to appear.


Shannon walked towards his front door and stopped dead in his tracks when he noticed Cullen. Hiss heart clenched painfully. Their eyes met for an endless moment.



 “Hey,” Cullen said softly.


“Hey,” Shannon responded then raced up the front porch steps and quickly let himself into the house.


Cullen looked at the space where Shannon had just been. “Shit.” He briefly considered pursuing him and discarded that idea. He’d have to think of something else.


Shannon locked the door behind him and stood there, heart hammering wildly in his chest. He couldn’t believe that he had just run away like that. “I am seriously losing my mind,” he said aloud.


That night, as was becoming customary for him, Cullen awakened expecting to find Shannon sleeping next to him. On many occasions, if it were getting late, instead of going home, Shannon would sleep over. Tonight Cullen had a dream so vivid that waking up alone without Shannon there had been unbearable.


Alone, desolate, in the dark, at three am, there was no escaping the very concrete absence of Shannon. Now, there was no one to see that he wasn’t the strong one, the tough one, the one who could always take care of everything.


All of the hurt, all of the misery that he kept trying to run away from, exploded out of him in noisy, racking sobs. Cullen wiped furiously at the tears flowing from his eyes. If he wanted Shannon back in his life, he was going to have to make the first move, the second move, how ever many moves it took to get Shannon to forgive him. He reached for the phone.


Shannon picked up on the first ring.


“Can you come over now?” Cullen asked in a subdued voice. Stomach fluttering with dread, he couldn’t interpret the silence that seemed to last forever.


After a few moments, Shannon answered hoarsely, “Ok, I’ll be there in a few.”


Shannon knocked on the door, unwilling to use his key. Cullen opened the door and said softly, “I gave you that key for a reason.” He reached for Shannon’s hand to pull him inside and dropped his hand awkwardly when Shannon flinched away.


They sat on the small loveseat in the area Cullen liked to call his den.


Shannon,” Cullen said, then paused, throat aching.


Shannon looked at him and then away. He hadn’t looked directly at Cullen since he had come inside. “I don’t want to talk about it,” he said abruptly.


“I just want,” Cullen started again. A jolt of fear reverberated through him as Shannon stood up.


“I can’t talk about it now Cullen.”


Cullen stood up next to him, prepared to prevent him from leaving. “Please, sit down,” Cullen requested.


Shannon acquiesced reluctantly.


“I’m sorry,” Cullen apologized. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He stopped, at a loss. Words were so unbelievably inadequate right now.


There was an awkward silence. Cullen looked at Shannon, admiring his dark, dramatic beauty. Thick heavy eyebrows. Deep, mysterious, chocolate brown eyes surrounded by a thick fringe of long, jet black lashes. Long African nose. Full, precisely curved, mocha brown lips. His gleaming, deep burgundy brown skin was so soft and smooth.


Cullen looked at Shannon with grim determination, through eyes still slightly red and swollen with tears. He was not letting Shannon leave. He was not gonna let him go, ever. He ran a hand through his hair in frustration.


Tense with nerves, Shannon held himself stiffly, arms folded across his chest protectively. Why had he bothered to come? He should have stayed home. It would be better for both of them if they just let this go. The crazy thing was, that as soon as he walked into the door, he had felt like he was right where he belonged.


Cullen edged closer to him. “God, you are so fucking stubborn,” he said gruffly, grabbing Shannon’s chin and trying to turn his head towards him.


Shannon resisted his efforts. Cullen straddled Shannon’s hips and looked down at him, patient and implacable.


“I can be just as stubborn as you are. I’m not moving ‘til you talk to me or at least look at me.”


They sat there in uneasy silence. Cullen hovered over Shannon, obviously prepared to remain there for as long as it took for Shannon to relent. Sometimes Shannon thought he knew Cullen better than Cullen knew himself. He wasn’t even really mad at Cullen. He had known how Cullen would react if he ever showed him how he really felt. He just didn’t know if he could handle being so close to Cullen now and pretend that he didn’t have those feelings. But, he didn’t think he could let Cullen go. He had been dead without him. After an eternity, he pushed at Cullen, “Alright, you idiot, get off me.”


Cullen was weak with relief. “No,” he taunted. “I’m just getting comfortable. I think I’ll stay here.”


“I don’t know about you,” Shannon said, “but I’m tired. It’s what, four o’clock in the morning? I still can’t believe that I actually got out of bed to come over here at four o’clock in the morning.”


Shannon finally looked at Cullen for the first time since he had arrived. The faint smile on his face disappeared as he noted Cullen’s puffy, reddened eyes. Their eyes held for a long moment.


“C’mon,” Shannon said. “Let’s go to sleep. I still can get a couple of hours before school.”


They settled into Cullen’s bed. Exhausted, after so many nights of being unable to sleep, Shannon drifted off immediately, feeling comforted by Cullen’s presence.


Cullen lay there quietly, too relieved and full of conflicting emotions to sleep. He slept off and on, awakening once to find Shannon curled around him. Slowly, gently, cautiously, he leaned forward and kissed Shannon on the forehead. He could not prevent the sudden thought, ‘I love you.’ He carefully disentangled himself, turned over and fell back asleep.




Later the next evening when Shannon came over, Cullen started talking as they were zoning in front of the television. “You remember when Joaquin lived here right? You were real little and Mom has had what, maybe twenty boyfriends since then,” he joked. “It was right before you started second grade, I think,” he added trying to refresh Shannon’s memory.


“I remember” Shannon said. “How could I ever forget? The first time I saw him I thought he was trying to kill you.” He conjured the memory of Joaquin slashing at Cullen with a knife and Cullen’s determination to avoid the blade. He had been scared to death until Niall reassured him that it was ‘just practice.’


“Well, when Joaquin left, we were all so miserable. Mom was totally fucked up, the younger kids didn’t really get it, they were just miserable because we were.” Cullen paused, not really sure if he wanted to continue. Shannon remained quiet, listening intently.


“Joaquin was the only father I knew. When he moved in with Mom, I had just started school. I was the only white kid in the class and my mom was living with a Mexican. So, I was constantly getting my ass kicked.”


Cullen stopped for a minute. He hated to think about it. Hated to talk about it, even though it was Shannon. He had to talk about it though. He wanted Shannon to understand him. Understand why he was so fucked up.


“The first couple of times it happened, he didn’t say anything. The third time, I came home with blood everywhere. I tried to get myself cleaned up so my mom wouldn’t find out. Joaquin came to my room while I was taking all of my clothes off.


He just looked at me, like he was trying to figure me out. Finally, he said, ‘You too pretty ain’t chu? That’s why chu getting you ass kicked, anh Cullen?’ His accent was pretty strong then and I could barely understand him.”


Cullen laughed wryly. “I got a little mad. I wanted to say to him, you’re just as pretty as I am. I thought he was making fun of me.”


“Then he said, ‘Cullen, I teach chu, I teach chu to fight man. So you can kick all dos li’l mudder fuckers in da ass.’ He taught me everything, how important it was to take care of my brothers and sisters. How they would watch everything I’d do. And how not to be like him. Drinking all the time. Getting in trouble all the time.


When he left, I promised myself that I would never, ever, hurt anyone like he hurt me and my mom.”


Cullen paused again, unable to remain detached from childhood memories that still held amazing power. He continued, voice harsh, “I couldn’t understand how he could leave us like that. Not just me, but how he could just up and leave his own kids like that.


I didn’t understand then that he was an alcoholic. But that’s the reason I hardly ever drink. I remember all the fights they had when I was younger. All of the fucked up things he said and did when he was drunk.


He’s a completely different person now that he has cleaned his act up. And he’s sorry for all the things he did. But you know, sorry don’t ever make it better. No matter how sorry you are.”


He looked at Shannon as he said the last. His voice was so low that Shannon could barely hear him.


“Anyway, when he left, he and mom were so angry at each other, I thought I was never going to see him again, ever. It was like losing my father all over again. Even though I don’t have any memory of losing my father. I was too young. I can’t explain it. It’s like them leaving meant, that I was nothing, of no importance at all.”


“It’s ok, Shannon said softly. “I kinda understand. I don’t know what its like to lose a father, because even with my father being so sick, he is still here. I do understand what its like to be afraid to lose someone. I live with that every day. I really don’t know how Pop does it. Sometimes, I think, if that was me, I would just kill myself rather that live like that,” he confessed in a hushed voice.


“Everyday I thank God that he doesn’t, that he’s stronger than I would ever be. The promise I made to myself, is not to ever let him know how much I hate seeing him like this. How much I hate having to give him his medicine, having to wash him and dress him like he is my kid, instead of him being the dad. I hate myself for that sometimes.”


Cullen looked at Shannon and said, “I have missed you so much. If I didn’t have you to talk to, I think I would go crazy.”


“Me too,” Shannon said. “I mean, you know what I mean,” he said.




Over the next few months, they both tread carefully. Each was unwilling to do anything to upset the precarious balance of their friendship. They settled back into their usual routines of work and school and spending most of their time together.


The one time things had almost fallen apart again, they had just finished working out in the gym. Cullen had grabbed Shannon and put him in a headlock. They hadn’t wrestled in forever. Laughing, Shannon had tripped him and Cullen had pulled Shannon to the floor on top of him as he fell.


They had grappled for control, rolling around on the floor until Cullen had pinned him. He had looked down at Shannon, savoring the feel of Shannon’s hard body beneath his.


“I should keep you like this,” he teased softly.


“You wish,” Shannon said with a faint smile, bucking his hips trying to get free.


Cullen rested his full weight upon Shannon to keep him from moving, slowly, unconsciously grinding against him. Shannon looked up at him, eyes half closed. Cullen groaned and buried his face in Shannon’s neck. He tried to stop and couldn’t.


It felt so good. Only the memory of Shannon’s face during the months of their separation prodded him to his feet. Cullen jumped up, breathing heavily, cock hard and engorged beneath his sweats.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he repeated huskily.


Unable to speak beyond the flood of lust that had poured through him, Shannon closed his eyes, attempting to regain control. When he opened them, Cullen was leaning over him and holding a hand out. There was an electrifying moment of sizzling awareness between them as their hands touched.


As Shannon stood up, Cullen was startled into saying, “When did you get so tall?”


“I’m not a kid anymore,” Shannon had replied sharply.


“Think about it. I’m going to go check on my father and then take a shower. I’ll be back later.”


Later, they both acted like nothing had happened.




A few days later, Cullen walked into the exercise room to find that Shannon had started without him.  He looked at Shannon’s broad back, gleaming with sweat, narrowing to an impossibly small waist. His buttocks were sculpted and firm, his legs long and muscular.


Cullen observed his graceful movements, mesmerized by the shifting interplay of Shannon’s muscles as he moved. He licked suddenly dry lips and walked over to him. As he trailed a hand slowly across Shannon’s back, he said, “You’re wet,” in hushed tones.


Shannon tensed and the hairs on the back of his neck rose. He closed his eyes.


“Yeah,” he said. “Thought I’d get a head start.”


Shannon cleared his throat nervously, then stood up and found Cullen right there standing in front of him. He eyed Cullen warily and started to walk around him. Cullen moved with him. Unable to help himself, Cullen slid a hand down the front of Shannon’s body, starting at his collarbone and down to the waistband of his sweat pants.


“You’re so….wet,” Cullen said again, hoarsely. He raised his fingers to his mouth and licked his fingers while Shannon watched intently, breath quickening.


“You taste good,” Cullen said softly while slowly leaning forward and capturing a rolling bead of sweat with the tip of his tongue.


Shannon’s head fell back and his chest rose and fell rapidly.  “Cullen,” he said softly, breathlessly.


Cullen touched Shannon’s mouth with two fingers. “Shhhh…don’t think.”


Cullen replaced his fingers with his mouth and rubbed lightly across Shannon’s soft, full lips. He pressed gentle kisses all over Shannon’s face before returning to his mouth.


“Don’t think,” Cullen whispered softly. “Just let me touch you. Just for a minute. I just need to touch you.”


Shannon whimpered, a soft, keening sound of anguish and lust combined. The sound went from Cullen’s ears straight to his cock. He devoured Shannon’s mouth. Over the past several months he had relived their previous kiss nightly. He had jerked off in the shower remembering that kiss. He had spent the past several months exercising self-restraint in innumerable ways and today seeing Shannon shirtless, hot and sweaty had destroyed his control.


Cullen licked and bit and sucked Shannon’s sweet, delectable lips. He angled his head so that he could thrust his tongue even deeper into the moist, hot cavern of Shannon’s mouth.  He palmed both sides of Shannon’s face trying to pull him closer, get even deeper.


Shannon made a low sound of encouragement and Cullen groaned. Shannon’s hands moved caressingly up Cullen’s arms, across his back and then to his hair. The feel of the silken strands of Cullen’s hair between his fingers turned Shannon’s knees to butter. He was torn between fear, confusion and an aching, burning arousal. The last time…the surfacing thought cooled his arousal. He removed his fingers from Cullen’s hair and placed his hands on Cullen’s shoulders.


Shannon pushed against Cullen gently and attempted to twist his head away. Cullen ruthlessly deepened the kiss and taking unfair advantage, he moved his hands down Shannon’s chest and softly stroked his nipples. Shannon whimpered again and clutched at Cullen’s shoulders. Cullen was too far gone to stop now.  He pinched Shannon’s nipples and Shannon trembled in his arms, hot and sweaty, his thick, heavy cock surging urgently against Cullen’s lower body.


Gasping for breath and fighting for control, Cullen tore his mouth away from Shannon’s soft lips. He was one step away from pushing Shannon onto his back and fucking the shit out of him and he was fully aware that Shannon had tried to stop him a few minutes ago. He leaned his face against Shannon’s, breathing heavily.


Shannon, I want you,” he whispered.


Shannon took a deep, ragged breath as Cullen’s lips traversed his neck and chest. Sinking down to his knees, Cullen placed tiny delicate kisses across Shannon’s taut stomach, feeling the muscles clench in response. He felt Shannon’s hesitation, felt him pulling back. He rubbed his face back and forth across Shannon’s stomach and wrapped his arms around his hips.


“God, Shannon, please don’t stop me now. Please,” Cullen begged hoarsely, aching with longing. 


Cullen froze in place, his muscles aching with tension, cock straining against his sweats. His biggest game of all, played on himself. Pretending that things could be like before. That he didn’t want to be doing this. He waited an eternity and then felt Shannon’s hands gently playing with his hair. Sighing with relief, he swiftly pulled Shannon’s pants down and buried his face into Shannon’s sweaty crotch.  He inhaled deeply.


“You smell so good.”


Glancing at Shannon’s thick, heavy penis, he hissed, “Oh yesss”, then grasped the long shaft in his hand and planted a series of kisses all over the erect cock.


Hungry and impatient, without warning, Cullen engulfed Shannon’s entire cock deep into the back of his throat while grasping his balls tenderly in one hand. Shannon’s legs gave way and he collapsed onto the weight bench behind him, mouth open in a wordless scream.


Shannon stopped breathing, for an insane moment, while every cell in his body processed the sensory overload. He inhaled sharply when Cullen removed his mouth from his cock and licked the precum off his dripping glans.


“Oh my God,” Shannon groaned.


“Cullen,” he said through clenched teeth. “I need to cum. I need to cum right now. I can’t wait.”


Cullen looked up at him while he leisurely licked his cock up and down. Shannon reached out with both hands. Cullen grabbed his wrists and held them to both sides of his body.


He mouthed Shannon’s balls, kissing and sucking gently. Returning to Shannon’s cock, he licked lightly up and down again. Shannon made that noise again. That sweet whimper that drove him crazy. Cullen groaned and said, “If you promise to be still, I’ll let you cum.”


Voice husky with desire, Shannon looked at him and asked, “When?”


“Soon,” Cullen promised. “I just want to taste you. You taste so good.”


He leaned forward and surrounded just the head with his moist lips and sucked softly, forcefully. Shannon bit his lip and lifted his hips. Cullen removed his mouth from Shannon’s penis.


“You promised,” he chided, looking up at Shannon.


Shannon’s eyes stared earnestly into Cullen’s. He nodded and said, “I’ll be still.”


Cullen opened his mouth wide and hovered over the top of Shannon’s cock. 


Shannon begged hoarsely, “Suck it….please.”


Obediently, Cullen engulfed Shannon’s entire cock inside of his mouth and towards the back of his throat.  Shannon’s hands gripped the side of the bench in his efforts to remain still.  Cullen backed off his penis in excruciatingly slow motion.


Cullen was shaking with desire. He was aroused beyond belief at the taste of Shannon and teasing him until he was crazy. 


“Still want to cum?” he asked Shannon hoarsely.


Shannon nodded, unable to speak.


“Wait,” Cullen ordered. “And don’t move or I’ll stop.”


He grasped the shaft of Shannon’s penis and pulled downward until the skin was taut. He took just the head into his mouth and sucked tenderly for a few excruciating moments then swallowed the entire length, from head to shaft into his mouth and moved up and down rapidly.


He stopped and then looked at Shannon’s face. Shannon’s eyes were half closed and his nostrils flaring. His panting breaths were loud in the quiet room.


“Still?” Cullen asked.


Shannon groaned in frustration.


“You still wanna cum Shannon?” Cullen asked softly, voice trembling with excitement.


Shannon nodded once.


“What?” Cullen teased.


“Yes,” Shannon choked out gutturally.


Cullen spread Shannon’s legs and pulled his hips forward a little. He gently caressed Shannon’s balls with one hand and slowly rubbed a moistened finger on his tight puckered anus with the other.


Boneless, Shannon slid to the floor. His hips were rocking back and forth and he was making that noise again. Relentless, Cullen grabbed Shannon by the hips and fucked Shannon’s cock back and forth into his waiting, ravenous mouth. 


“Not yet,” Cullen said, taking his mouth away.


Unable to withstand the sweet torment any longer, Shannon screamed and then reached down to grab himself. His thick, hard, black cock was throbbing mercilessly. Cullen pushed his hands away.


“Just a little more,” Cullen groaned.


Cullen leaned over and took Shannon’s cock into his mouth once more, lifting his mouth slowly then brushing his hand lightly across Shannon’s stomach. Shannon’s muscles quivered. Cullen finally touched his own cock, rubbing and squeezing it roughly.


Cullen was right on the edge after teasing them both for so long.


Shannon,” he coaxed, “look at me.”


Shannon’s heavy eyelids lifted slowly. Cullen almost lost it right then at the look in his eyes.


“Now you can cum for me.”


Cullen lowered his mouth onto Shannon’s cock and sucked with a vengeance.


Shannon’s penis erupted with a series of convulsive jerks, releasing thick, creamy, copious jets of cum into Cullen’s hot, wet mouth. Cullen swallowed hungrily, out of his mind with desire, squeezing and jerking his cock rapidly. His cock surged wildly in his hand, releasing endless streams of cum as he moaned and groaned his pleasure and release around Shannon’s sweet cock in his mouth.


Before Shannon could drift off to sleep, Cullen helped him to his feet and led him to the bed. Shannon’s face was relaxed with satisfaction. Cullen was turning on again as he recalled Shannon’s excitement and how gratifying it had been to please him.


Cullen caressed the side of Shannon’s face, contentment spreading throughout his entire being. He looked down at Shannon speculatively. Why was he making such a big deal of this? This time he was the one who was thinking too much.


Things could be just like before, only better. This is gonna be easy.


Shannon’s eyes fluttered, then opened. He smiled at Cullen, dreamy and satiated. Cullen stared down at him, focused and intent. Suddenly alert, Shannon’s eyes cleared and sharpened.


“This is gonna be easy,” Shannon said in a neutral voice, accurately echoing Cullen’s thoughts.


Cullen slanted a glance at him. Just as he was thinking, ‘This should keep Shannon happy,’ Shannon tilted his head, narrowed his eyes and said, “This should keep Shannon happy.”


“Shit,” Shannon said, accurate once again. 


Rising up on an elbow, he laughed wryly at Cullen’s amazed stare. Simultaneously, amused and angry, he assured Cullen, “I’m not psychic, man. I’ve just seen that look on your face a thousand times, whenever you tried to talk me into going along with some wild ass scheme of yours. You don’t want me to start naming them do you?”


Cullen eyed him sourly. “Not really, no.”


Shannon’s face lost all traces of amusement and turned solemn. “You were right Cullen. I am just like all the rest.” Remembered hurt appeared in his brown eyes. I do want this.” He grasped Cullen’s cock.


“I didn’t mean…” Cullen began hastily.


“Let’s keep it real,” Shannon said. “Maybe you didn’t mean to hurt me, but you did mean what you said.” Shannon put his hand over Cullen’s heart, “Only, I want this too. I want all of you.”


For a moment, Cullen just stared at him, violet eyes wide and troubled. He was scared. His heart pounded violently in his chest and for a moment he felt like the kid whose world had just been turned upside down. He looked at Shannon, ready to promise anything. ‘Don’t leave me.’ He thought he had said it out loud. God.


“Wait” Shannon said as Cullen’s mouth opened. “Please, just think about it. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. He swallowed. “If you want, you will always be my friend. I just can’t do the fuck buddy thing with you. This means something to me, Cullen. When you touch me…,” he paused for a second, unable to continue. “I love you. I love you sooo much.”


Cullen was silent for long moments. “I’m scared,” he confessed softly.


“Me too,” Shannon admitted. He pulled Cullen into his embrace and tenderly caressed his hair.  “Let’s go to sleep. I never sleep as good anywhere else as I do when I’m with you.”




Shannon called Cullen on his cell phone midmorning the following day. “Will you go out to dinner with me tonight?” 


There was a startled silence on the other end.


“Hello?” Shannon queried, an amused smile on his face that he was glad Cullen could not see.


“Um, yeah, I guess,” Cullen stuttered.


“I’ll pick you up at 7.”


Cullen’s brother Quinn was very close to him in size, so Cullen borrowed something to wear from him. Quinn was the dresser in the family. He was planning on being a businessman. He was a whiz with money and Cullen let him handle the budget and anything to do with the family money. Cullen and the rest of his brothers spent their free time in jeans and t-shirts. 


“Hot date tonight?” Quinn teased, dark blue eyes glinting with amusement. He stared in astonishment as hot color filled Cullen’s face.


Keeping a straight face with great difficulty, Quinn helped Cullen select an outfit. “You definitely could not have done this without me,” Quinn said frankly. “Thank God I was here.” He ran out of the room at Cullen’s threatening motions towards him.


At seven pm exactly, his sister Niamh opened the door to Cullen’s basement apartment and called out, “Cullen, your date is here.”




“Your date’s here,” Niamh yelled impatiently. “Come up here.”


Shannon looked at Cullen apologetically as he entered the living room. “Your mom insisted that I come through the main house.”


Cullen shot Quinn a dirty look. Quinn smiled back angelically. Cullen ignored the rest of his family, who were all watching avidly.


Cullen took a good, long look at Shannon. He was dressed in black. The dark color showcased his creamy, burgundy brown skin. The well fitting pants and silk shirt he was wearing emphasized the muscular lines of his body. He had a gold hoop in his left ear and his full lips were curved in a sexy half smile. He had an armful of red roses and held them out towards Cullen. “These are for you.”


Dazzled, unable to take his eyes off of Shannon, Cullen automatically stretched his arms out to receive the flowers. His sister Mary Katherine came to his rescue.


“I’ll go get a vase,” she said.


The rest of the family watched attentively as Shannon moved towards Cullen and kissed him tenderly on his cheek.


“You look…really good,” Shannon said appreciatively.


Quinn cleared his throat loudly. The rest of the family shushed him but Cullen and Shannon didn’t hear them.


“Thanks,” Cullen said breathlessly.


Mary Katherine collected the roses.


“Are you ready?”  Shannon asked.


“Yeah,” Cullen replied.


Shannon grabbed Cullen’s hand. “Let’s go. Night everybody.”


Shannon held the door of the car open for Cullen and helped him with his seatbelt. Cullen had never had anyone treat him so solicitously and he was feeling vulnerable and self-conscious. At the same time, since it was Shannon, he was also reveling in it.


Shannon put in a Seal CD and they completed the drive in a comfortable silence, enjoying the CD, a favorite for the both of them. When they arrived at the restaurant, Shannon opened the door and helped Cullen out of the car. The waiter led them over to a quiet, candlelit corner.


“Are we on a budget?” Cullen whispered.


Shannon looked at him and smiled sweetly. “No, baby. Get whatever you want.”


Cullen looked at Shannon, any lingering doubts disappearing. Shannon was a man. He most definitely was not a kid anymore.


While they viewed the menus, Shannon chuckled quietly. At Cullen’s glance of inquiry, he explained. “This reminds me of how excited we would be on your payday. Remember how you would take us all to McDonald’s?”


“How could I forget?” Cullen grumbled. Keeping his brothers and sisters and Lacey, Kai and Shannon under control had been a trip. He smiled at the memory.


“And the time we thought Brodie had broken his arm when he was clowning around in the playroom?” Shannon reminded him with a soft laugh. Cullen relaxed as he and Shannon relived old times. As Cullen laughed in response to something Shannon had said, Shannon grabbed his hand and kissed it lovingly. 


Cullen blushed and Shannon immediately dropped his hand.


“Sorry,” Shannon muttered.


“What?” Cullen looked at him incredulously. “You know me well enough by now to know that I don’t seriously give a fuck what other people think, right? Anytime you wanna touch me, anywhere…you just don’t get it do you? No matter what, you are always gonna be my best friend and that means everything to me.”


That wasn’t it,” he added with a shy smile. “It’s just, I’ve never had this before.” He spread his hands. “The flowers, the dinner…it’s just…never mind.”


He shifted uncomfortably. Shannon smiled and took his hand again. He smiled back.


When Cullen returned home, his mother waved him into the main house.


“I feel like I’m on MTV or something,” he complained. His brothers and sisters were waiting around the dinner table as his mother pulled him into the room.


“You’re our big brother,” Mary Katherine said.


“And this is Shannon,” his mother added. “We love Shannon.”


“Am I the only one who thinks this is strange?” Cullen asked.


“We’ve been waiting for you to wake up.” Quinn said.


“You knew?”  Cullen asked.


“Cullen,” Niall said patiently. “Shannon is over here just about 24/7. You haven’t had any company in your little love nest, for at least three months, maybe closer to four or even five, hell, I don’t know exactly. I just know it’s been awhile. And…,” Niall paused dramatically before he revealed the most telling evidence. “Shannon actually rode with you on that piece of crap bike the two of you rebuilt. Now that had to be love.”


“No shit.” Quinn agreed.


“For real,” Niamh added.


“Yup,” Peggy said succinctly and suddenly the room was full the sounds of their laughter. Except for Cullen, who thought they were all crazy. Shaking his head and concerned about the sanity of his family, Cullen left the room.




A couple of nights later, Shannon invited Cullen to go out for a walk. They took the back way, walking through several alleyways to get to the park. It was so quiet that the only sounds in the night were their feet crunching on broken glass.


“I love night time,” Shannon said in a hushed voice. He grabbed Cullen’s hand and said, “Sometimes I need this. The silence. Just being able to think and to be.”


He took Cullen to a deserted area of the park, a hilly area where a wide expanse of the night sky was visible.


Shannon continued to speak softly, “I love looking at the stars. When I see stars and that big, beautiful midnight sky, it makes me feel like nothing is impossible. That something magical is just around the corner.”


He took a deep breath and said, “After you kissed me…I couldn’t sleep. Sometimes I would come here.”


Cullen turned to Shannon, sorrow in his eyes. “I didn’t mean…”


“Shhhh,” Shannon interrupted gently. “I didn’t say that to make you feel guilty. I said it just to tell you. Just to share something I’m feeling. You’re my best friend too.”


Cullen said, “I was miserable without you. I would wake up expecting to feel you next to me but you wouldn’t be there.”


Shannon turned towards him and gently stroked his hair. Slowly, he traced the contours of Cullen’s face and looked directly into Cullen’s eyes.


“You are so beautiful. I am not just talking about your gorgeous looks and there is no mistake about that baby, you are gorgeous.”


Cullen flushed, mesmerized by the eyes looking so intently and lovingly into his.


Shannon said, “You always take care of everybody. You always want to make things right. Make everything ok. I have so much respect for you. For the way you support your mom, the way you’ve raised your brothers and sisters. You are everything a man should be.”


Cullen’s eyes filled with tears. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, overwhelmed with emotion. He swallowed and turned his face so that he could kiss the palm of Shannon’s hand.


“Most beautiful,” he whispered.


Noting Shannon’s questioning look of confusion, Cullen explained, “That’s how I think of you. You’ve always been the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen…man now,” he added with a faint smile.


When they returned to Cullen’s house, Shannon ran home to check on his father. Cullen entered through the main house and stood there in the dark entryway for a moment.  When he entered the family room, his mother looked at him and commented in amazement, “You are glowing. Oh my God. Oh Cullen. Don’t throw this away baby,” she cautioned.


“Ma, right now, I’m not thinking. I’m just letting myself feel. I don’t want to ruin it.”


Peggy looked at him worriedly, and shook her head. As he was walking down the stairs, he heard her mutter, "Damn if we could bottle that we’d be rich.”




When Cullen arrived home from work the following Friday evening, Shannon was waiting for him. Shannon prevented him from undressing, brushing his hands aside and saying, “You’ve been taking care of people all day. Let me do that for you.”


Shannon undressed Cullen with practiced dexterity and walked him into the bathroom. Candlelight gave the darkened room a warm intimacy. The air was sweetly fragrant with the bath salts Shannon had used. Cullen groaned when he sank down into the hot water, muscles aching from lifting and moving heavy patients all day.


“Oh man, how did you know I need this? I was on the skilled wing today. None of the patients over there can walk. They’re all pretty sick.”


Shannon decided to tell Cullen another day that Peg had called to tell him that Cullen would probably be sore and tired. Since he was the only guy working the unit, all of the aides wanted him to help lift their heaviest patients and Cullen would never refuse.


“I’ll take care of him,” Shannon had assured Peg.


“I know you will, babe,” she had responded.


Cullen moaned blissfully when Shannon started washing his hair, enjoying the fingers gently massaging his scalp. Shannon bathed Cullen gently, enjoying touching him. He dried him off lovingly after he helped him out of the tub.


“Go lay down on the bed. I’ll be there in a sec.”


Shannon grabbed the baby oil from where it was warming in a sink full of hot water. Cullen was lying on the bed, face down, with a pair of boxers on.


“Take those off or they’ll get oil on them. I’m gonna give you a massage.”


Cullen quickly complied. Shannon knelt at Cullen’s feet and ran a sweeping hand from his shoulders to the tips of his toes.


“You’re soooo….long” he said, gazing at Cullen’s body with appreciative pleasure.


“Oh God, that feels so good. My feet are crying. I’ve been on them for 16 hours straight,” Cullen said as Shannon massaged his aching feet.


Shannon slowly moved from Cullen’s feet to his legs, luxuriating in the freedom of touching Cullen all over. He was gradually becoming aroused. His focus had been making Cullen comfortable. Showing how much he cared for him. Not just wanting his cock.


He could not deny that just looking at Cullen’s long naked muscular body made him hot. His mouth was watering. God, there was so much of him. He just wanted to explore him with his tongue, inch by inch. ‘Down, boy,’ he told himself. ‘Chill.’ He groaned silently when he reached Cullen’s small, round, muscular buttocks.


Cullen’s back was so smooth, so broad, so silky. Shannon tickled Cullen just a little then jumped on top of him to keep him from turning over. Cullen laughed and wriggled beneath him. Shannon stayed there for a moment, relishing the feel of Cullen’s warm, firm body under him.


“Ok, I’ll stop.” He swatted Cullen’s buttocks. “Be still.”


“Ow,” Cullen yelped. “I’m gonna get you for that. But for now, don’t stop what you’re doing,” he muttered as Shannon continued massaging his back and arms.


When he completed the back massage, Shannon carefully turned Cullen over. Cullen’s penis was gloriously erect. It was the first thing Shannon noticed. He was overwhelmed with a wave of lust so intense that for long moments all he could do was stare and contemplate the many ways he could take that cock into his body.


His eyes finally lifted to see that Cullen was watching him. He felt naked and vulnerable. For the life of him he could not think of anything to say because the only thought reverberating through his mind was, ‘I want you.’ Shannon cleared his throat nervously and grabbed the baby oil. “I’m gonna start at your feet again,” he said.


Cullen was so exhausted that when Shannon was bathing him, he thought that tonight was probably the one night that he would be able to stand Shannon touching him so intimately without jumping all over him.


The bath had been sensual and comforting at the same time. The massage had started out okay, but when Shannon had playfully jumped on top of him, it had felt so good. Feeling Shannon lying on top of him triggered the memory of having Shannon’s cock in his mouth. Heavy, hard, sweet and salty.


He was fighting that memory.  Because he was scared. He was confused. He was not entirely sure what Shannon wanted from him. When Shannon turned him over and he saw the look on his face, his cock grew even harder.


Cullen held himself rigid. That look made his mouth grow dry. He was sick with wanting Shannon. Every cell in his body flooded with desire. When Shannon said that he was gonna rub his feet, he had nodded his head. Feet were safe.


Only he hadn’t realized that there must be nerve endings in his feet that connected to his cock because Shannon’s hands, so warm and sure, moving over his feet, were driving him crazy. When Shannon’s hands moved to his calves it was no better and when Shannon’s hands reached his thighs, Cullen’s stomach muscles clenched further and his hands gripped the sheets. He was struggling to breathe evenly.


Shannon’s hands brushed lightly against the side of Cullen’s testicles. Cullen arched convulsively and groaned.


“Oh God, Shannon,” he said brokenly. He rolled over and buried his face into the pillow next to him.


Alarmed, Shannon stroked his arm. Cullen shuddered.


Shannon,” he said, voice muffled. “I am trying to be everything you want me to be. But I swear to God, I am going crazy.”


Shannon moved the pillow away from Cullen’s face and asked, “What’s wrong?”


“I want you,” Cullen yelled at him. “I want you so much that I hear the sound of your voice over the phone and I get hard. I want you so much that… I don’t know. I mean…I don’t even have the words.”


Shannon stared down at him in consternation.


Cullen said, “I don’t know what you want from me.”


Shannon jumped up and started grabbing his clothes. Cullen snatched them away.


Shannon,” Cullen said desperately.


Eyes burning with hurt, angry tears, Shannon looked at him and said roughly, “Haven’t you listened to anything I’ve said to you? What do you think everything I’ve been doing over the past couple of months has been about? It’s been for you, not for me.”


Throat tight with frustration, he stopped for a brief moment then continued, “I wanted you to see how special you are to me. I want you…I want you to love me Cullen. That’s all I want. That’s all I’m asking for.”


Shannon attempted to retrieve his clothing but Cullen refused to let them go.


Shannon don’t leave. I can’t stand this.”


“I’ve been trying….” Shannon’s voice broke. Minutes passed. Unsteadily, he continued, “I want you to get to know me.”


Cullen walked over to Shannon on unsteady legs, and stood in front of him, looking into his deep chocolate eyes, dark and complex. They were almost touching. “I love you,” he insisted. 


Shannon shook his head. “You love who you think I am. You still see me as the little kid who had had a crush on you and followed you everywhere. The little kid you had to protect and take care of. That’s how you love me.”


 Face taut with strain, violet eyes serious and intent, Cullen said emphatically, “You’re wrong.”


“If you knew me,” Shannon challenged heatedly, “you would never have thought that all I wanted from you was your cock. If you knew me, you would have realized that I wanted much more.”


His voice softened involuntarily, “I want you to be my best friend, my lover, my boyfriend. I can give you so much. We could have something incredible.”


“You keep throwing those words at me,” Cullen protested, stomach churning with guilt. “You’re never going to forget are you? You’re never really going to be able to forgive me.”


“I don’t think either on of us should forget it,” Shannon responded quietly. “Sometimes I think that’s all you think you’re worth. That your cock is all you have to offer.”


Shannon pulled Cullen’s head towards his, entwining his fingers in Cullen’s hair. He devoured Cullen’s mouth in a voracious kiss that shook Cullen to the core. He kissed him over and over. Short, soft, sweet kisses on his mouth. Deep, lingering wet kisses that had Cullen’s knees shaking.


Shannon had Cullen backed up against the wall. Cullen was incoherent with desire, returning Shannon’s kiss with frenzied passion, moaning and groaning into his mouth. Totally enveloped in the sensation of Shannon’s mouth against his.


Shannon nuzzled into his neck, bit his ear.


“You are so beautiful,” Shannon murmured.


Head back, Cullen panted for breath, heart racing with excitement and arousal. Shannon ran his hand down Cullen’s body, creating a path of chills everywhere he touched. Grasping Cullen’s achingly erect penis, he said fiercely, “You are more than this to me.”


He captured Cullen’s mouth again. His warm body pressed against Cullen’s well-oiled, muscular length.


“I want you so much,” Shannon whispered. “I want all of you. I want to feel you inside of me. I want to be inside of you.”


His words and the movement of his body against Cullen’s and months of wanting and not having pushed Cullen over the edge. His cock twitched and pulsed against Shannon’s abdomen. Agonizingly pleasurable, forceful jets of cum erupted between their bodies.


Exhausted, Cullen collapsed against him. They stumbled over to the bed. Shannon took Cullen into his arms and stared into the darkness. He had pushed too hard. What made him think that he could force Cullen into loving him, force him into a relationship? When he thought he could move without awakening Cullen, he left and went home.


Cullen had awakened.  He let Shannon go without uttering a word or indicating in any way that he was no longer asleep. He lay there for interminable moments and then walked into the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror. Over the past several months, he had been playing hide and seek with himself and he knew it. Every time he had acknowledged how important Shannon was to him, he had hidden the knowledge away from himself or minimized his feelings.


He cringed when he thought about the many ways Shannon had opened his heart up to him, over and over and again. Yeah, maybe sometimes he did have days where all he thought he was good for was a good fuck. Whatever. It was time to stop acting like that little boy who thought everybody he loved would leave him. Cullen called Shannon first thing in the morning.


“I heard you leave last night,” he said abruptly. “I know I’m a fucked up mess Shannon. Please, just be patient with me.”


Shannon sighed. “You didn’t even have to ask. I feel like I’m pushing you.”


“You’ve got it all wrong,” Cullen said. “Look, just come over for dinner tonight.”


Shannon looked around in wonder when he arrived at Cullen’s apartment later that evening. The usually cluttered space was spotless. Soft music was playing in the background and enticing scents were drifting over from the small dinette set in the corner. An amber glow filled the room.


Cullen took Shannon by the hand.


“You didn’t eat did you?”


Shannon shook his head. “You ordered me not to" he said with a half smile. “I thought you might be taking me to McDonald’s.”


Cullen said ruefully, “I guess I deserve that.”


Suddenly serious, Shannon said, “Hey, that would’ve been cool. I’m just teasing you.”


Shannon,” Cullen said, softly, sitting him down in a chair and kneeling next to him.


“What?” Shannon asked warily.


“You said I don’t know you, but you’re wrong. Yeah, it took me a minute to get used to the fact that my best friend isn’t a little kid anymore, but the important thing is, that the things I love about you have never changed. Your heart…big as the sky.”


Throat tight with emotion and looking at Shannon intently, he added, “The way you stand by the people you care about. Your strength, the way you deal with anything that gets thrown at you. You say I help you…you help me too. If you hadn’t been there for me to talk to, just you being there…,” his voice trailed off.


“I’ve been so scared, so scared to fuck this up, afraid you would leave me if I loved you too much. Here.” He thrust a small box wrapped in gold paper at Shannon. Shannon sat there, unmoving, holding the box.


“Open it,” Cullen commanded.


Gingerly, Shannon removed the wrapping paper and opened the box. Inside were a gold chain and a small gold key. Shannon looked at Cullen, his heart in his eyes.


“You said you wanted my heart, you’ve always had that,” Cullen said in a low voice, eyes glistening. “Now you have the key too.” He put the chain around Shannon’s neck. He knelt back in front of Shannon and caressed his face gently.


“You have always been the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen.”


Shannon smiled sweetly through his tears. He pulled Cullen onto his lap and held him close.


“I love you so much Cullen,” he whispered.


Shannon started unwrapping the aluminum foil covered food. Cullen moved to get up but Shannon refused to let him go. He took a slice of ham and fed Cullen a bite and then took one for himself.


He pulled Cullen forward and licked the grease from his lips. Shannon held his fingers to Cullen’s mouth and watched avidly as Cullen licked and bit his fingers. Unbuttoning Cullen’s shirt and pulling it off, Shannon said, “I want to look at you.” 


He grabbed another slice of ham and licked and kissed Cullen’s lips between bites. He fed him bits of cooked cinnamon apples and watched while Cullen licked and sucked the sauce from his fingers. Cullen continued sucking even after the syrup was gone and Shannon’s fingers were clean.


Violet eyes hot and intent on Shannon’s, Cullen kissed his palm and then slowly slid his tongue across his hand. He shifted his weight on Shannon’s hardening cock. Shannon’s half closed eyes followed the path of Cullen’s tongue as he moved from one finger to the next. 


Shannon licked his lips. His cock flexed urgently beneath Cullen.


“You like that? Cullen asked, voice low and husky with need, as he took one of Shannon’s fingers into his mouth and sucked on it gently. Shannon nodded his head. Cullen nipped at his finger, took it from his mouth and started sucking on another. Shannon eyes slowly closed. Cullen took the finger from his mouth.


“That’s how I wanna suck your cock.”


 Shannon’s breath hissed between his teeth. He shifted his hips upward, grinding his cock into Cullen’s ass.


“Do you remember how it felt when I sucked your cock?” Cullen whispered hoarsely.


Shannon nodded slowly, unable to speak, voice clogged in his throat. His hands tightened around Cullen’s hips.


“You taste sooo sweet.” Cullen murmured.


Shannon groaned. Cullen unbuttoned Shannon’s shirt with trembling fingers. Shannon rapidly shrugged it off. Cullen licked his neck.


“God, you taste like heaven.”


Shannon shivered as Cullen trailed delicate butterfly kisses across his shoulders, neck and face. Cullen stood up and pulled Shannon with him. He brushed Shannon’s lips with his, back and forth until Shannon grabbed him by the back of his head so that he could deepen the kiss. When Cullen resisted, Shannon groaned with frustration.


“Kiss me,” he begged.


Cullen opened his mouth and sucked on Shannon’s tongue. Shannon’s toes curled and he gripped Cullen’s shoulders. Cullen deepened the kiss and slanted his head so that he could taste more. He rubbed his hands across Shannon’s back, then started to trail kisses across Shannon’s chest.


He licked and nibbled on Shannon’s nipples. Shannon’s body was suffused with electricity at the contact and he emitted a harsh, throaty groan. With hot, moist lips, Cullen kissed his way delicately across Shannon’s body until he was on his knees in front of him. Cullen rubbed his face back and forth against Shannon’s hard cock, kissing and mouthing his penis through the material of his pants, then stood up and walked Shannon over to the bed.


They undressed each other tenderly, between languid, unhurried kisses. Shannon looked at Cullen’s naked body and said hungrily, “You’re so long, I just want to climb on you and ride.”


“That can be arranged.” Cullen said with a wicked smile. Shannon pushed Cullen onto his back.


“I have been dreaming about this for a long time,” Shannon said.


Cullen watched Shannon, his violet eyes hot with desire, enthralled at the sight of Shannon tasting and exploring him, beginning at his feet and working his way up leisurely, his mouth hot, wet, avid. Cullen moaned and his hips jerked upwards eagerly when Shannon’s tongue slid up and down his calves and thighs, then trailed up his thighs to his taut stomach. Cullen’s penis pulsed and twitched.  Shannon looked at him, unable to believe that something he had fantasized about for so long was actually happening.


He ran a hand lightly across Cullen’s penis. Every muscle in Cullen’s body tightened and his hands flexed, then gripped the sheets beneath him. Shannon suckled hungrily at Cullen’s stomach and chest. He looked at Cullen speculatively. Cullen was biting his bottom lip, his eyes half closed and blazing violet fire. Shannon grasped Cullen’s penis and leaned over.


“Don’t,” Cullen said through gritted teeth. “I won’t be able to last.”


Shannon looked at him and said, “I have to,” before sinking his mouth onto Cullen’s cock. He then lifted his mouth so that it was enclosing just the tip of Cullen’s penis. His tongue lashed at the head, swirled around and dug into the tip. Cullen’s eyes rolled into the back of his head.


“Oh my God.”


Shannon sucked greedily, savoring the velvety warmth of Cullen’s engorged cock in his mouth. He slowly lowered his mouth until it was buried into Cullen’s sweet smelling pubic hairs. He swallowed…over and over, allowing the muscles of his throat to provide friction and suction.


Cullen screamed hoarsely, “I…I’m gonna cum. I can’t stop it.”


He placed his hands on Shannon’s head, trying to push him away. Shannon shook his head no, refusing to let go, incredibly aroused by the taste of Cullen. Shannon grabbed Cullen’s testicles and squeezed gently. Cullen arched his back and his cock bucked against the back of Shannon’s throat, pulsating wildly. Shannon swallowed the thick jets of creamy ejaculate eagerly.


Cullen collapsed backwards onto the bed, pulling Shannon towards him and kissing him passionately. He kissed his way across Shannon’s body feverishly, then dove between Shannon’s legs. He rubbed his hot, sweaty face into Shannon’s thighs, his balls, all over his cock. God, Shannon smelled sooooo good.


Intoxicated with Shannon’s scent, Cullen growled hungrily, possessively, the sound loud and fierce in the room. He buried his mouth in Shannon’s anus. God, Shannon had the sweetest ass he had ever tasted. Cullen licked and bit and sucked at the pulsing hole.


Cullen looked up at Shannon, then sucked his middle finger, moistening it generously with his saliva, and inserted it gingerly inside of Shannon’s asshole.  He held Shannon’s eyes with his.


“This is where I want to be,” he said hoarsely, adding another finger while grabbing lube from the nightstand.


Shannon spread his legs wider. Cullen lubricated his fingers and painstakingly inserted them, adding one finger at a time, watching Shannon closely to gauge his responses.


“I’ve been waiting for so long, I can’t wait. Don’t make me wait, Cullen,” Shannon moaned. “Give it to me. Just do it.”


Cullen moved over him, lifting his legs so that they were on his shoulders. He looked into Shannon eyes as he slowly and carefully entered him. He penetrated Shannon tenderly, gazing down into melting brown eyes that saw him…who he really was…and loved him anyway. As Cullen’s penis sank into him, Shannon felt as though his heart and soul had burst wide open.


“Oh God, Cullen.” 


Cullen stared into his Shannon’s beautiful eyes and fell, time and space disappeared and he fell…into a place prepared especially for him…warmth, overwhelming love and care…Shannon. He entwined his fingers with Shannon’s. As Cullen stroked slowly in and out, he knew their souls were intertwined as well.


“Cullen you feel so good inside of me,” Shannon groaned.


Cullen felt as if he would never catch his breath. His voice clogged in his throat, he was on sensory overload. Being inside of Shannon was like nothing else on this earth. His bones felt liquid. Shannon’s body was so hot, so moist, so sweet, gripping him so tightly. Shannon spread his legs and lifted his hips.


Shannon,” Cullen said, throat tight. “If you, if you…,” his head fell back. The sweet honeyed friction was going to kill him.


“If I what?” Shannon asked breathlessly, moving his hips sinuously up and back down again.


“Oh God,” Cullen said through gritted teeth. He held Shannon’s hips still.


“Wait. Don’t move,” he commanded.


Shannon clenched his ass around Cullen’s cock. Cullen shook his head and moaned.


“I can’t help it,” Shannon whispered. “It feels so good.”


And then he made that sound, that sweet, anguished hungry whimper that drove Cullen crazy.


Cullen lost control. He gripped Shannon’s hips and began thrusting into him rhythmically, forcefully, powerfully. He shifted Shannon’s hips and repositioned him until he got the response he was looking for. Shannon’s nostrils flared and he stiffened. Short moments later, as Cullen continued stroking his thick cock in and out, Shannon melted in his arms, shivering helplessly. 


"Cullen, don’t stop that feels so good. Don’t stop, don’t stop. Cullen fuck me.”


Shannon’s eyes closed and he started making that sound continuously until it was reverberating around inside Cullen’s head. He fucked into Shannon savagely, months of restrained lust, desire and need surfacing. Years of craving Shannon and concealing that hunger even from himself. Barriers to his heart and soul melting away under the force and persistence of Shannon’s love. Heart and soul wide open. He felt as if there were no end, no beginning, just the two of them, inside of each other.


Cullen climaxed in an explosion of love and lust.


“Cum with me,” he entreated, plunging his aching cock in and out of Shannon’s ass furiously.


“Cum with me.”


He wrapped his arms around Shannon and buried his face into Shannon’s neck. He was lost in sensation, lost in Shannon. Shannon’s smell, the taste of him, the feel of him skin to skin. Cullen’s cock pulsed and burned. When he came, it shook him from head to toe, intense, heart stopping pleasure enveloping his entire being.


“I love you, I love you, I love you,” he moaned over and over, overwhelmed with emotion and his need for Shannon.


Shannon was right there with him, glorying in the passion and intensity of their fucking, mindless with the sensations coursing through him. When Cullen came, hunching into him savagely, holding him tightly, possessively, he took Shannon over with him.  Shannon cried out Cullen’s name repeatedly, wrapping his legs around Cullen as if he would never let him go, his cock spurting furiously, cumming in a violent, uncontrollable rush.


Cullen collapsed onto Shannon, gulping for air, not releasing him from his tight hold. Shannon continued to embrace him with his legs, not wanting to let go either.


“You’re mine,” Cullen said fiercely, “and I am NEVER letting you go.”


He reached between them and pulled at the key around Shannon’s neck and said, “And I am yours.”


Shannon lay beneath him quietly, heart too full to speak. Cullen rolled onto his back and settled Shannon into his arms.


“Look at me,” he said to Shannon softly. He looked at Cullen, happiness and contentment shining in his brown eyes.


“You know me,” Cullen said gently. “What do you see?”


“Mmmm..,” Shannon said quietly, looking at Cullen thoughtfully.


“You have the ‘this ought keep Shannon happy’ look on your face again.”


“What else?” Cullen asked.


Shannon looked into Cullen’s eyes for a long time. Cullen looked back, eyes serious and unwavering. Shannon started to speak, then stopped, eyes filling with tears. He shook his head, afraid, unable to believe what he saw.


“Say it,” Cullen said tenderly. “Please,” he added.


“Forever,” Shannon said, voice quavering and unsure, still questioning.


Cullen caressed Shannon’s face lovingly and said, “Forever, Most Beautiful, I will keep Shannon happy forever.”        







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